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  1. Song is co-written by Jimmy, and features both Jimmy & Rick Richards ...... recorded shortly after the Ju Ju Hounds ended: Text was written by Jimmy Might be a glimpse into how the JJH would have sounded had they recorded a 2nd album
  2. Just those 2 from Izzys band, and also Jimmy Ashhurst is on Facebook. He occassionally shares JJH photos/stories
  3. Taz and Rick commented publicly on Facebook the other day that they missed each other so were gonna "rattle Izzys cage", whatever that means
  4. Huge thanks to Nightrain fanclub for my ticket to this gig Melissa looked pretty shocked at McBobs intro..... "Get your fingers outta that dike" Some guy in the golden circle collapsed right next to us when Guns started playing Coma so I missed the whole song. At first everyone thought he'd just drunk too much, but then he couldn't get up and it got pretty scary to be honest. Huge credit to the Dutch fans who immediately formed a human shield around the guy to prevent him being trampled. It took us a few minutes to get securities attention because everyone had their hands in the air rocking out whilst we were all frantically waving for help The paramedics had to push through the crowd just to get to us, really hope he was okay. I'll post some pics tomorrow
  5. Fuck me that's a difficult question, one of the best I've seen on the forums in a while tbh I'd go Izzy, just because it's Izzy, and his live appearances are much much rarer than Axls - even more so if we're talking about him possibly playing a song or two from his solo albums. I would be intrigued to hear what Axl as a solo artist would release, just not enough to pass up a potential Izzy gig
  6. I think the music could be done in a short time frame, they'll have ideas kicking around already that just need fleshing out together I'm sure. If you want Axl to add vocals then I just don't think it's possible to work this fast. I have no doubt that Axl could write songs with the guys within a matter of hours if he wanted to, it's just the whole recording, mixing, mastering, & releasing which grinds GNR to a complete and utter stop
  7. I met Kirsten Dunst back in the 90's when I was just a kid. She wasn't famous then really but had done a few films by that point. We were on holiday in LA, and she was staying in the same hotel as us. When she went off to audition for (I think) Jumanji my mum looked after her younger brother for the day at the hotel. We were there for a month so hung out quite a bit as kids do. She later grew up to be super hot so kinda wish we'd kept in touch
  8. I really enjoyed this one on Netflix, but my girlfriend thought it was a load of shite - which seems to mirror the reviews I've read online. You'll either love it or hate it If you like movies which make you ask questions about your own purpose in life then you'll probably dig it.
  9. Trying to get my company accounts in order and was reminded of Bernard in Black Books Very accurate
  10. Nah I've not asked for an interview/Q&A I don't have a website anymore, and Izzys own Twitter account is far far larger than mine, so I don't really bring much to the table
  11. I just wanted the 'GNR womans thread' moved out of the Ex Gunners section No biggie, I asked for it to be considered and the mods said no
  12. Just heard about this on Facebook last night and was still able to get tickets for the Glasgow show Only £19, should be a great night Anyone else from the forum going?
  13. Was played a couple of times in 2006 A video version of the above recording used to be on Youtube but seems to have disappeared
  14. I prefer Adler because I think he brings his own signature sound to the band. I'm by no means an expert, I just find the drums on a lot of UYI tracks to be a little robotic, except YCBM. It's perhaps a credit to Matts professionalism that he is so technically efficient, I just feel the band lost its swagger on the Illusions albums.
  15. This thread made me smile so much I wouldn't complain if Guns replaced The Seeker with Sex Bomb