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  1. It was well known that DJ struggled with the solo.
  2. Axl loves a good foot stamp!
  3. 2017 Death Pool Draft

    Does carrie fishers mum count as a celebrity? I may add her
  4. setlist for 2017

    Hope Nice Boys is added
  5. 2016 Death Pool Draft

    I had him in previous years. Gutted. I do have 39 points with gene wilder and Muhammad Ali. Anyone beating me? Edit just seen the first page. Powerage and gregory are slayin!!!
  6. 2017 Death Pool Draft

    1). Michael shuemacker 2). JAMES EARL Jones 3). Queen elizabeth 4). Ozzy osbourne 5). David attenborough 6). Prince phillip 7). Clint Eastwood 8). Michael caine 9). Judy dench 10). Bruce forsyth
  7. I imagine preshow, axl is busy prepping for the show. Ive done meet and greet with velvet revolver pre show so slash and duff have done this in the past. However slash and duff are approachable and sign stuff after shows for FREE. also its not really VIP is it? The real VIPs dont pay for tickets.
  8. Thats true, probably an average of 10,000 at the 8 shows in 2012. Now they are on target looking to sell double that at OlympicPark, plus Slane being a closer market of 80,000 also.
  9. US Ticket Sales

    Why are tickets so much more expensivein the US?
  10. Only 1 UK date?

    They are in Canada
  11. Standing sold out for the 2nd show I can see alot of tickets being bought after Xmas. So many people saying they will buy next month, i can only imagine aot of others thinking that also.
  12. US shows are more expensive and they tour there more than anywhere else in the world.
  13. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    Anyone know where I can get Axls T shirt "The Thing". Looks like its in reference to the film EDIT: FOUND IT
  14. how would YOU name the tour?

    "Taken your fn' money" tour "Who needs a mortgage anyway" tour "Splittin the loot, how we fn want" tour