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  1. directot was speaking about it on This Morning. anyone catch it?
  2. who was the user that said this was the next date?   insiders everywhere
  3. Vegas - Show 1 vs Show 2

    slash doesnt play fretless so 0%
  4. if Axl is back with Slash and Duff, then it won't be for 4 shows. They will make as much money as they can, why wouldn't they? I think we haven't heard much as plans are still being put together. They are probably trying to judge just how big this reunion will be. I think these shows are going to be the stock footage for the promotional cycle for a much bigger tour starting in June!
  5. Axl Rose 'saw Slash's soul rise out of his body' before Guns N Roses split THE reason for the break-up of the original line-up of Guns N' Roses has remained one of rock's greatest mysteries. By Barney Davis / Published 28th January 2016 GUNS N REUNION: The reason behind split between Axel Rose and Slash has been kept a secret But BBC 4 programme The Most Dangerous Band In The World: The Story Of Guns N Roses has claimed to have found the answer and it's as bizarre as you would expect. The rift between Axl and Slash began when superstar guitarist Slash overdosed on heroin and died for eight minutes. SWEET SOUL O' MINE: Axel Rose saw some weird stuff when Slash was unconscious Tom Zutaut, who signed the Sweet Child O' Mine rockers, described the scene when they found his body turning blue. He revealed: They found him dead near an elevator in a hotel somewhere. "I dont know how long it took for the ambulance to come but he was blue for a long time but they got him back." RECOVERY: Slash was dead for eight minutes after OD Tom went further claiming that Axl believes he saw Slashs soul leave his body in the form of a crow and fly away before being replaced by an impostor spirit. He claims: "I think Axl genuinely believes that the soul of Saul Hudson left his body when Slash ODd and there is a replacement Saul that has taken over Slashs body and Axl truly does believe that. "And I think that is the greatest stumbling block to getting the band back together. "Whoever is in Sauls body right now, it seems like Slash to me." Axl Roses partially reunited band, featuring Slash and Duff McKagan, has announced two shows at Americas Coachella Festival in April. But a US tour is expected to follow, with a handful of European dates, including one UK festival Daily Star Yeah i think this new documentry has lost all credibility
  6. I think Civil War will be an absolute highlight in the set. knowing how well slash plays it recently, and Axl pulls it off fairly well.
  7. Hopefullu the NYC bitch commitee can afford plane tickets
  8. Vegas Forum Gathering

    time does your chopper take off and how long does it last & cost?
  9. im not expecting anything great. Then again im not going to hear his voice. Im going for seeing the original band on stage and hearing great songs. Maybe if i was listening back on youtube id get more picky, but the who experiance is my main priority.
  10. wait a minute, hold on here... Do we really thing slash is in contact personally about getting an orchestra together? Im sure guns will have people to pull this info together.
  11. I doubt its aimed at steven.
  12. I seen a few people put on fb comments that its RCHP foals/disclosure and GNR. this morning foals/disclosure was announced so that only back my confidence that its going to be GNR