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  1. When a guy friend falls in love with you.......

    Why don't you feel the same way? Take one for the team, you said he's good lookin your friends want to fuck him. Guys been hanging out for 6 years. Get with him for a night and he wont put you on that pedalstole. P.s guys and girls cant really be good friends, the guy will always develop feelings or want sex. Girls can happily be friends with guys cause they just have more choice in sexual partners.
  2. Who has the biggest penis?
  3. Whats the best way to get to manhatten after the show?
  4. Hey man -

    I have two extra seats I can't use for July 23 at Metlife.  Not sure if you are still looking for better seats.  I have Section 137, Row 28, Seats 1+2.

    Let me know if you're interested.  Thanks!

    1. Axl_morris


      How much? Ill have to ask my friend but lookin for a price.

    2. TJUNYC


      Sorry bud - they've been sold.  Good luck!

  5. Why was this show not last night on a Saturday, if they played the friday also?? Surely it would sell better on a saturday.
  6. Let's catch Axl's mic

    Newcastle UK 12
  7. Let's catch Axl's mic

    I have mine in a cabinet in my dining area. A great conversation piece.
  8. Let's catch Axl's mic

    Did u change your name referencing axls tweet 😂
  9. 06/09/16 - Manchester, England - Etihad Stadium

    Amazing show. Best I've heard him. Including 2010 Lost my phone at the show. Gutted.
  10. 06/09/16 - Manchester, England - Etihad Stadium

    No takers? £60 standing ticket. Baaaaargain
  11. i think they just want to sell for manchester
  12. 06/09/16 - Manchester, England - Etihad Stadium

    I am indeed. do you know anyone who wants a ticket? i have a spair for £60 standing. Is the Filthy Cow the place to be then?