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  1. Whats the best way to get to manhatten after the show?
  2. Hey man -

    I have two extra seats I can't use for July 23 at Metlife.  Not sure if you are still looking for better seats.  I have Section 137, Row 28, Seats 1+2.

    Let me know if you're interested.  Thanks!

    1. Axl_morris


      How much? Ill have to ask my friend but lookin for a price.

    2. TJUNYC


      Sorry bud - they've been sold.  Good luck!

  3. Why was this show not last night on a Saturday, if they played the friday also?? Surely it would sell better on a saturday.
  4. Let's catch Axl's mic

    Newcastle UK 12
  5. Let's catch Axl's mic

    I have mine in a cabinet in my dining area. A great conversation piece.
  6. Let's catch Axl's mic

    Did u change your name referencing axls tweet 😂
  7. 06/09/16 - Manchester, England - Etihad Stadium

    Amazing show. Best I've heard him. Including 2010 Lost my phone at the show. Gutted.
  8. 06/09/16 - Manchester, England - Etihad Stadium

    No takers? £60 standing ticket. Baaaaargain
  9. i think they just want to sell for manchester
  10. 06/09/16 - Manchester, England - Etihad Stadium

    I am indeed. do you know anyone who wants a ticket? i have a spair for £60 standing. Is the Filthy Cow the place to be then?
  11. 06/09/16 - Manchester, England - Etihad Stadium

    probably lowry if hes staying
  12. Oh are you going?... I wont bother turning up. 😜