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  1. Your reading into the bands intensions wrong with the song. It's really not that hard to grasp it's been done out of respect.
  2. Maybe they want to be respectful? The band & its members have played there many times.
  3. I'm sure waiting another day isn't going to change your life in any significant way.
  4. Trump calling the terrorist a 'loser' surely has the be one of the worst/childish comments of solidarity. Ever.
  5. Its not an album, dvd or single if live nation are promoting it. It will be a smaller venue to commemorate 30 years of appetite. You will get Steven on for two songs.
  6. Because im working late all week and cant get to a post office until the weekend. Hopefully it's posted
  7. Did you have to sign for it?
  8. So the first batch was internationals, which make sense. Hopefully all the UKers have their tickets by friday!
  9. This film was fucking crap! This is Ridley Scott. I expected so much more..and i enjoyed Prometheus. This is the guy who made Alien and he has brought out a film on par with Aliens vs Predator. I'm not going into details, you guys have seen it. Its full of rediculous action scenes and CGI aliens, plot holes and 2Dimensional characters you have no empathy for. This is the guy who made Gladiator. He should be ashamed to even consider a sequal to this. Michael Fassbender was the only good thing about this movie, but was it really necessary to have him making out with himself?
  10. I hav a good circle or stubhub for £85/€90. Could do a privste sale to avoid fees. Its an eticket
  11. Album sales are meaningless in the internet age. Bands are judged on ticket sales today!
  12. Omg!!! Ozzy is at canters as well!!!? And the place has been decorated!!!!!!
  13. Im going to phone back tomorrow with an accent prendending im a catering manager for an event in late July and i need more details.