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  1. Hard luck Leicester!! At least they are comfortable in the league though!
  2. Harsh reality but completely agree!! Would make no sense to record while they are such a big draw. 2-3 years they will need a new album unless they are happy with playing arenas and occasional festivals.
  3. It would be huuuuuuuge if you reunited with your vegas/new York buddies in europe. 😀
  4. Are you saying the kills arent Huuuuuge?
  5. No, but the harck rock cafe (downstairs at the bar) has axls signed skeleton jacket and slashs outfit in the vault next door.
  6. I REALLY hope they reunite as i don't want to be "seriously bummed" if they don't.
  7. Im very much enjoying these shows, going to 6 shows. Done 3 last year. However ive been on this forum since 2005 and i can tell you, people here get bored quite quickly. People went crazy when the hammerstein shows were announced, almost on a vegas level. People went nuts when they brought back don't cry into the setlist. They went crazy when Estranged and civil war was played. Remember when duff played some shows? That was huge. Now?? All those things are taken for granted at a show. We have slash in the line up now and already people have lost interest and want something knew from GNR to feed that Interest in the band. To me izzy and steven are not important. I'd take izzy as a 3rd guitarist if he was commited 100%, but apart from that im totally happy with this line up one year on
  8. I think people thought it would be different with Slash and Duff on board. Its not, just on a bigger scale. This is still the same blueprints Axl is using to tour since 2009. Chuck in the odd nostalgic song, structure of the set mainly the same, tour focus on the hits.. Repeat. Am i happy with it? Yes. These guys aren't 30 any more and will only be relevent playing the hits. ACDC & Aerosmith put out new music and toured in the last 5 years. The latter didn't even perform any new track live. Both albums will be forgotten about and its the hits that is remembered in a bands legacy.
  9. The LA billboard has to mean something in context to the original 5, one off show.
  10. Cant wait for arsenal fan tv
  11. theres a 3 for 2 deal that includes madam taudades, London dungeon, london eye etc.. found it on Google
  12. How bored must you be to look for a deeper meaning in Silkworms on a Saturday night?
  13. My theory: Remember the Richard fortus interview before he got married? He said they wanted to do St Louis, either last show on the 16' tour or first show of this tour. "It doesn't make sense to kick off a tour in the middle of the country..but we're gonna do it" My guess is the LA show will be a few days before St Louis. Logistically & financially it makes sense. Also, Euro tour ends July 15th and US tour kicks off July 27th. Appetite for Destruction 30th anniversary is on July 21st. Steven adler mentioned they had some cool plans for the 30th anniversary. There will either be a show July 21st, or 24/25 July, in conjunction with the 2/3 days break in between shows which will be before St Louis
  14. Wasn't golden circle £170? Thats what i paid.