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  1. This I Love is Axls "show off" song. It's almost his solo. I can't see it ever being dropped, and if it does it's not a good sign for the state of his voice.
  2. No way. It's a watered down Estranged and we already have that in the set. No more Piano songs.
  3. And if they don't comply? Qatar will find someone else to buy their oil. They have nothing to lose.
  4. Why would Axl tell a guy to put a sign down? What did it say?
  5. I don't get how he sounded fuckin incredible in Poland then dropped below London standard in this show It's ultimately a gamble. Think Portugal has been the worst so far from what I gather.
  6. So yesterdays was dropped for 2 ACDC. Fair trade since it's not one of the stronger tracks.
  7. Why didn't the band run the setlist by us first? Incredible rude of them.
  8. On YouTube there are videos with "HD Audio" from an external mic, could rip them from there.
  9. There Was A Time, Prostitute..deepcuts which have been played before.
  10. There is already vocal complaints in the Apollo thread. Welcome to Mygnr
  11. Except axl didn't sound great tonight with Angus.
  12. When you add in 5 minute versions of Wish you were Here, Layla, Black Hole Sun, 2 ACDC, The Seeker, covers then instamentals of Melissa and Only Woman Bleed, Heaven's door and live and let die and take away the Chinese songs the majority don't care for, then there isn't much time for original material. Edit: not forgettingJohnny Be Goode, the Godfather cover and even voodoo Child
  13. Imagine going to see whole lotta Rosie in 2010, 2012 and think your getting coma for the first time and you get Rosie instead, in 2017. Ouch.