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  1. Id imagine the standing will. Seats will take a lot longer.
  2. Attending. Section 112
  3. Presale Tickets

    Except london 😂
  4. Ticketmaster vid confirms 17th june london
  5. Sweden sold out in minutes. Only VIP left. Speak to the user Stockholm syndrome
  6. Presale Tickets

    Question, If a 2nd london show is announced, will we get pre sale access or will they just drop it straight to general sale?
  7. I really need a Stockholm golden circle or standing. Gonna try my best tomorrow. Good luck everyone!!
  8. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    No golden circles for sweden. Damn. Made a late decision to go. I assume more on general sale. Anyone know of any swedish pre sales before that?
  9. Openers for Europe/NA 2017

    As in my opinion, not fact.
  10. Openers for Europe/NA 2017

    I can see alter bridge doing a few dates
  11. O2 tomorrow/livenation wednesday
  12. Only 1 UK date?

    Yeah ill do both shows
  13. Only 1 UK date?

    Of course they will add 2nd london. They dont need to move the stage or set it up. Easy money!!!