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  1. Well, we wanted oldskool Axl, we got oldskool Axl. If this package includes oldskool singing Axl, I'm all good.
  2. The magic of GN'R covers - what's next

    Using a youtube link for answering would be great service. Also it would be nice to read a few lines about the why and how of your imagined cover. Thanks.
  3. One thing that always impressed my about GNR are their covers. I point that out because normally I do not care for covers at all, except from the really, really special ones like Johnny Cash with NIN's "Hurt". The reason for that is that most bands don't really transform the songs, the merely put a new layer of paint on it and that's it. GNR always really owned their covers and made them into something REALLY GNRish. So I'm very keen on potential new covers emerging from the old gang and I was thinking which material would be suited well. Mind you - we're not talking here about songs we like and we would simply like to have played by GNR. I'm sure we'd gather 200 songs over night, but there would be no real gain in that. What I'd like to see here are song that you think have the potential to suit this project, that have the potential to become great specifically in GNR's hands. Maybe we can give the band an inspiration or two. My suggestion is based on "Sail away sweet sister": For those who don't know the original, it's here: So they transformed a clean, harmonic, relatively melancholic yet happy chorus in a beast of anger and fury, just using Axl's voice and Duff's base. So I suggest to use exactly this treatment (added by Slash's guitarwork of course) to this wonderful little diamond of a song by John Fruiscante: Listen closely and imagine this song transformed the same way like "Sail away sweet sister". The result could be breathtaking ... Som what are your suggestions?
  4. "Okay, that makes perfect sense to me."
  5. That looks nice. Mind to tell us in which city you work?
  6. Coma would be great, but not as an opener. But as a closer ... hellyeah.
  7. I'm just watching Kimmel 2012. Boy, that was FUN. The guy really shows why everybody, who really knows him, says he's funny and entertaining.
  8. Kosonen, on 05 Jan 2016 - 06:35 AM, said: Yes Its the same old. Thats why No worries, GnR is alive and well. Tadsy, on 05 Jan 2016 - 06:34 AM, said: Man you sound a bit sensitive Look seriously, the way guns had played out since the start if you don't expect anything you won't be disappointed Everything else is a bonus I'm not fearing that the reunion is in danger. But I sincerely hoped that some of Slash's and Duff's grown-up work ethics would carry over in the mix. :/
  9. Am I the only one who is really concerned by this cancellation? Reunion was supposed to start a new chapter, and yet the old shit just continues. Now the whole thing is spoiled from the start.
  10. Woke up an hour ago, saw Slash's and Duff's facebook posts and was happy. Now this. Everything is back to normal FUBAR immediately. Just GNR like since 2001, Slash and Duff or not.