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  1. There Was A Time

    Never heard this before; I always thought that TIL is the only "left over" from old times. Any source for that?
  2. Out Ta Get Me

    Duff's bass sound is a fucking steamroller. Sweet lord, lovin' it.
  3. Die Zeit article on how Axl came back

    The article suggests that Axl found epiphanies in Niklas Luhmanns "Systemtheorie" and used the resulting insights and enthusiasm to get GNR back on track. Then follow several fictional dialogues during the reunion process, featuring slash and co as if they were philosophers and sociologists themselves, uttering overlycomplex tidbits from these sciences. And so on (sorry, typing on a phone) I think it's supposed to counterall the detailed analysesand critiques that way - ironically showing that it was exactly none of that but "only rock n rolll" in the best sense.
  4. Die Zeit article on how Axl came back

    Dudes, that thing is an ironic piece of art, mixing references to arts andsciences with a kind of roadie biography style of writing - not mean by the way, butPURELY fictional.
  5. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Supposedly there is gonna be a big memorial concert for Prince. GNR could be there like with Freddie Mercury's tribute?
  6. Whatever floats their boat. After Appetite, I could never have imagined things like Coma or Estranged - so what the hell do I know. Let them do their thing.
  7. I'd rather see himwheel into the audience St Louis style.
  8. I'll take up the " I'm no guitarist so this might be a stupid question " So, if a string breaks, can guitarists compensate it for the rest of the song? In other words, do they have variants for each noteto play (at least more or less) with five stings?
  9. I must be a small minority.I'm just a happy bunny these days and can't complain.
  10. I can't wrap my head around Axls vocal performance. Was this in him all the time?! And if so - did he know, or was he honestly believing he was giving the best he could? For fucks sake, it's as if they replaced him by an android built out of our tears and programmed according to ourwildest dreams. WTTJ tonight was easily one of the best, if not THE best performance ever.
  11. Gnr merchandise in stores today

    It's 2016, dude. Where are the photos?