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  1. Got my golden circle ticket. \o/
  2. Well, got my arena ticket. Munich is just a warm up for me since I am from Hannover.
  3. Great! But how much did the whole production (stage, wages, travelling, venue shares etc.) cost?
  4. It's the only way for them to reach big parts of their 30mil Facebookfans. Depending on the FB algorithms it's a bit of a gamble who of the casual fans sees such a posting. I run a FB site with only 60k users and we reach only about a quarter to a third with such little clips, so I guess it's the same for them just with bigger numbers. We as heavy users on the other hand get every clip. Annoying, but well it serves a purpose.
  5. I don't get the hate for Billy Talent. For me they are the perfect openers for GNR. Strong melodies and recognizable songs; very energetic and powerful performance; not overly complex artsy fartsy stuff but straight in your face rock. Sure the singer screams often, but he really can sing too and does exactly this most of the time. All taken togerher always made me see them as a pretty direct offspring of classic GNR. I'd go nuts if i could see BT/GNR in Europe.
  6. This, I guess.
  7. At least not politcally ...
  8. *crossing fingers* Germany's geostrategic position has proven disatrous in military and political ways more than once in the last centuries, but it's perfect for multiple short flights to numerous GNR shows throughout Europe.
  9. Great find, thanks a lot! NOW DO THE SAME WITH GNR, GUYS!
  10. Never heard this before; I always thought that TIL is the only "left over" from old times. Any source for that?
  11. Duff's bass sound is a fucking steamroller. Sweet lord, lovin' it.
  12. The article suggests that Axl found epiphanies in Niklas Luhmanns "Systemtheorie" and used the resulting insights and enthusiasm to get GNR back on track. Then follow several fictional dialogues during the reunion process, featuring slash and co as if they were philosophers and sociologists themselves, uttering overlycomplex tidbits from these sciences. And so on (sorry, typing on a phone) I think it's supposed to counter all the detailed analyses and critiques that way - ironically showing that it was exactly none of that but "only rock n rolll" in the best sense.
  13. Dudes, that thing is an ironic piece of art, mixing references to arts and sciences with a kind of roadie biography style of writing - not mean by the way, but PURELY fictional.