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  1. They sent the email yesterday evening; everything is sorted out.
  2. 10 to 5 days ahead you're supposed to get an email (in the case of Hannover by Ticketmaster), telling you the details about the separate early access entrance and some other details - which is necessary cause you don't get an actual ticket.
  3. Anybody got his Golden Circle information email yet? Still waiting here. :/
  4. Hey all, I got a Golden Circle ticket for Hannover, but I have no idea what that means in reality. How full was the section for GC ticket holders in Munich? Was ist decadently open, because they paid much, or was is cramped, because it was full of hardcore gunners?
  5. So far, nobody of us has received one of the VIP-ticket gift packages? Hard to believe. Come on people, I'd like to know what to expect.
  6. Hey there, can anybody tell me what the "limited gift packages" for the VIP-tickets include in Europe? I got a Golden Circle ticket as a birthday present and would very much like to know what to expect!
  7. Got my golden circle ticket. \o/
  8. Well, got my arena ticket. Munich is just a warm up for me since I am from Hannover.
  9. Great! But how much did the whole production (stage, wages, travelling, venue shares etc.) cost?