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  1. It's a shame the admins of this board have had new leaks for years but refuse to share it
  2. To British folk on this board...

    Long time no see. Although I do come back everyday hoping to see Axl announce CD2, and then leave 5 minutes later disappointed. Who of the '06 era is still around? I still remember the late night conversations on the now defunct MSN messenger. Back in the days eh... Some of you may remember I asked in a thread back in December to take part in some of my research I am doing as a PhD student. I would be very glad to report back to you the findings of that study if anyone here is interested in knowing. In the mean time, I have another study that I desperately need people to take part in- I need 500 ( ) people to take part. I promise to those who took part last time that this study is more interesting and shouldn't take as long! I also promise that this won't become a biannual thing! I have plans to do some evil testing on those undergraduates at uni next year You can read a little about the study below (note that you need to be British and 16+ years of age to take part, otherwise the survey just redirects you to a page saying you can't take part). This study is interested in investigating how individual's view and hold beliefs about social groups in the UK; both about social groups that they belong to and one's that they may not. If you decide to take part, this survey will ask you some brief questions about how you view yourself, what you think being British means, as well as asking you some questions about other social groups that will be randomly determined by the survey. This survey is also interested in the media and how individual's retain information that they read. So you will also read a short news article taken from a leading national newspaper and will be asked some short memory-based questions. The survey will take around 15-20 minutes to complete and the answers you provide will be anonymous and will not be shared with anyone except myself, my supervisor and examiner. For more information and to take part, please see the survey link below: http://www.pc.rhul.ac.uk/sites/surveys/TakeSurvey.asp?SurveyID=3K3nm74J57l6M I would be grateful to anyone who can take part, and if you wish to hear about the findings of the last study (or a little more about this study) then I would be happy to give a detailed summary of some of the ideas that were/are being investigated. Thanks