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  1. It's a shame the admins of this board have had new leaks for years but refuse to share it
  2. To British folk on this board...

    Long time no see. Although I do come back everyday hoping to see Axl announce CD2, and then leave 5 minutes later disappointed. Who of the '06 era is still around? I still remember the late night conversations on the now defunct MSN messenger. Back in the days eh... Some of you may remember I asked in a thread back in December to take part in some of my research I am doing as a PhD student. I would be very glad to report back to you the findings of that study if anyone here is interested in knowing. In the mean time, I have another study that I desperately need people to take part in- I need 500 ( ) people to take part. I promise to those who took part last time that this study is more interesting and shouldn't take as long! I also promise that this won't become a biannual thing! I have plans to do some evil testing on those undergraduates at uni next year You can read a little about the study below (note that you need to be British and 16+ years of age to take part, otherwise the survey just redirects you to a page saying you can't take part). This study is interested in investigating how individual's view and hold beliefs about social groups in the UK; both about social groups that they belong to and one's that they may not. If you decide to take part, this survey will ask you some brief questions about how you view yourself, what you think being British means, as well as asking you some questions about other social groups that will be randomly determined by the survey. This survey is also interested in the media and how individual's retain information that they read. So you will also read a short news article taken from a leading national newspaper and will be asked some short memory-based questions. The survey will take around 15-20 minutes to complete and the answers you provide will be anonymous and will not be shared with anyone except myself, my supervisor and examiner. For more information and to take part, please see the survey link below: http://www.pc.rhul.ac.uk/sites/surveys/TakeSurvey.asp?SurveyID=3K3nm74J57l6M I would be grateful to anyone who can take part, and if you wish to hear about the findings of the last study (or a little more about this study) then I would be happy to give a detailed summary of some of the ideas that were/are being investigated. Thanks
  3. It would be great if this was the album title, but I'm concerned that instead of just releasing the album, trademarking the name means that the album is some way off from being done.
  4. A dictator or forced into a position?

    I'm not sure why you are arguing with me, I haven't said that Axl doesn't prefer to control things. I was merely making the point that some of the behaviour (such as drug abuse) by the other members probably reinforced his belief that he should control the band and he is the best person to make decisions. Their behaviour probably legitimized his controlling nature in his mind.
  5. I think Madison is right. People have decided to hate DJ and so will view this as a publicity stunt, but if it was somebody else (Ron, Axl, Duff etc.) who are liked on this board they would be saying how nice of them it was to do it. Whilst there is something to be said about not making a big thing out of charity by publicising it, I think when you are a celebrity who could potentially get others to follow suit it is acceptable. DJ
  6. A dictator or forced into a position?

    I suspect Axl wasn't pushed into the role, he seems like he prefers being the one who controls decisions, but I do think their drug habits etc. probably reinforced his belief of self-entitlement to control the band
  7. Scotland Or England?

    No my PhD is in psychology exploring group identity and intergroup behaviour. This is just my first study of many. Thanks to anyone who has taken part so far
  8. Scotland Or England?

    Seems like the best place to put this without starting a new thread and cluttering up the place! Some of you may remember me from many years back being on this forum quite regularly. Well I still love GNR despite not having the time to come here so often and post, but I am doing a PhD on the perception of minority groups in the UK, and I am interested from hearing from anyone who is a current UK national. http://www.pc.rhul.ac.uk/sites/surveys/TakeSurvey.asp?SurveyID=4KJ5l72L7721G The study takes about 20-30 minutes to complete so if you have the time I would much appreciate it if you could help out a fellow gunner in his not so rock n' roll lifestyle as a researcher!
  9. (Fake) Axl Engaged, MediaMass story

    Shame its fake, otherwise sounded like we were just a break up away from new music
  10. There are people on here who hide in plain sight who have a ton of unreleased material and are unwilling to share it
  11. Why not give the winner one of the leaks that we know you're hoarding
  12. How much his and guns music has meant to me over the years. Then I'd ask two questions: 1. Do you have any desire left to release any new music? If yes 2a. When will this happen? If no 2b. Then why not just reunite so he could at least be somewhat relevant in the music world again,
  13. If this is true and Duff will play with GNR again this tour, then this incessant rolling out ex-members just adds more to the evidence that this new incarnation of the band has become pointless. If you have no desire to play new music, have endless tours that seem designed around playing the greatest hits and are willing to play with original members then why not reunite? In fact, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if Axl has had discussions with Duff/Izzy about rejoining but they said no unless Slash was involved. Hence why we have what we have today. Nostalgia tour played by new guns that certain old members occasionally come on stage to play. If Axl really wants to make himself in some way relevant to fans again he needs to decide to either play new music, or just get back on stage with Slash. This middle ground is pathetic for all those involved.