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  1. Just because it's legal, it doesn't make it right. Why would you admit to that?! It's going to make weddings and funerals really awkward from now on, forever.
  2. Sorry @Graeme. Honestly I'm impressed that you flew back from Mexico to be there for your gran. Not everyone would have done that.
  3. Down on the Farm. When I was a teenager, I grew up living in the countryside and had severe depression. That song nails it!
  4. Who was the guy who ended up being like third in command to Snoop or 50 Cent or someone? Dunno what Sandy's doing these days but I can assure you he's not a footie ref anymore! I remember his aim was to be earning £100k by he turns 30. He's got a couple of years to go… so I imagine he's a specialist cocaine importer or human trafficker if he's on track for a £100k salary. G-Dawg's a volcanologist. That's the best job on the forum. Apollo took early retirement. Graphic design is very much a lower middle class profession. Always has been. Not going to help Spunko's UTI anyway.
  5. It shocks me that of all the professions represented on this forum, we don't have one medical practitioner to help Spunko. Go to your local GP Spunko. I booked an appointment for one and the next date we could agree on was 19th May, so I better not die before then.
  6. I promise Almighty Matt Sorum that I will not go to Seaworld.
  7. Watched The Good Lie on Netflix the other day. Nice to see a film about Africa which covers genuine African issues. Made me cry, made me smile. And Reese Witherspoon does well in her role.
  8. Learned a lot there, thank you Dies. The closest I've been to cricket was Green Day playing (music, not cricket) at Manchester's cricket ground. Dickie Bird appeared at a corporate awards ceremony I was at a few years ago. He by far got the best reception from the crowd. (The groans were saved for Eric Pickles!).
  9. In the spirit of participation medals, the two longest-serving active posters are: *DRUMROLL* @Dazey and @gunsguy
  10. A few screenshots from the oldest evidence of Recognise any names? I love how "new GN'R" is defined as post-1994!
  11. If you want to clean the tough bits of old food off your microwave, you microwave a bowl of water. I don't want my tea water potentially collecting microwave crust. Even if the microwave's clean, they still smell funny (of surface cleaner spray at best). A kettle takes two minutes to boil, and is used exclusively for water. Doesn't really require cleaning, the occasional descale if you live in that kind of area.
  12. I've decided to vote, predictably for my current MP who works very hard, always replies to my letters and broadly has the same views as myself. Very principled woman who fights tooth and nail for my city. Lucky to have her. To all the Tim Farron haters, the Liberal Democrat position probably isn't ever going to produce a charismatic leader… as the centre ground philosophy is about finding a compromise. People who look for a truth between two extremes aren't going to be gung-ho. There should be a space for personalities like that in politics.
  13. Watched The Monuments Men a few nights ago, absolutely loved it.
  14. Haim does it for me.
  15. I don't know much about Billy Joel, or any of his music, while I'm familiar with Elton John , which I find as stimulating as reading The Metro, John gets my vote because I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues nails long-distance relationships like no other song does.