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  1. Of course you did. Wouldnt be surprised to hear that he's been living on trains for the last decade and evading purchasing a ticket by hiding in the toilets. The time I saw him, he walked past us, and my friend asked within his earshot "who's Michael Portillo? 😂
  2. Oh goodness… just after I've been tolerating the new Nintendo thing in my house.
  3. I love how this has led to a proper Tom Jones love-in.
  4. I was telling @alfierose "I bet he's at Chiltern Firehouse". So predictable. I was worried that the mygnrforum meetup that night would be a bit boisterous for the nice hotel we were in. But if Axl was watching boxing, then we were classy AF.
  5. I'm sure that most people in that audience didn't realise it was Her Majesty's birthday. And nobody calls her "Queen". It's a title, not a name. So it just sounded really awkward when he sang "happy birthday dear Quee-eeeeeen".
  6. Post gig drinks in Camden then? Or nearer the stadium?
  7. Just felt like bumping this thread as there's so much terrible going on in the world right now. Please keep posting in it! ----------- Today my client told me that he loved the work I had been doing. It was a task I'd tried to outsource as I really didn't want the job and knew it wouldn't be playing to my strengths. Had no choice but to do it, and it turned out ok.
  8. I really find the press hounding of Tim Farron specifically for his faith unfair. Theresa May and countless other MPs of all colours identify as Christians. Theresa May hasn't received the same questions, despite her voting record. Additionally, there is much misrepresentation over what the term "evangelical" actually means in the UK. People just see evangelical churches in the States and think they're all super conservative. The vast majority of evangelical churches are officially Church of England, sharing exactly the same theology as the little parish church where grannies go to. But they like to play guitar. My husband used to go to one such church, and the reality is that they are also geographically located in strong working class areas, therefore just because they may be social conservatives, it doesn't ensure that they aren't economically liberal.
  9. Thank you! Yes, we'll find out. Of course! We'll be expecting generous birthday and Christmas gifts though.
  10. HIM

    Who's going to admit to getting the heartagram tat?
  11. There is something visually engaging - and dare I say - comforting about the classic GN'R logo being used. It's the familiarity of what it represents. It's not a logo that would work well corporately, and to my mind, there's still to much yellow, but it is what it is. The fact that you could draw it with a compass, a ruler and a propelling pencil at school also make it a winner. There was little cohesion in the nugnr branding. Chinese-styled graphics, for years before the album was released. It was boring and we didn't know what it represented. I assume that someone at the record company thought that the album was nearly done, so comissioned artwork, ordered lots of merch and then things went quiet again. Replacing members in rock bands is easy to do… folks get tired and switch places between similar-sounding bands. I don't think it's done as much as it used to be. There's no obligation for any company to retain an original staffing throughout its duration, why should a band be any different?
  12. If I register Babii Guns, our IP addresses will be the same. And I hear the staff here come down hard on potential alt accounts.
  13. I trust with all my secrets. Still not too excited about telling my dad.
  14. @alfierose What do you think?
  15. 12 weeks pregnant. Due date 21st December. I really, really miss the booze! Props to @DirtyDeeds who was totally cool with me puking in his house lots.