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  1. http://www.virginradio.it/gallery/foto/233477/guns-n-roses-le-foto-del-merchandising-ufficiale-del-concerto.html
  2. GREAT!
  3. I think it's obvious... VR!
  4. Of course my friend! At the beginning, infact, they were talkin' about doing the concert in Rome (inside the Circus Maximus like the Rolling Stones concert few years ago, but impossible to do for some reasons just like GN'R are not Rolling Stones/security/costs and so one) or in Milan (at Stadio San Siro, but here there's a decibel limit for concerts and events), in the end the best solution was (considering the 90.000 people attending) the circuit of Imola.
  5. R.E.M. of course!
  6. now you can do it even if the membership it's not expired! I've done my own on december and look here
  7. online you can find a lot of those kind of leather jackets, if you just search "skeleton leather jacket" http://www.jaminleather.com/Skeleton-Leather-Motorcycle-Jacket-P976.aspx http://www.ebay.com/bhp/skeleton-leather-jacket
  8. sooo... nothing new! "I don't know what's gonna happen..."