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  1. At least they're not advocating a return to child labour eh?
  2. Oh and there's this. ...and this
  3. I feel we've had this conversation before. I used to have a large cup of tea from Costa that I drank on the train from Manchester to Widnes on a morning. I've now moved 20 miles west and cycle to work thus making anything wet or under the arm largely impractical.
  4. Alternative facts 101. Zero cuts means 800 billion in cuts.
  5. It's not really. No more weird than people walking down the street talking into a mobile phone was 20 years ago.
  6. Can people stop quoting Wasted please? The ignore function doesn't work when you do that. 😠
  7. Didn't he get bummed at boarding school?
  8. Just read who the 4 GOP rebels are. They're against it because it doesn't fuck the poor enough. I give up. This is hideous.
  9. They'll find some way to pass it. They care far too much about tax cuts and fucking poor people over to resist much longer.
  10. TL;CBATR but I really want to see the cartoon.
  11. Gig will start at 8pm. Unless you're rich or desperate to get on the barrier I'd say go to the pub and aim to get into the stadium for about 7:30.