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  1. Fuck you Downzy! The criticism of Trump is totally unfounded! It's a liberal conspiracy! There is this however ... *unpresidented.
  2. I'd be more concerned about Donald Trump's war on the American people but each to their own I guess.
  3. In my recent hospital trip the Dr actually told me that all my panels were great and the liver was in great shape. I think he got annoyed when I asked him if he could double check that for me. At 4am apparently a sense of humour isn't something to be celebrated.
  4. More the fact that his ego is so fragile that he can't nut up and go like every president for the last fuck knows how long. Reagan at least had the excuse that he'd been shot.
  5. Man looks like an absolute swordsman! Bet he was fuckin' swimming in gash after that show!
  6. She's absolutely gorgeous man. Amazing how your whole world changes in an instant the second you first hold them.
  7. GAME OVER MAN!!!!!
  8. Nah, it's the settlement the church offered that boy to keep his mouth shut about Father O'Riley.
  9. "Show us where he touched you Billy?"
  10. My company is based on the Washington/Oregon border. I'm sure that deporting queers would in some way affect the office Christmas party but otherwise France is cool. I mean after all, who'd notice?
  11. Braille? Yeah! Let's send them back too! Not sure where but since when did that matter?
  12. Yeah, it's written in big letters and short words generally.
  13. The worrying thing is that I liked that post because it was funny and Lucy liked it for completely different reasons.
  14. You're not gonna go to jail man. She's MEXICAN! Dig?