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  1. Which kinda says more about the standard of opposition than anything else.
  2. Except for the first 9 rounds.
  3. He's Welsh and we do have a vet on here so .......
  4. I ain't gettin' on no plane fool!
  5. Can you please stop blathering on about the Daily Heil? We get it! You're not a fan!
  6. I've been waiting to hear your take on it.
  7. Oh you can absolutely fuck RIGHT OFF with that muck!!!!! Fuckin' keeenwah pizza? What next? A fucking Ryvita fry up?
  8. 2 lines or 7.5% of the total document.
  9. I like Margaret Thatcher.
  10. Wow! Trump's actual tax reform plan. Note that it fits on a single page.
  11. Arseholes? You're taking about arseholes aren't you?
  12. Coke oop the arse innit.
  13. My mate Rob used to live in a student house on St Michael's Lane in Headingley. House was directly across the road from the turnstiles to the ground. I think I've still got a set of practice stumps we nicked from there on a late night raid back in 2001 or so.
  14. Fixed!