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  1. Ghosts / Haunting Experiences

    I'm not even fat I'll have you know! This is all Len's fault this is! Vicious rumours and nothing more!
  2. Has Nirvana Aged Poorly?

    Speaking of which.
  3. Ghosts / Haunting Experiences

    Since ghosts don't exist, I'm pretty sure you're okay.
  4. Happy Birthday, Gracii Guns!

    Happy birthday Grace! All the best from me and my mate Frank! ❤️
  5. Totally read that as "Cunt Dumplin" My new favourite phrase!
  6. They all were. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best movie star of my lifetime!
  7. Probably seen it about six times.
  8. Books/Reading Thread

    I'm sure there's a comma, a B and an S missing there.
  9. It starred Schwarzenegger therefore it was brilliant. End of!
  10. The British Thread

    S a m e T h i n g ! ! !
  11. The British Thread

    Yeah, I'm gonna go with "same thing".
  12. The British Thread

    Same thing though innit?
  13. The British Thread

    Same thing.