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  1. I have been waiting on this season for so long and omg... words can't describe how pleased I am so far. The direction that Lynch has decided to go with the show is amazing and it's really nothing like the original seasons at all. This season is full blown Lynch and I love it so much. I can't imagine even trying to watch this season without knowing the background of the show and why Cooper is where he is... I would definitely try to watch the first seasons first, even if this season is something completely different so far.
  2. I'm bumping this because this show is beyond epic. This has to be my very favorite show on TV right now...
  3. I still can't fucking believe this...
  4. RIP Chris Cornell :(

  5. Go Birds. So pumped.
  6. Stopped playing because it got old. Will play the sequel though.
  7. deadmau5 - rio
  8. Assholes.
  9. I replayed the main story a few weeks ago and took different paths, sided with the Brotherhood this time. Completed a crap load of side quests and got the DLCs. I haven't beaten the Far Harbor story yet, taking my time with it, but I think that I appreciate this game a little bit more now than I did when it first came out for some reason. I didn't rush through the main story this time, and got my character to around lvl 45. So much content I missed in my first playthough.
  10. GL with the read. Fuck these hoes.
  11. Off topic and I haven't been around, but is there a MyGNR fantasy league this year? Or anyone have any leagues that have open spots? I wanna get in a few more this year.
  12. What the fuck, how is he actually moving though
  13. I've tried the record player method. You gain steps really slow but it does work.
  14. There's something about this game that makes it so addicting. Actually having to go out and find different Pokemon and collecting them, and go to other spots to find specific ones. I wasn't even that big of a Pokemon fan growing up, I played the gameboy games but I never watched the show. It's just cool how this game has really become something so big; I don't think i've ever seen a game make people do this.
  15. I am playing the hell out of this. Kind of embarrassed.