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  1. I had the same feeling, it was a "no waaaay, Rhiaaaad !!!!....aaaaand it's gone" moment
  2. Fede tried to exit the venue by jumping the fence and heading to the nearest exist, I guess being some sort of VIP lounge, so he had to return to the Arena and get out at some other doors
  3. I believe it's this one You can see Tom Mayhue there, and the band posing for a photo (by Kat) prior to entering the venue
  4. Little stage being setup behind Tower Records. (photo by @paulhebertphoto on Instagram) ‪#‎gunsnroses‬ ‪#‎gunsnfuckingroses‬ ‪#‎gnfnr‬
  5. Any livestream chance for those who didn't get to Vegas ?
  6. OK, now I see it too, from EU,without any IP deviation
  7. Yes, indeed a regional thing as a test I now used VPN connection with random IP address from L.A. and there it was - new website layout
  8. well, I cleared cache on all 3 browsers I'm using (chrome, ff, opera) and it's still there .... Just saying, perhaps it will change soon
  9. Hmmmmm..... the Tour section is still there, as far as I can see
  10. I remember ...either reading it in Duff's book or he told it in some interview, when he realized Axl is in the same hotel, he tried to meet/talk to him and one of Axl's assistants (not sure if Beta though) tried to stop him from entering Axl's suite by saying Axl is taking a shower at that moment. And Duff casually replied "Don't worry, I've seen him naked before."
  11. That's his personal Facebook profile, so I guess it would make it official somehow ...
  12. Duff's book, Reckless Road and Slash's book. The rest you can skip, easily.
  13. I would guess because people want to see them live in Europe too ... and not everyone can afford jumping overseas for the first Vegas/Coachella/Mexico gigs. Mix that with bands reputation of being "unpredictable" and you can see the results ...