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  1. I would guess because people want to see them live in Europe too ... and not everyone can afford jumping overseas for the first Vegas/Coachella/Mexico gigs. Mix that with bands reputation of being "unpredictable" and you can see  the results ...
  2. When/if they throw in some European dates, I won't mind the ticket prices at all. But considering the additional costs of flying to Vegas and everything else is just not an option for me at this time. So yeah, I'll wait ... and meanwhile hope for some livestreams
  3. Largest t-shirt size in the $50 offer is XXL only, so ... no t-shirt for me
  4. I renewed the digital membership for 2016, but it wont let me to the forums, I'm stuck in the https://gunsnroses.wun.io/auth/loop. ... just kees reloading ... regardless of Firefox/Chrome/Opera browser ....
  5. 17/20 · Scored 85% Result: Axl arrives on TIME to your party!
  6. 2016 passes are on sale January 6 at 11 AM (PST)
  7. OK, stupid question maybe for some, but I'm a bit confused now. On the poster, GNR is placed as a headliner, of course, but there are 2 dates (Saturday, April 16 & 23rd) - does this mean they will do 2 gigs at Coachella (both Saturdays) or just one of them (and if so, which one) ? Sorry