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    2002 was my favorite year as a GN'R fan. I know compared to most fans, I'm young. But 2001 was when I discovered the band and 2002 was when my interest was peaked. Of course, I had bootlegs and audios of the old band and to be honest, even though the old band was legit, the new band to me, just interested me more. Here you are, with a new band, different look, different style of playing, and a singer whom is trying to reinvent himself as well as the band. And knowing that he would get backlash for using the name, but had the guts to forward and keep using a name that he believes in and not let fade away. When I first saw the Rio performance in 01'. I was a little disappointed with Axl vocally, as most people were. But the energy was there, him running around the stage like a mad man, his all around stage presence, the new songs and different style of singing intrigued me. As the 2002 tour went on, his vocals not only got stronger, but he was able to hold notes longer and in some songs, you'd hear him mix a little bit of clean singing with raspy singing. The VMA performance blew my mind, because it was unexpected, and after watching it multiple times, his singing was not all that bad. Yes he was out of breath a few times, but have to give the guy a break, he had not been in the public eye for years and now presenting a brand new band for the entire world to see on national tv has to be nerve racking. Back again to the 2002 Line up. To me, it was a new beginning, a fresh start. And hearing a group of very talented players, even though they looked a little odd, due their style of playing on the old songs, but not fade away from the original to much and Axl's new style of singing just had me hooked, he had a bit of attitude, and a bit of a hunger to perform it seemed. Others will call it the freak show error or the mickey mouse error. But his vocals were not as bad as people make they out to be. The current style of his singing is more so mickey mouse in my opinion, rather it be health reasons or just his preference to sing in this manner, I don't know. One a side note, I did read somewhere a long time ago, I cannot remember the source, but it was posted on this forum, that Axl was not ready to tour during that time, but had too to get extra cash for Chinese. Rather if its true or not, I don't know. Another thing I read on this forum is that Axl funded the last 2 or 3 shows out of his pocket because of the tour being canceled. Rather if that's true or not, I have no idea. I do wish the tour would of ended on a good note, but I am thankful that we got a tour that year and we got a whole new taste of this New GN'R. For those who don't like it, don't come to this part of the forum. Now the best performances of that tour in my opinion; (in no order). Boston, Albany, London, Leeds, Columbus, Chicago, New York, Pittsburg, and Tokyo. Was just watching the Leeds DVD just know, I rank this performance of KOHD with the Boston performance, Two of the best out of any line up in my opinion. http://youtu.be/RamNJSGQsKM
  2. Myles's singing

    hmm i didnt know he was already asked. i think he would be a good fit for VR.
  3. Myles's singing

    just a thought came to mind....VR is looking for a singer...why not have Myles do the singing for VR? I saw a little bit of the performance last night. I agree with most that nobody can fill Axl's shoes, but Myles did step up the plate and did a fairy decent job at covering those songs.
  4. ROCK IN RIO 3

    I gotta agree with Stro. It was diff a great show. And Axl didn't sound as bad as some people make it out to be. I just watched the concert last night again. And something that keeps bugging me is that people kept claiming that Axl is fat or was fat. But at certain points of he had abs and didnt look fat at all. Anyway. I loved the show and I diff. thought it was better than the Rio show in 06. This show just had a certain appeal to it. And some of the songs performed at the show are my favorite live verisons.
  5. This isnt ground breaking news or anything. It just made me smile that perhaps maybe GN'R are actually still in people's minds. I went on last night and they were in the top ten searches at number 7. I just checked again a few mins ago and they were at number 3. Like I said, it isnt anything ground breaking. Its just the news about the only u.s. show in 2010. I just smiled and felt kinda good that people in the U.S. seem to be taking interest in GN'R again.
  6. ROCK IN RIO 3

    I remember seeing the show for the first time in 01 and I was just in shock almost...the band sounded good to me. But Axl's voice sounded like crap to me. I mean. WIth all the sounds we have heard him sing before, the boots, the demos, etc..his voice was so mickey mouse..but as I continued to watch..i started to fallin love with the show and the performance that the band was doing..and how emotional Axl seemed during Madagascar, Patience and November Rain. To this day. Those performances of those three songs are my favorite. And At the end..Axl thanking Beta has me a bit chocked up being that was really the first time we ever saw Axl show that side of him. It was a truly touching moment. Of course the show had its funny moments like GET THAT GUY OUT OF HERE..YOU LISTENING TO ME MR. SECURITY MAN...THAT GUY..GONE!! YEAH..GOIN!! HAND ME THAT SHIRT...HAND ME THAT SHIRT...thank you...lol. As far as Axl weight goes...At first I thought he looked fat...but then as the show continued..he didnt look fat, he looked more fit, you could see he had definition with his stomach. I think the only thing that made him look fat was his posture. And the fact we hadnt seen the guy since 94, technically during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance. He was skin and bones still. Over the years, he still looks to be in great shape and has more muscle on him that alot of people mistaken for him being overweight or fat. Thats the thing about Axl. His body and frame, we are all not use to him having meat on his body. Thats just my take on it any who.
  7. Random Covers

    I thought this might be a fun topic to discuss. Since the band is pretty much is known for busting out a random cover song every now and then, like Sailing, or Whole Lotta Rosie, I Want You Back, Dust In The Wind, Another Brick In The Wall and of course traditional Knockin' On Heaven's Door and Live and Let Die. So my question, what songs would you like to see the band just randomly bust out and cover? I know, I know, alot of you would rather hear new material, but like i said. The seem to be having alot of fun with eachother and sometimes a band will want to bust out a good cover jam. For me, it would be Bob Seger's We've Got Tonight. I think the way Axl sang Sailing was chilling and gave me goosebumps, just picture him singing that way with We've Got Tonight. Or maybe some Dio as someone else suggested. What about you guys?
  8. If this lineup were to record a whole new album

    Good thread btw. I think the sound wouldnt be to far from from Chinese. But with more a rock edge to it, like a good mix of solos, ballads and plain up dirty rock n roll is what I would expect from these guys. Perhaps something simliar to the Illusion albums. But with more a modern edgey sound to it. I mean, the way these guys are playing live is just awesome, they really feel like Guns N' Roses to me. Granted Finck was great during his time and Buckethead has a different appoach to what we are used to. It just felt like something was missing. Now we got DJ and Ron. They fill in those gaps that I thought were missing. Then again, Axl and the guys could pull a fast one on us and make a album thats all ballads, lol. Which I wouldnt mind. But I much rather they keep to their current formula.
  9. Axl rose another brick in the wall

    I saved this clip when I first saw it. Its really great seeing Axl and the band just having a good time and busting out random jam sessions. Even tho it was just a jam session until the piano was all set. I hope they continue to do the song as the tour progresses. Perhaps do the full song. Even tho I much rather hear Estranged or Yesterdays, lol. Thanks to who ever recorded the video.
  10. Do you miss the anticipation of Chinese Democracy?

    I thought maybe I was the only one who misses the feeling of the anticipation of Chinese. But like its been said, i feel like we are only half way thru the journey. I hope with the touring that the band is doing and how it just seems like Axl is having a blast and I honestly never thought he be this happy, least to me, he seems as happy as ever. Maybe with the weight off his shoulders, him and the band being in good spirits, he will release another album. Chinese Democracy was a great album to me, the songs really mean alot me and in a way, feel like they were written about me and my life. Even tho its not, but thats the magic that this band has on me. Much like a relationship, this band has its ups and downs with me and has changed and saved my life more times than I can count. Chinese Democracy kinda reminds me of a time of maturing. With rock n roll. If we got such a great album this time around, just image what the next one is going to be like.
  11. Guns N' Roses = Best Rock Band Ever

    I think even today GN'R are very underated as a rock band. Even with the old line up. It just pisses me off that they don't really get the credit they deserve, especially with the new line up. Of course, back when they were doing the night club scene, they were getting alot of attention and from what I heard, alot of record labels were to scared to sign them. That right there has to show how great of a band they are. They shooked the world up when all we saw on tv at the time was all these pretty boys in make up and big teased hair all singing and sounding the same. They came and changed the music all for the better. As much as I hate asscoiating GN'R with the 80s, because to me, the 80s and 90s was a bad time for rock music. And GN'R was very much a big part of the 90s as they were the 80s, but thats beside the point. GN'R changed the scene of the 80s alot, changed a generation..much like Nirvana did for the 90s. As far as maybe public or media concerned, they are one of the greatest rock bands ever, but like I said, they wont ever really get the credit and respect that they deserve.
  12. Pyro or no pyro

    That accident that happend with Undertaker was just scary. But after it happend, he continued to wrestle like it didn't happen. That guy is a true badass. As far as the pyro goes for the concerts. I think the pyro fits into the songs perfectly. I mean, i never been to a GN'R show, but from the boots Ive seen and heard, they fit well and really add that extra punch into the song. I just hope what happend to Undertaker won't happen to Axl.
  13. Tommy Stinson

    I really dig his stage presence. He just has that vibe to him that makes it feel like he is truely apart of Guns. I really gotta take a listen to his solo stuff because alot of the record stores around here only care mainstream music. To me, he just seems like the glue that keeps Axl together. I never really knew how close Axl and him are..at least seem to be. He is a wicked awesome bass player. I love listening to my Albany 02 Boot. When I slap on the head phones, i can really hear Tommy's bass playing. It just so hardcore to me.
  14. Axl's hair is getting longer...

    Again with the fake hair, reciding hair line, hair extentions etc etc. Dude, who honestly cares? from the looks of the pic and from eariler pics of Axl when he was younger, he just seems to have a high forehead. Thats pretty common among irish and scottish people. Ive got a high forehead myself. Look in the making of the Estranged video when Axl is in the pool talking to someone on the edge of the pool. His hair is soaked back and you can clearly see that he has a high forehead. On a side note. Those are some bad ass jeans, lol.
  15. The Calgary Show at Pengrowth Saddledome

    Speaking of Triple H...anyone notice that Axl and him are starting to look a little similar?