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  1. I have brought marriage before and so has she. Financially, we couldn't afford to do a few years ago. When we moved back to our home state, we both got decent paying job where we are able to save up. In the last 3 years we've been back, I've taken her to the Jewelers on several occasions to look at engagement rings and wedding bands...both times she's freaked out..and then we both discussed that being boyfriend and girlfriend is better because our love doesn't need a piece of paper to prove we're together. .plus in Massachusetts, when you're with someone for 7 years, the state views you as a common law marriage. I appreciate everyone's advice. I didn't expect such a huge glowing support for my situation. ..I expected to be made fun of honestly...and everyone's advise has given me some stuff to think about.
  2. Hello all, I'm not one to air my dirty laundry on social media. But I'm a bit lost at the moment. I've been with my girlfriend for almost 8 years now...to make a long story as short as possible. ..I've caught her cheating...again. first time was about 7 months ago, she was talking to this dude on snapchat and facebook. She had been acting funny before then. I got very ill last winter, and because we financially depend on eachother to pay our share the bills. I decided to stay on the couch until I got better to avoid getting her sick. Well once I got better, she claimed she couldn't sleep with me in the bed because the bed is too small...which was never an issue the previous 7 years..top it off, she started spending more time on her phone, spending less time with me on a daily basis. Normally I'm against snooping through someone else's phone, especially if it's your spouse..and as you can figure, I found messages and pictures. She's never been one to cheat, she's the most honest person ive ever met. To find this, just completely floored me. I eventually confronted her. We had it out and she said she has cut off connections with this guy. Fast forward to the current date, things seemed to have improved slowly..spending a little more time with eachother, going out on dates on our nights off. But she still was a little distant with me. I figured it is just a rebuilding process and not to rush anything...she still spends alot of time on her phone. Claiming to be talking to her family and best friend...and to a point, it started aggravating me that she wouldn't put the phone away during our dinner dates, at the movies and trying to have conversations with her...so today, I took it upon myself to take a look through her old phone...and behold...a ton of nude pictures of herself and a few pictures of the same dude... So I'm lost at the moment. ..I seriously love this woman with all my heart...I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her...I can't find it within myself to confront her about this...I know I'm being stupid and naive because obviously she hasn't changed...and the relationship is or has been over for sometime and I've been to blind to realize it... I don't know why I'm actually sharing this, guess its more of my way of venting.. Like I mentioned, we financially depend on eachother for our share of the bills and nither of us can afford to live on our own...especially with our jobs being so local and our families living far away..so yeah..
  3. I'm looking to get just this acoustic version of TWAT with added vocals. I'm not good with making audio mixes. So if anyone can set it up for me and pm me, it be much appreciated . https://youtu.be/tYNqr_fxXLM
  4. I'm with you on Ashba. And you're probably right, it's about who they are not to the folks on here.
  5. I seriously don't get all the complaining people here do about Frank and Fortus. During the NuGNR era, I legit saw no posts about people complaining about those two. I actually remember people commenting how much people liked Frank's drumming and how much it resembles Adlers style. And people saying how talented Fortus is and how he actually plays the leads correctly and never until this reunion have I seen anyone complain about his mannerisms. I just don't get it. When I saw them twice a couple weeks ago, nobody in the crowd that was near me complained about either of them. I actually heard a few people say "wow, he's really good! (During the Wish You Were Here solo) and every one walking out of both shows kept saying it was the best concert they've ever been too.
  6. You know what real trust is? Two cannibals giving eachother oral sex.
  7. Now I remember why I spent so many years away from this forum. People not reading posts correctly and making up facts as they go along with people's opnions. If you re-read my post, I clearly state it's "GNRs version of Dark Side Of The Moon when it comes to layers and hidden tracks" never did I say it's on the same level of creativity and depth that Dark Side Of The Moon has. If I had to choice which is better, then I'd pick Dark Side anyday over Chinese. And never did I bring up album sales. In my opinion, album sales are irrelevant since the dawn of the download age. As far as a masterpiece, why does it bother you so much that I see as one? Some people view One Directions last album as a masterpiece, doesn't mean it's viewed that way to everyone. It's simply based on one's opinion. As far as I feel about the people I mentioned who go to the shows and crap on the new songs and shout Paradise City inbetween songs. Again, it's my opinion and it's how I feel. I understand casual fans go to hear the radio hits, but to be ignorant and not give the new songs a chance (which the majority that were near me at the concerts never heard of the Chinese Democracy material ) and keep shouting Paradise City inbetween songs is annoying to me. People go to concerts to enjoy themselves, people pay alot of money to go. Just because you don't like some songs, or you are there to hear the hits, doesn't entitle you to make the people around try to feel the same way. I highly doubt you shouting Paradise City from 100 yards away over other screaming fans and loud music is going to make the band play that song, with them only 4 songs into the set. I don't care for This I Love, but I didn't crap on it during the show, I listened with open ears and gave it a chance on both night's and even with Slashs amazing guitar solos, I still didn't care for the song. For me, the song got overplayed during my youth when I was going through some tough times relationship wise. Calling me a Kool aid drinker because I actually like CD I find funny. I do like grape flavored kool aid btw. you could call the people who go to concerts to only hear the radio hits kool aid drinkers too. CD is a Guns album. Go to itunes, Amazon or any record store, its right with all the other Guns Albums. Simple as that, don't like some of my opinions, then I'm sorry you're losing sleep over it.
  8. I'd hate to be a pain as well but could someone pm me them as well?
  9. Thank you so much for sharing this and I completely agree with the majority in this thread. Chinese was a underrated album and was a masterpiece. I'd seriously view as GNRs version of Dark Side Of The Moon when it comes to all these layers and hidden tracks. Once you slap on a good pair of head phones, you begin to make out some of those tracks you don't normally hear in car speakers or a stereo. It seriously feels like for me, every time I take a listen to this album, I find something new. As far as the concert goers and reviewer's who trash the new songs. They are nothing but arrogant casual radio hit posers. When I saw Guns live a week ago, alot of meatheads that were near me kept shouting Paradise City inbetween songs. I don't value people's negative opinions on Chinese because I find people who diss it, diss it because "Its Not Guns N'Roses" or "it doesn't sound like Appetite " way I see it, you either love the album or you hate it. People who hate tend to go out of their way to make people who like it, to change their minds. I just see those people as ignorant. As far as the original post goes, is there something in the download section or a link that can be provided for these stripped down tracks?