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  • Location Winchester, dahhhling.
  • Interests I like.. punk, rap and blues.
    I'm also a pirate and a bookie-runner.

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  1. Axl calling Madison a cunt.

    Lmfao, cannot believe we are still talking about this. Pretty sure its something to do with Axl not taking critisism well..... x
  2. Soul Asylum

    I love them! I can't listen to Runaway Train anymore, makes me cry like a bitch. Its not even that its that sad a song, it just has these connotations of misery in my head I love 'em soooo much Always wanted to see 'em live - do they still tour? xDSGx
  3. Film Thread

    ^^^ I believe utter shite is the phrase you are seeking.
  4. Film Thread

    WHY?! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY?! Truly dreadful film. All I can say is I'm glad I got the £4 student rate to watch it. Wasted an hour of my life. After the hour I left. And I NEVER leave films. It was THAT bad. Redeemed only by the occasional good song. All round ridiculous film. Though, thats just my opinion =]
  5. Last "Groundbreaking Album"

    Listen to Gold. Its a fantastic album.
  6. Last "Groundbreaking Album"

    To be fair, if punk is white music, how does one explain Bad Brains? And of course music has colours, Grateful Dead make me feel green and Rancid make me purple. =]
  7. Last "Groundbreaking Album"

    White boys love music too??
  8. Film Thread

    The remake of House On Haunted Hill.... ...actually quite freaky. Eeek xDSGx
  9. Last "Groundbreaking Album"

    You're mothers gotta penis. Ahaaa.. I actually love GLC. I can't accept that Green Day are groundbreaking in the same way I'm not saying Rancid are. Just generic punk bands doing what they do well - ripping off first wave punk bands and making it slightly more mainstream. Mmm, groundbreaking album, recently.. ..mmm. I literally can't think of one from the 21st century Thats depressing =/ xDSGx
  10. Film Thread

    Mmmmm Will Smith
  11. Film Thread

    Eee.. Watching Wild Wild West. I don't care what anyone says its so much fun
  12. Film Thread

    Eee.. I'm watching The Devils Rejects again. I love it Great soundtrack, great film. Fantastic director!
  13. Books/Reading Thread

    YES! I love Kurt Vonnegut. Slaughterhouse 5, Breakfast of Champions and Cats Cradle Reading The Bloody Chamber - Angela Carter at the moment, a damn good read! Planning on reading Fitzgerald's Tender Is The Night when I'm done - is it good? xDSGx
  14. Film Thread

    Quite possibly. ...anyone seen Son Of Rambow yet? I took my little brother this weekend. Both loved it, great for kids to grown ups - anyone else? xDSGx
  15. VIDEOGAME Thread...

    I officially have no life. I've been playing Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back for nearly 3days straight. Fucking fantastic game Right thread? xDSGx