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  1. The Pre-Sale theory!

    You mean pay now and get it when it's out? I don't think anyone would do that. I mean come on... you could have come up with that Idea in 2002 "pay now, you'll get it when it's out... it's Chinese Democracy you know lol...
  2. I Think This is How it will be

    i thought axl hates nirvana... didn't dave grohl joke about axl on stage in some MTV music award sh*t?! anyway, nothing will happen. after this tour, everything's gonna go back to where we were in 2005. no album, nothing... you know it's true. bury your hope.
  3. not the best gnr song, but the best of the new ones i think. it really rocks! it's catchy & has great lyrics. It can compete to a lot of the old GNRs songs I think.
  4. If there are more leaks

    That's what I'm thinking. Some leaks and few gigs don't mean the album's going to be out. Remember 2002/2003. I'll get what I can get, if it comes out I'll pay for the songs in their final versions. In case it comes out anyway...
  5. TWAT and IRS new leaks discussion

    PM it to me anyway. I want to build my own opinion.
  6. I think Axl & the band must have visited here

    we've noticed that too, Bob [common knowledge]
  7. Axl & Slash to both be at the Metal Hammer Awards?

    And if so? wouldn't change anything. They're grown up, no stupid teenagers. I'm sure they can be in one room without fighting [og by the way - what's the signature guidelines? is mine too big?]
  8. Best Songs?

    November Rain & Better because they describe everything I feel
  9. He should go back to the hair-spray-cut he had in the welcome to the jungle vid! honestly his hair cut is ugly now.
  10. Tommy Hilfiger throws punches at Axl last night

    sorry guys... I'm from Germany... can someone please tell me who fuckin' Tommy Hilfiger is?!
  11. Bumblefoot just a temporary guitar player for GN'R?

    I think he'll stay. Izzy ain't a lead guitarist, even if Izzy & Adler would join (what I don't believe), they needed a lead guitarist. And Brian May is certainly NOT going to join GNR, forget it folks.
  12. Full version of better

    he was asking if this version is the same way they played it live, not if you've heard it read what people post
  13. Do you find the setlists a bit weird?

    I don't think they'll do a DVD including songs that appear on Chinese Democracy before CD will be released. That'd be very strange. He says he wants to get the long awaited album out and takes it all off cause half of the songs are on a dvd released before. It wouldn't work...
  14. Axl weared the same clothes

    I really had to laugh, Tats. So hard. Who fuckin' cares?! I think the guy has enough money to buy the same damn clothes 500 times. Of course he was washing them.... Or at least one of his servants
  15. Anyone here bootlegging Tonights show?

    That's too much you're asking for. You can't tell a fanatic GnR fan who sees em live 1st time since 2002 not to sing along. I guess...