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  1. Where csn I bouy tickets for Vegas show... I tried from the arena links but it didn't work
  2. Amazong...On Vegas shows we can see popularity of Guns n Roses in US...We will see ticket selling and I think stadium tour depends of LV tickets demands
  3. What a dumb guy...He haven't smartier thing to do than writing this shit
  4. I think 21 stadium shows inUS is very optimistic idea...I think GNR can not sellout stadiums in US... Arena tour will be better for me
  5. Iz's fuckin retarted to think than Steven or Izzy would be a part of reunion lineup... it will be a pretty massive tour... -Steven can be happy to play a couple of songs -and Izzy isn't man who can do 2 years tour For me Axl,Slash,Duff,Richard,Frank (Matt),Dizzy will be a perfect reunion combination... but to be a real a whole reunion storY is deal between Axl and Slash
  6. I think there are few facts about reunion tour: 1.Only Axl,Slash and Duff know what is happening 2.Matt is much better decision than Steven (Steven can play some songs like guest).I like a man but he isn't ready for massive tour 3.Fortus is bezter solutions than Guilby
  7. Use your illusion tour was a memory for me...In that 1992 I had 21(I am Bosnia Serb) and styding philosophy in Sarajevo.In february 1991 I met Mirza(Bosnia muslim) and she became my girlfrined ,my first and biggest love...In summer We were on Guns show in Budapest.After that she went to Sarajevo and I was went in my parents city Banja Luka 140km from Sarajevo,for a couple days.Six days later I was Mobilised in Serbian army.The war started.I lost my concats with Mirza.I sent letters her and she sent letters to me.That was only way to had a concat.In 1993 war was across the Bosnia and I lost concat with Mirza.I can not forget when.she singing "don't cry in Budapest" and she was on my arms...When war finished 1995 I tried to make contact with Mirza.In january 1996 I got information She was dead.Murdered by snipe in april 1994. Now I have 46 and have 3 kids.But I have necer forget Mirza and our last days on Guns show in Budapest.For me Guns is something more than music.And UYI tour was the best time for me.
  8. These numbers are amazing...Don't forget this wa 3rd south american tour in last 4 years...As se know Iron Maiden is very popular band in Brazil a these are their numbers 34 Iron Maiden Ginasio Nilson Nelson Brasilia, Brazil March 30, 2011 $891,477 8,375 / 12,900 1 / 0 $210.66, $51.16 Evenpro/Water Brother/Mondo Entretenimento 35 Iron Maiden HSBC Arena Rio De Janeiro, Brazil March 28, 2011 $882,366 11,709 / 13,500 1 / 0 $240.83, $36.13 Evenpro/Water Brother/Mondo Entretenimento
  9. in 2010 show was almost soldout. http://www.billboard.com/articles/photos/live/958689/hot-tours-metallica-guns-n-roses-coldplay
  10. Well ticket selling going fine...I really doubt Shows will be empty. Porto Alegre update: Ingressos para show do Guns N' Roses entram no segundo lote (in Portuguese) I think it says they sold out the first batch of tickets.
  11. Which Pearl Jam song most reminds you of a GNR song?

  12. Axl had a MasterPlan - which collapsed

    I think he done what he wanted...He earned more than 30 milions dollars since 2002 with Gnr tour...He had great shows, almost fully atenas and stadiums... Don't forget that Bon Kovi last album sold only 300000 copies in US
  13. What's the best we can hope for out of New GNR at this point?

    Reunion stadium tour
  14. Going Down Appreciation Thread [NO LINKS/REQUESTS ALLOWED]

    I like this song...Really great sonh
  15. Acoustic Better and Going Down leaked? [NO LINKS/REQUESTS ALLOWED]

    somebody pm a link for download