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  1. I except that...European dates in spring -summer 2017,than Norh America and Canada arenas dates and then again South and Central America in first part of 2018
  2. I read Metallica Death magnetic tour was 12th top grosing tour ever with total gross of 212 million$... With this trend Not in this lifetime will have 200.000.000 after Oceania dates,and don't forget possible Europeand dates
  3. First show was soldout...Second had a few tickets left
  4. GNR / Metallica Stadium Tour 2017?

    Gnr have packed stadium tour in US in 2016 without Metallica
  5. Cool review...60000 people were there
  6. Second night stadium was packed too...Maybe not soldout but very close,as we can see about pics...Great
  7. One small mistake...Kanzas was 27k and Dc was 41... Also GNR sold more tickets on 7 shows tham leral.jam.o 17 or Iron maiden on 21
  8. Well this is amazing...With 7 shows Guns on 10th plaxe...Probabablly thos will be number 1 or number 2tour of the year
  9. Ticket Demand?

    And haters....What is now? There were a lot of stories about bad ticket selling,and first show was near soldout... GUNS FUCKIN ROCKS
  10. Ticket Demand?

    With 5 shows soldout,6 shows 90% soldout and other shows more than 50% two months beforw the shows ,I willcall ot great selling
  11. Rumored Concert Date Thread

    Only 1127 left on second Mexico show
  12. I think grey sections didn't put in sallery yrt...First they want to sell seats near the stage
  13. Where csn I bouy tickets for Vegas show... I tried from the arena links but it didn't work
  14. Amazong...On Vegas shows we can see popularity of Guns n Roses in US...We will see ticket selling and I think stadium tour depends of LV tickets demands
  15. What a dumb guy...He haven't smartier thing to do than writing this shit