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  1. Big annoucment will be SA dates with Who
  2. I read somewhere (you can find it on web),there were 30000,but I think Guns played two nights
  3. I mean they didn't sell out football stadiums like in 2016 (with 50000-60000 people)
  4. I can't understand one thing...Stadiums in Europe are bigger than in US?? In US we had soldout shows with 40000-50000 people...In Europe we will have 70000-80000 shows... What is diference? For example I will use Vienna show...I read that Guns sold 60000 tickets,and this stadium is one of the smalest stadium on Europe tour
  5. Two different types of tour: -On use your illusion we had very popular young band with new album...Singles,videos,interviews were everywhere...Tour were huge and sucesufull,but Guns n Roses didn't could sellout stadiums in US...Across the globe they did it but in US they played arenas...They need one more album and 3-4 yours to made this ''problem'' -NITL tour...Probably will be one of the biggest and most succesufull tours ever...There are no videos,new song,interview...Now We had the greatest couple in history together after 25 years...Stadiums are filled everywhere in the world (US,SA,Australia,Asia,Europe)...Now we have had rock legengs... O really didn't believe they would sold stadiums on that rang...
  6. So what is the point of your comment?
  7. Billboardboxscore
  8. This tour going fu..n welll. With these official numbers,without Jappanese and middle east legs Not in this liftime tour is on 230.000.000. $. 1. Guns N' Roses ANZ StadiumSydney, AustraliaFeb. 10-11, 2017 $9,245,210 84,277 /84,2772 267.08, $68.62 TEG Dainty 2. Guns N' RosesMelbourne Cricket GroundMelbourne, AustraliaFeb. 14, 2017 $8,816,760 73,114 /73,1141 268.08, $68.88 TEG Dainty 3. Guns N' Roses Western Springs StadiumAuckland, New ZealandFeb. 4, 2017 $5,545,210 48,118 /48,1181 255, $65.52 TEG Dainty 4. Guns N' RosesQSAC StadiumBrisbane, AustraliaFeb. 7, 2017 $4,441,060 39,459 /39,4591 272.22, $73.07 TEG Dainty 5. Guns N' RosesWestpac StadiumWellington, New ZealandFeb. 2, 2017 $ 3,617,500 32,448 /32,4481 $254.55, $65.40 TEG Dainty 6. Guns N' RosesAdelaide OvalAdelaide, AustraliaFeb. 18, 2017 $ 3,541,050 33,713 /33,7131 271.34, $71.60 TEG Dainty 7. Guns N' RosesDomain StadiumPerth, AustraliaFeb. 21, 2017 $3,084,270 30,382 /30,3821 271.82, $72.29 TEG Dainty
  9. Finck,than DJ...Slash solo gave different structure of the song and I don't frrl emotions... Finck did it
  10. Usaually they are sleeping in the park...Sometime in front of some buildings...
  11. Wow...Is this true or false?
  12. Don't get it
  13. I think some of you guys have a real problem with reality...We all want 5 original members but tbat is not posible 1.Izzy left the band in their prime when he had 28 years...Hiw do you except that He can play 2 years tour??...What is garancy? 2.Steven is the man.But he is ruined...He have to be happy because he is still alive...I wish him everything the best,but do you guys really think that he can play 2 years run????
  14. Totally agree with you... I don't see any reason for Guns to have a coheadlined tour...Guns n Roses can't have a problems to sellliong out stadiums around the globe,and South America too... Guns n Roses can do one thing,which is better than to do co headlin tour...They can drop ticket prices and qill sellout every stadium more than one time... a fan I want to see NITL tour in first 5 tours ever to.the end.of year...And they can do it with solo dates
  15. The Who are legends but in real time i 2017 they can only be opening act for Guns n Roses