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  1. Because I live far away from US,if somebody want my presale here it is: GNRTMHKUBVBY
  2. Apsolutelly avry...Than ad Belgrade (Srbia),Greece,Russia,Turkey...They can easily play 25 stadiums in Europe...
  3. Some guys are really retarted...Before couple days we got numbers of this tour (now 9th tour of all time) ,and some dickheads come here and talked "GNR can not film stadiums or worst this guy said GNR can not fill arena"... Obviously demand for this tour is higher than anaone excepted...Guns just finished soldout euro tour and going on stadium leg in US...What can I see on live nation site,every stadium have about 3000-4000 unsold tickets...That's amazing demand
  4. It was obvious that it would add new dates. There were more than 3 days of interval between certain dates. Obviously, the demand for tickets was large, and that new dates were added. We can expect 10 more concerts to be added.