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  1. vote for Axl- Rock Titan Of The Year- You can vote in many catogories...Also and we are on the list,you can vote for the fans
  2. Something like that
  3. On some interview He said something like that...
  4. Well,I read Tommy Stinson who said "I became millioner in Guns n Roses"... And don't fforget that first part of Not in this life tour grossed more than New gnr tourrs since 2002-2014...
  5. everything is great...boys...Axl voice...Slash god of guitar...birthday man...and especially fuckin packed crowd
  6. Well bands have his money before the show...I heard Guns played cor 3 mil$ per show... Probably Axl,Slash and Duff take about 2 mil and rest 1... Selling ticketa and gross have nothing with band grossing
  7. Whete is thread for the second night?
  8. Nice stadium...But it isn't packed as I excepted...1/5 of stadium filled...
  9. What's wrong with these are fuckin amazing...I except official dvd
  10. Do we have some official review from some Argentinian newpapers or site?
  11. Do we have some official review from some Argentinian newpapers or site?
  12. What a crazy crowd...Definitely this guys knowing to rock
  13. I don't know why did youbuse other bands in nocomparing Argentinian crowd...Just look at this fuckin Guns n Roses video from 2010
  14. Wow...there are more people hours before the show