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  1. Finck,than DJ...Slash solo gave different structure of the song and I don't frrl emotions... Finck did it
  2. Usaually they are sleeping in the park...Sometime in front of some buildings...
  3. Wow...Is this true or false?
  4. Don't get it
  5. I think some of you guys have a real problem with reality...We all want 5 original members but tbat is not posible 1.Izzy left the band in their prime when he had 28 years...Hiw do you except that He can play 2 years tour??...What is garancy? 2.Steven is the man.But he is ruined...He have to be happy because he is still alive...I wish him everything the best,but do you guys really think that he can play 2 years run????
  6. Totally agree with you... I don't see any reason for Guns to have a coheadlined tour...Guns n Roses can't have a problems to sellliong out stadiums around the globe,and South America too... Guns n Roses can do one thing,which is better than to do co headlin tour...They can drop ticket prices and qill sellout every stadium more than one time... a fan I want to see NITL tour in first 5 tours ever to.the end.of year...And they can do it with solo dates
  7. The Who are legends but in real time i 2017 they can only be opening act for Guns n Roses
  8. They need 3 guitar players and 2 drummers...So we will have 5 AFD +1 uyi+2 CD players +Mellisa..
  9. Maybe another part of NITL tour with Izzy and Steven in bigger roles... I really doubt they will play club in LA ..I'm sure it will be stadium show
  10. Ok but U2 Miami show isn't soldout...You can buy lot if tickets...There is a link...
  11. Blablabla...And for every show on this tour I read "there are tons tickets left",and we have almost every show soldout...Something wrong with you guys
  12. I think NITL tour can not sellout U2 , but it will be second or third the biggest tour ever... But if Guns in next decade realize one or two albums,they can beat U2... Also this is the great success and legacy for GNR as the biggest hardrock band ever... I read that Hirwired tour haven't had such a great selling,and it is not only Metallica tour.There are two huge supportive acts on tour.
  13. This house is not for sale is smaller tour than nitl and jt is arena tour,so they grosing for 4 shows same as Guns for one
  14. Itbis 19.15 now in Bangok?
  15. Lime in Singapore...It will be the biggest show there...