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  1. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    Just kidding...Probablly soldout show
  2. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    Just kidding...Probablly soldout show
  3. Well,Not in this liftime earned about 200.000.000 $ in 2016 (source wikipedia). In 2017 with Dates after North America they will played more shows and I except they will be about 500.000.000$.Not in this liftime will be one of the biggest tours ever.Maybe not first or second but in 5 apsolutely
  4. Cheap seats at stadiums.

    European shows are soldout,most of them...Vienna show soldout too..
  5. Amazing numbers for Guns n Roses...SA almost soldout as NA...Amazing
  6. I know in Vienna only couple tickets left...You can see it on
  7. Buenos Aires,Lima,Medellin...In US croed is really lame
  8. Wien is almost soldout... On only couple.of hundreds tickets left... I tickets today
  9. how would YOU name the tour?

    Donald Trump tour
  10. I bought 114euros ticket...Tickets are very expensive ,more than in Budapest 2006,Belgrade 2010 and Sofia 2012... I will spend three days on Wien...
  11. I bought mine in monday...But still didn't get them...Where are you from?
  12. Wien show have leas than 1000 tickets on sale
  13. But with tickets demand Europe is the first place...Almost all shows are near to be sellout...Wien for example have 1000 tickets on sale...
  14. vote for Axl- Rock Titan Of The Year- You can vote in many catogories...Also and we are on the list,you can vote for the fans