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  1. It has been discussed before, here: http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?/topic/202380-question-about-something-in-used-to-love-her/ According to Marc Canter, it is probably Izzy saying "Saul". reckless road: "I think it was Izzy fooling around making fun of Slash's grandmother. She used to call him like that."
  2. Who kidnapped Steven Adler?

    I really think he's been locked in the vault with Paul Huge. Either the sheer brilliance of The General has left him speechless, or he can't unlock the door.
  3. I think we've got the name of the album & tour down pat.
  4. "Unforseen circumstances" that most people foresaw.
  5. Would definitely be a smart (and fan-tastic) move to live stream this show. One guaranteed purchase right here.
  6. He's either in on the reunion, or locked in the vault with Paul Tobias.
  7. Clearly a cryptic clue that means GNR will cover Buddy Holly's "Oh Boy" on the Kimmel show.
  8. In the 2008 chat, Axl said the name of this song (Checkmate) was Jackie Chan.
  9. I think you are confusing me with somebody else. My post really did not contain any insults, other than using an emoticon to show how taken aback I was at the bizarre summary you made of my previous post, which had nothing to do with what my previous post said at all. You then move on to your favourite "Axl Nutswinger" argument, which isn't me. I think it makes sense for Coachella to announce their headliners in January. They have done so for the last 10 years. I'm simply saying it doesn't make sense to me for any company to make a major announcement over the Christmas holidays. If there is a GNR reunion in the works starting at Coachella, they will have signed a contract. Every rumour we have seen says "2016". Maybe there's a press conference scheduled, and the guys aren't on the same continent right now. Maybe negotiations were still ongoing in November/December. Maybe Axl's astrologer said the announcement can only be made in a month that starts with J. I have no idea what is going on, and neither do you. None of this has anything to do with me suggesting that Axl is perfect. Let's just agree to disagree, and hopefully we get some amazing news next week.
  10. I'll bet Slash is in the studio right now laying down some guitar tracks for The General.
  11. Yeah, that's exactly what I said. Coachella has announced their headliner in January for the last 10 years. It makes sense for a company to announce something big in January rather than during the Christmas holidays. That doesn't mean NOBODY would hear about it, just that they want to maximize the impact of the announcement. Are these really difficult concepts to understand?
  12. You keep wondering why they don't make an announcement RIGHT NOW! If you can't see the basic reason why it makes more sense for ANYBODY to make a major announcement in early January rather than during the Christmas holidays, I'm afraid I can't help you further with that. You then mentioned the movie theater teaser. First of all, it's a teaser, which generally means it's meant to tease something coming later. As for people being busy during Christmas, there is obviously still a captive audience at the beginning of Star Wars. As for the teaser itself, I think it's rather odd to spend money on that myself, and have no idea who paid for it, or what they're up to. If I had to guess, I would think they want to stream the Coachella concert in movie theaters. But at this point, we simply don't know.