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  1. Always thought it was Slash. And as for Used to Love Her, if memory serves I think Marc Canter said that's Izzy saying "Saul" in an impression of his grandmother's voice that he used to do .
  2. The whole story of MSL and the memory drive is interesting and worth seeking out, but to sum it up, somebody (supposedly) gave him a drive containing a massive amount of stolen GNR files and emails, but they were never released publicly. All we got was a list of documents, which you can view here: And on topic, Pitman was kind of a dick, but if he was given an IOU for funds owed that was never fulfilled, pay the man.
  3. Awesome show, really enjoyed it. Sound was fairly muddy at times, but that always happens at stadium concerts. Really fun night, 2 3/4 hour concert. Axl and Slash were both great (whole band was). Crowd was into it, one of the more lively Toronto shows I've been to. Axl looked to be in a great mood all night long. Coma was frickin awesome. If people are on the fence, I know tix are expensive, but this is a reunited Guns n' Roses, motherfuckers. Attendance is mandatory.
  4. Aliens would have seemed far more plausible.
  5. Just hitch a ride across the water on a passing oil tanker or dolphin. See Estranged video for further details.
  6. Hey, my 2 favourite bands of all time are the Beatles (by default) and Guns n' Roses. And you have my avatar too! I feel like Homer Simpson in that episode about Mr. Sparkle ...
  7. Unfortunately every time there is a Nirvana thread, a bunch of people with damaged eardrums pop up out of the wordwork to criticize Kurt by typing a bunch of hateful bullshit, largely because he and Axl had a little spat 24 years ago that they still think is worth whining about. In my view, Nirvana was a great band, Kurt was very talented. He had a bit of an attitude problem but at the time grunge was growing in popularity as an alternative to what was seen as a bloated hair metal scene that had become the mainstream. GNR was part of that scene, but as we all know they were not a hair metal band and ended up transcending the genre. (In much the same way that bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and AIC transcended the genre when grunge fizzled out a few years later). GNR is my favourite band ever (along with the Beatles) so I agree with your premise. They were both great bands and there's no reason to pick sides. You can like both. But while Nirvana did try to branch out a little bit on In Utero, it's fair to say there is a lot more variety in Guns' catalog than there was with Nirvana.
  8. I meant he wouldn't reunite with Slash just for the cash. IMO.
  9. Slash needs to get himself an #Ashbaswag beanie to replace that top hat ... hip, stylish, but still rock n' roll. And I believe Slash has recently re-connected with a certain someone who knows the proprietor of that website, and who should be able to hook him up with a 5% discount on the purchase. As for the topic itself, would be amazing news if true, obviously. I just don't see Axl as the kind of guy to just do a cash-grab tour. If he's back in and engaged, there will be new music.