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  1. Awesome show, really enjoyed it. Sound was fairly muddy at times, but that always happens at stadium concerts. Really fun night, 2 3/4 hour concert. Axl and Slash were both great (whole band was). Crowd was into it, one of the more lively Toronto shows I've been to. Axl looked to be in a great mood all night long. Coma was frickin awesome. If people are on the fence, I know tix are expensive, but this is a reunited Guns n' Roses, motherfuckers. Attendance is mandatory.
  2. Aliens would have seemed far more plausible.
  3. Hitchhiking to Paradise City

    Just hitch a ride across the water on a passing oil tanker or dolphin. See Estranged video for further details.
  4. Thanks MyGNR

    Hey, my 2 favourite bands of all time are the Beatles (by default) and Guns n' Roses. And you have my avatar too! I feel like Homer Simpson in that episode about Mr. Sparkle ...
  5. Unfortunately every time there is a Nirvana thread, a bunch of people with damaged eardrums pop up out of the wordwork to criticize Kurt by typing a bunch of hateful bullshit, largely because he and Axl had a little spat 24 years ago that they still think is worth whining about. In my view, Nirvana was a great band, Kurt was very talented. He had a bit of an attitude problem but at the time grunge was growing in popularity as an alternative to what was seen as a bloated hair metal scene that had become the mainstream. GNR was part of that scene, but as we all know they were not a hair metal band and ended up transcending the genre. (In much the same way that bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and AIC transcended the genre when grunge fizzled out a few years later). GNR is my favourite band ever (along with the Beatles) so I agree with your premise. They were both great bands and there's no reason to pick sides. You can like both. But while Nirvana did try to branch out a little bit on In Utero, it's fair to say there is a lot more variety in Guns' catalog than there was with Nirvana.
  6. I meant he wouldn't reunite with Slash just for the cash. IMO.
  7. Slash needs to get himself an #Ashbaswag beanie to replace that top hat ... hip, stylish, but still rock n' roll. And I believe Slash has recently re-connected with a certain someone who knows the proprietor of that website, and who should be able to hook him up with a 5% discount on the purchase. As for the topic itself, would be amazing news if true, obviously. I just don't see Axl as the kind of guy to just do a cash-grab tour. If he's back in and engaged, there will be new music.
  8. The last year or so, it's basically: 1. Use Your Illusion 1&2 2. Appetite 3. Chinese Democracy 4. Lies & Spaghetti Incident 5. Live Era Chinese was probably in first for a couple of years before this year, but I've always loved the Illusions and Appetite far and away the most.
  9. It has been discussed before, here: According to Marc Canter, it is probably Izzy saying "Saul". reckless road: "I think it was Izzy fooling around making fun of Slash's grandmother. She used to call him like that."
  10. Who kidnapped Steven Adler?

    I really think he's been locked in the vault with Paul Huge. Either the sheer brilliance of The General has left him speechless, or he can't unlock the door.
  11. I think we've got the name of the album & tour down pat.
  12. "Unforseen circumstances" that most people foresaw.
  13. Would definitely be a smart (and fan-tastic) move to live stream this show. One guaranteed purchase right here.
  14. He's either in on the reunion, or locked in the vault with Paul Tobias.