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  1. I don't really care about what the average Joe would think. I used to, but not anymore. The band isn't a popular act anymore, so why would I worry about that? Having said that, I do think the non-biased people are more willing to forgive stuff like Ashba butchering SOD or Better. The problem now is more on Axl than on the fact that members aren't Slash IMO.
  2. Seems pretty clear it was technical difficulties. Robin got pissed because he couldn't hear himself, even though he tried to explain since long before. I agree with everything. And yeah, this Madagascar ending was fucking amazing. And his voice back then.. just wow.
  3. Good Bumblefoot songs.

  4. One thing crossed my mind: if it got so hard and frustrating to release this DVD, why not include new songs on it? Could be a B-side in the credits, could be something on the menu.. I don't know, they could throw us a bone. It's a shame that the first new band release after 2008 is just more of the same. Oh, ok, thanks. Guess Ive been out of the loop for quite some time now.
  5. One thing I noticed from Ashba's tone and phrasing: I think it sounded pretty close to Going Down's main solo. You know, the one with heavy wah "replying" to Bumblefoot's guitar. Is it known if it's really him on that song? For real? I thought he was married..
  6. Watched the whole thing yesterday after that atrocious Brazil x Germany game. I needed to watch DJ Ashba to remind me that there could be worse things than losing that match that way. It worked. So here's the thing: I don't like Ashba. His antics are everything the old band tried to kill back in the day. And his playing is cringeworthy. His Street of Dreams solo was so bad that I almost stopped watching right there. So yes, he is the #1 reason to dislike the performance. People here already explained, so I don't need to get any further on this. About the show itself: it was good, but it could be better. I guess thats how it goes with every proshot we ever had the chance to watch. I missed more Chinese songs like Shacklers and, of course, more rare stuff like Scraped and Prostitute. I think they could have played those knowing it would be recorded. I think Axl didn't bother tho. Axl's voice was good in some parts. I can say I didn't cringe like when I watched the Rock in Rio 2011 gig. I got impressed about Street of Dreams, considering it was 2012. He even sang the last bits (what I tell ya.. thats one more failure), although in a lower tone. KOHD had a great scream too, liked it. The audio mixing was good, but strange. It's interesting that Rockfuel mixed the solos in the center channel of the stereo, but I thought wierd how the rhythm track of the other guitarist bounced to the right. I mean, sometimes Ron's rhythm got to the right, sometimes Richard's. I guess it helps to fulfill the sound when someone is playing a solo, but I thought a bit odd. Maybe it will take some time, but I could get used to it. Having said that, I don't know why in some songs there volume in the rhythm guitars were so low, like in Catcher's ending (which was a shame, as the rhythm is specially good). With three guitars in the band, its almost a crime to not take full advantage of the heavier sound. But it really was a problem in in just some songs, not a big deal. I really liked Richard's tone. I wish his rhythm was louder in the mix sometimes (instead, Rockfuel mixed Ashba's rhythm way too loud a lot of times), but it was ok. Bumblefoot's lead was wonderful, but I still think his biggest problem is his tone - Im not sure, maybe he uses 0.9 strings and his setup lacks bass. I don't know, it could be better. Not a big deal either, tho. Ashba's tone was the worst, of course. This guy have no taste at all. His clean sound in Estranged is horrible, sounded like a cheap amp in a bedroom. Also, it's all about power chords and full overdrive all the time. Gets me sick. Tommy Stinson's bass is way too discret. Wonder if it was one of the gigs where Duff filled in. Frank was good, but some times I heard his hi-hat way too loud. And he used cowbell in some strange parts. Overall, the editing was good (tho slow-motion was overused), the picture quality was outstanding and it was a good experience. It's the band's fault that I almost fell asleep two times, because I've heard those songs so many times and had nothing really different from the other shows I watched so far. I'm looking foward to have the mp3 now, to have some cool stuff to listen to at the gym.
  7. I gave him a solid 2. And that was because he was actually nice to me when I met him, haha. He just is not able to play a full bend (meaning a full note up). He is lazy in hi approach and often fuck up a lot. And Ashba's tone is really overly EQed, sounds overly sweetened. His playing on old songs are not better than Robin's IMO. And it says a lot that he learned the old songs using the Live Era versions instead of the original studio records. Seems like he's not capable to rework Slash's solos aside from simplifying the tricky parts (or just leave them to Bumblefoot like in SCOM). In the other hand, he reworked all of Robin solos, and they were all for the worst. I won't say anything about TIL because we all know already. But Street of Dreams and Better all sound fucking awful. What about Ashba's own work? All tacky IMO. Its like he always chooses the most obvious and easy notes. I know at least a few dozen other average guitarist both personaly and on YouTube that would be a way better choice for the band.
  8. Robin Finck with Nine Inch Nails

    I disagree. His guitar work is indeed detailed and amazing, but its way more straightfoward for the kind of sound the band needs. It's not nearly as intricated and rich as his own guitar work in songs like Better, Riad and Prostitute. It's not just about the solos, but the riffs and the weird chords with full distortion but with every single chord sounding defined. The old songs too had some of this work, speacially the rearranged ones like Patience and KOHD.
  9. Robin Finck with Nine Inch Nails

    IMO, people who says Robin belongs to Nine Inch Nails are just judging him by his looks. His guitar playing is much more diverse than the power chords and white noise on NIN. The same thing applies to people who said he "got better", that was pretty stupid. His SCOM solo was always miles away better than the one with the current lineup.

    Robin is featured in all the CD songs. If you meant solos, those are not enough to have a writing credit anyways.
  11. Does someone around here...

    Great article, thanks. I have no real indication, its just guessing, but I believe he also worked on Riad (that overdub on the last chorus), If The World (I don't know, I just think the verses sounded different), Scraped (the same as ITW), Street of Dreams ("thats what Id tell her/its one more failure" part), TWAT (the low pitch overdub on the chorus "it was the wrong time"), Sorry ("nobody asked you.. not one goddamn thing"sounded different too). Maybe Shacklers too, some parts on the verses. The point is: the high pitched clean tracks seems older than the rest. Lot of main lead vocals (specially the chorus on those songs above) sound like were recorded back in 1999, 2000 and 2002 because of how they sounded. But that's just guessing.
  12. The greatest unsolved mystery of the GNR fandom...

    Click on that HTGTH link provided on the first post. The demolition guy said before the post about Sorry lyrcs: Axl is now in New York working with Producer / Engineer Caram Costanzo, Protools Engineer Eric Caudieux and newest member of the production team Engineer/Assistant Dror Mohar. The team is said to be on the final stretch and the mixing is due to begin in the begining of February. It was January 2007. People didn't believe him, that's why he posted those lyrics. It was someone from Argentina, I guess, but they were in one of those Australia/New Zeland gigs back in 2007. If I remember correctly, Esteban (from gnrbootlegs) said it was someone he knew. The guy said he heard Riad had "different drums". If that's true, I can only imagine he either heard an alternate take or he just didn't notice how the (awesome) drum arrangement really sounded because back then we all had only low quality bootlegs from live performances. The later is more probable - the drum arrangement is exactly the same as played in 2001 and the album notes says the drums arrangement was created by Josh Freese, which means before Brain joined the band. Axl also said Riad was one of the CD tracks they didn't change that much since they wrote it.
  13. Has the 'soap opera' lost its flavour for anyone else?

    Same here.
  14. Does Going Down has potential to be a hit?

    This. I like the song, but it would be a PR nightmare to release something after 5 years without Axl on lead vocals.
  15. Tommy and Ron for sure. If I had a gun pointed at my face and the only way to survive is to mention a single Sixx AM track, I would die faster than you say "I lick Axl's balls".