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  1. Axl is not huggin Slash. THEY HATE EACH OTHER!
  2. Don't think so. Heard it now and it just sounded alike, but it was the very beginning of Rocket Queen main riff. Trust me, Id totally love to see them playing Riad, but I don't think we will anytime soon.
  3. Oh, great. I was at a lunch today with Larissa, from Uol Tecnologia. Don't know if you know her.. And yeah, I'm pretty sure we will get tons of footage. We're having already with all the soundcheck videos and the Troubador proshots.
  4. Where do you work? And yeah, I wish I was having a beer waiting for the GNR show too.
  5. They are playing Coma. I can't hear it, but I believe in those guys.
  6. Is that an iPad Pro? lol Thanks man. Trying to listen to this..
  7. Hahaha, that was weird, but funny. I mean, I can't imagine someone prohibiting me to use the sidewalk. I think the connection with Brazil comes from the Globo TV soap operas and the beginning of MTV Brasil. They were everywhere here back in those days.
  8. He recorded and played Back off Bitch before.
  9. There's Brazilians everywhere Did you manage to hear something from the outside?
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpGJ4AWQOiE&list=PLq84ew1n_hYnIsnLp4odU9cg8oScc7-m8 Its nothing we didnt see before, but those videos of ISE, WTTJ and PC are new.
  11. This. And also the reviewer said Slash did the slide and that recording has Richard playing it. I asked about the recording on YouTube and the guy said his friend sent to him. Either he or his friend lied.
  12. What do you mean about "cool slide part in the last verse"? Did he use the bottleneck? Was the solo more like Robin, Ashba or did he played something different?
  13. Don't think it will affect much in terms of CD copies. Streaming, on the other hand... Like I said, if Slash really did recording for CD era songs like Atlas Shrugged, now would be the perfect time to release it. Not only for the fans - to us, anytime is the perfect time - but from a business standpoint. With all this hype, anything with the GNR brand - as long as it has Axl, Slash and Duff - will sell.
  14. That's what I think too. We saw the support for the new tour and the Troubador gig in the last couple of days that we never ever saw in the entire CD era. IMO, it only makes sense from a business point of view. With the band sounding that great, everyone would get to a new material/album at the end of the day - if they didn't already, of course.