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  1. If only someone would use the soundboard audio for all those YouTube vids, now that would not only be dope and rad, but also lit
  2. I really dig your humour, dude. Its smart.
  3. I guess by "everyone" he means himself and all the fans.
  4. Seriously, theres barely a species thats worse than paparazzi.
  5. Ehm, no. It's not.
  6. No way.
  7. Who says i didnt send my tickets to Africa after i used it?
  8. I don't disagree. Just like people can voice theire disbelief about people moaning about everything. its' a vicious circle that can only be broken, if gnr play every song they have and know at every show and axl will go to a time machine and bring the 88-Axl back Hey, it was 9, ok? (saw 4 last year) ;-P
  9. Anyone knows WHY they play that song?? jk. I like it. I also thought it was cool they did it for the who leg. But wouldnt mind a new cover or dead horse aswell now
  10. Ah ok. I had that once, but deleted it again thx
  11. Its not. But when people start demanding satisfying answers to their problems ("why are they playing bhs? The fact that they might like the song isn't enough. I need a different reason"), then i have to ask them what's wrong
  12. I am super chilled.
  13. No idea, cause i dont live with him (unfortunately)
  14. No, because its this sickness of this generation, that not until everything is being done according how people want it, these people will never get some satisfaction. It's never enough, there's always something.... and even if its one of a gazillion fukcing songs per show, that they dont like.
  15. But as long the forum member padme doesn't like that song being played, axl doesnt have the right to play it. Simple as that