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  1. That video has been posted and discussed before. Doesnt make it any better or worse
  2. Theres a difference between censorship and not needing to hear the same stupid fucking shit for the millionth time. It just gets fucking boring.
  3. I'm not even sure thats his 2016 voice.
  4. I guess it will be like in paris 92. starting at daylight. Ends in darkness.
  5. Is this just fantasy? :-) you lived my dream scenario. I guess after a night like this you can die happily. though it would be even more epic if dj and tommy were slash and duff.
  6. Seriously though, what the fuck does that mean?
  7. People here are too busy creating their own version of what happened (yes, we have a side of the story, but only one) and jumping to conclusions. And those conclusions are coming from the versiom of the guy who says he wasnt fired for using drugs and that he was the heart and soul of the band.. come on. If we'd get axls or duffs version, i guess everything wouldnt be as terrible as some make it out to be. You need to chill, this isnt life or death. Yes, the argentina story seems fucked up, but who the fuck knows what really happened or what the initial deal was?
  8. Why does he have to appear in this thread?
  9. I think the seeker is a good fit between the melancholic dont cry/patience and before the grand finale. Time to refreshen before paradise city
  10. Bollocks
  11. Good one