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  1. What do u mean? You can go in whenever you want.
  2. I dont know. But she appears way before 1:50. and i would shag her
  3. Vanessa is the one in the striped shirt. Dont know who anderslash means, but vanessa appears around 1:50
  4. Deftones are one of the finest bands since the 90s.
  5. Youre kind of an idiot for this sentence. Theyre not stealing anything. Theyre taking money and in return give us unforgettable shows and moments. And they dont force anyone to spend their money. Whoever does it, chooses to do it. You should grow the fuck up.
  6. Seriously, people like this douchebag think they are entitled to have celebrities attention and just put a camera in their face and ask stupid question and invade their privacy. And when theyre told to fuck off, they make a big deal out of it. Wish they'd beaten him senseless
  7. That guy in the video is an annoying self righteous piece of shit. The seucrity guy should've kicked him.
  8. Tickets for MSG: Price Range: $65.00 - $256.00
  9. Don't you admins usually have a way of finding that out?
  10. People are disappointed because there was a build up to begin with. There wasnt nearly as big of a hype for other tour legs, so why now?
  11. Said the Person who fucking calls himself Bono, the biggest piece of shit in music industry. Get a grip.
  12. Nobody pointing out that the fucking man himself just posted here??