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  1. how islocomotive in any form familiar with shaklers? What the hell is wrong with you? What kind of drugs do you use?
  2. But he is a guitar hero...(for the deaf and blind).
  3. Your friend is a fucking asshole
  4. Deep Cuts Setlist

    Right next door to hell dust n bones perfect crime pretty tied up Breakdown so fine 14 years yesterdays locomotive dont damn me dead horse youre crazy (lies version) coma dont cry(alt. Lyrics) madagascar
  5. Deep Cuts Setlist

    How is rocket queen a deep cut?
  6. Sounds like bullshit to me though http://heatst.com/entertainment/gunsnroses-to-play-roman-abramovichs-new-years-eve-party/
  7. GNR related holiday gifts

    Same here
  8. I love qotsa. But that song is nowhere near one of the best riffs ever
  9. Does the public still hate Axl?

    Iapologize in behalf on all germans for this turd.
  10. No one knows? Yea right. Who made that list? A coldplay fan?
  11. Jesus, they had 4 of the most groundbreaking metal albums in the history of music until the black album. Get a grip
  12. I can a little bit understand why you would do a meet and greetwith real rockstars (although i find the concept of paying money to meet someone outragous), i cant understand why you'd wanna pay money to meet some hardcore tough guys, who arent even special (and i like their music). Theyre just some regular assclowns