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  1. And you dont give us any more infos about the band?
  2. Do you sometimes think before you type?
  3. Thats hilarious. Love how he makes fun of little jarmo.
  4. I like the song chinese in the set. Fits very well.
  5. Well, two of them were among their biggest hits
  6. Good for you. But there are people who find it interesting what their favourite artist has to say about whats going on in the world. Guns were always political in some way. Afd was a fuck you to society. I dont get why people are harmed by what artists have to say about politics. Its ridiculous and narrow minded.
  7. You expect them to act the same as they did when they were 20? grow up, kiddo
  8. That might apply to you, but not to the majority of fans who actually go to fucking see one of these shows and experience it. You know: live. And not just talk about it on the fucking forums.
  9. How boring must ones life be, if you find the time and the energy to discuss the same old fucking shit for a millionth time on a forum over and over again. I mean, its not even gonna change anything. Steven is not coming back and so is izzy. So stop acting like annoying pussys and stop making this forum seem like a fucking loop. Cause it just gets annoying after a time. Jesus, some people here are retarded, i swear,
  10. Too bad that ashba disaster video got deleted off youtube. Always made me laugh
  11. Hilarious video. Fucking hate yoko
  12. Please dont expect any intelligent or thoughtfull comments from that person
  13. Interesting where that number of 95% comes from. I guess people have been doing empiric anylisis and found that out. Great work.
  14. Best snake dance ever @ 4:16
  15. Brain has a very funny way of telling stories. I loled at this part: