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  1. Top 5 TV Characters

    1. Kenny Powers - Eastbound & Down 2. Al Bundy - Married with Children 3. Earl Hickey - My Name Is Earl 4. Dwight Schrute - The Office 5. Bill McNeal - NewsRadio

    I'm glad that most of you like the new banner! Thanks guys!
  3. New top banner please?

    Here's my contribution, same style as usual:
  4. another NIN pic with axl in it?

    I know it doesn't make a difference which pic of axl it is, but for those who are interested i think NIN used this one: I'm waiting for next fake from NIN, this is getting interesting :xmasssanta:
  5. NIN -- And Chinese Democracy?

    I think it's a FAKE, although i don't know the reason behind that thing, maybe a joke maybe support. 3 reasons: a. the fake is easy to do b. the surface of the sign and the sign itself look strange c. NIN had apparently a gig in Toledo, not very likely that there's a CD sign To show you that it can be faked: Here's the original and my version that took me 5 minutes I know it's not perfect & no offence to slash
  6. New Axl pic?

    Here's only pic1 and pic5
  7. New Axl pic?

    Well this guy MAY be Axl, cause the shape of his head, the eyes, the nose and the eyebrows are so similar compared to Axls. I've made an animation putting only the head of that guy on the the latest Axl picture i know. Animation consists of 5 pictures: pic1 is original pic pic2 25% opacity pic3 50% opacity pic4 75% opacity pic5 no opacity I don't say that this is AXL but Axl gets older and changes, so ...