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  1. I've never found Mygnr to be a censored place. At one time HTGTH site was cool until Jarmo's head got so far up beta's arse that you can't post anything without getting banned. This place has always been where its at!
  2. Does anyone know if these lawsuits were ever settled or what the outcomes were?
  3. Sean Beavan... I thought OMG was killer
  4. I dig the live version with Axl doing the "when the lights when down in your house..." etc but the studio version doesn't do much for me. But Axl really added some energy to it live.
  5. I actually really like it. I find the ambient parts quite beautiful and enjoy the industrial edge and general viciousness of the tune.
  6. Yup about 75% of the time, especially when doing cardio. I fucking hate cardio and I need gnr so I don't get bored. Cinderalla and the Cult are also favorites
  7. Definitely Robin's. I mean he nailed that solo. I've seen slash do it live twice in Vegas and once in Seattle. Seattle was much better but I think sticking to more of Robin's key phrases would better. DJ did ok. For the most part I haven't enjoyed Slash's versions of the Chinese tunes. He noodles too much around and loses the essence of the solo's with the exception of CD the song. He nails that one
  8. I think Axl went a bit nuts after the implosion of the 2002 tour and shut off his phone for months at a time. The Chinese whispers article is full of interesting info. I think the reason Axl appears much more happy and content in life is because he got some meds sorted out to combat his volatile emotions.... I also think that's why he put on so much weight. Most anti-depressants cause weight gain. But I agree it should have come out in 2001 or 2002 it would have sold much better. The worst thing was that they had the raw tracks and then Roy Thomas Baker or whatever his name is made them re-record everything. The stupidest thing was making Brain re-record Josh's tracks beat for beat. Giant waste of time and money. Chinese would have sold way way more if it had come out in 2002. Just glad Axl seems in a good place but I think getting back with Slash is the worst thing that could happen if we want new music. As much as I love seeing them together its clearly a cash grab. Tickets are waaaaaaaay too much and I doubt that Axl and Slash (aside from being on stage) spent more than a total of 10 hours in the same room, let alone creating new music. Axl's kinda bat shit but I can't help but love him.
  9. He sounds pretty good, not 2010 good but pretty good overall. Listen Stephan Pearcy or Vince Neil... he could sound like that. But then there are guys like Steven Tyler who still sound awesome live into his late 60's and sound great. Sebastian is almost 50 and sounds as good as he did 20 years ago. The fact is if you don't use it you lose it. I get the feeling Axl hasn't rehearsed a GNR song in over 25 years.
  10. Yup that was a disaster on Axl's part. yikers get that vocal coach back
  11. I saw them at both vegas shows and in Seattle. Vegas was a bit messy but by the time they hit Seattle they sounded amazing. Not sure which band you've been watching but probably best to find a new band to follow if that is how you feel. I will admit that the performances of TWAT sounded like a mess... but that's all I'm giving you.
  12. no he had just had a daughter who he was very much in love with. Struggled with crack and had been thru rehab a few times. Right after rehab they recorded their second album "soup" in New Orleans and the debauchery really got carried away. Then soup was tanking and after a absence from crack/coke Shannon started up again and not unlike Scott Weiland his heart probably was shocked from the nothing to full on again. One of the few coke OD's I've ever heard of. Such a loss and shame
  13. As big of blind melon fan as I am GNR which is fucking huge so just to set it straight. Axl didn't know Shannon growing up, Shannon was friends with Axl's sister. When Shannon announced he was leaving for LA, Axl's sister told Axl to look out for her buddy and then Axl and Shannon became friends. Still think Axl was dick for not going to Shannon's funeral but apparently he was going to but had one of his melt downs.
  14. Lets not forget the time he went to jail in Sweden for biting a security guard that apparently menaced Beta