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  1. Rate Chinese

    I rate Chinese 8/10, it is a solid rock album. More solid than most new albums of today.
  2. If Axl became distant...wouldn't you want to distant yourself from heroin, crack, & coke users? I know I would. It is amazing that none of them ended up dead.
  3. I notice the reunion talk has simmered down over the last couple of weeks certainly on here. I do believe there was nothing ever set in concrete regarding a reunion tour, it is literally all talk at this point & its mostly newspaper talk. If Axl & Slash are friends again or talking again..great!
  4. Pigeons Of Death Metal is not Queens Of The Stoneage.
  5. I agree with you about little wing/ don't cry. Besides the actual release of CD, it probably is the highlight. It was my favorite live performance type thing that NUgnr ever did. From the live point of view I always liked the 2002 version of KOHD.
  6. Its weird...15 years ago Mel Gibson was being voted most beautiful man & now people think he look's old, you know its not like he's 60 years old or nothin. But Gibson didn't get plastic surgery to make him appear younger & when he acts he must like using his facial muscles which lots of your plastic hollywood types can't. Today's society is focused on appearance...