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  1. Rate Chinese

    I rate Chinese 8/10, it is a solid rock album. More solid than most new albums of today.
  2. If Axl became distant...wouldn't you want to distant yourself from heroin, crack, & coke users? I know I would. It is amazing that none of them ended up dead.
  3. I notice the reunion talk has simmered down over the last couple of weeks certainly on here. I do believe there was nothing ever set in concrete regarding a reunion tour, it is literally all talk at this point & its mostly newspaper talk. If Axl & Slash are friends again or talking again..great!
  4. Pigeons Of Death Metal is not Queens Of The Stoneage.
  5. From the live point of view I always liked the 2002 version of KOHD.
  6. Its weird...15 years ago Mel Gibson was being voted most beautiful man & now people think he look's old, you know its not like he's 60 years old or nothin. But Gibson didn't get plastic surgery to make him appear younger & when he acts he must like using his facial muscles which lots of your plastic hollywood types can't. Today's society is focused on appearance...
  7. I agree SoulMonster with the numbers. People who say it was a financial failure can't see the 14,000,000 Best Buy deal & what it has sold up to present. Which is possibly 20 Million. If that's a failure then I don't know what success to measure it too.
  8. I lifted this. Almost three million in 2011, is it totally inconceivable that it is approaching 5M from 2011-2015 i.e now.http://www.gunsnfnroses.com/index.php?/topic/10153-chinese-democracy-sales-definative/
  9. Sounds good to me. How can six years of sales from 2009-2015 not be considered, its laughable.
  10. What's matter anyway?
  11. Don't tell the guys that you'll never live it down.
  12. It's not far off as estimations go. Those people would know who's in the band or not.
  13. So...3.5-4Million still not bad for a group of hired hands. Best Buy spent $14,000,000 on 1.6 million units of CD, consider that and what it has sold and with studio time paid for its not a bad chunk of change, it will eventually outsell TSI.
  14. Now these numbers are up to date? Rusty. You got a source?