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  1. The movie is not that bad. Not as good as the book, but it's not atrocious either. I actually enjoyed it, and it's worth watching even for the acoustic soundtrack and the video snippets of Duff's family and friends. If you're a Duff fan, it's worth watching in my opinion. But I recommend reading the book first. I'm wondering if the soundtrack is available anywhere. It would be kind of nice to hear some of the acoustic versions of various GNR, VR, songs.
  2. I love the big three as much as the next fan, but I also truly appreciated the other members' contributions . So I'm glad they have some of their photos included as well.
  3. Thanks for sharing this! Very cool photos. Regarding the lithographs, I'm so happy I was able to purchase mine when they came to Pittsburgh. I was so thrilled when I found one before they sold out ... a cherished possession for sure. They are selling for 2 to 3 times that amount on eBay right now.
  4. I received the hoodie today! Finally!
  5. Nice to see them playing CITR! Great song. The audience didn't seem too enthusiastic though.
  6. I bought the Pittsburgh one. Have to get it framed. Too bad I'm not independently wealthy and could buy others (and attend more shows!)
  7. Even if CITR is overproduced and "could have been better," I still like it. Still has good lyrics and melody, even if it could have been better executed. It was always one of my favorite tracks on CD, along with TWAT. Speaking of early versions of songs versus the studio versions, the live version of "The Blues" from the early 2000s was so awesome compared to the "Street of Dreams" that was finally released, at least in my own humble opinion.
  8. Got back about an hour ago. No Adler, no Izzy, but NO COMPLAINTS! I waited two decades to see Axl, Slash, and Duff together, and it finally happened! I had a crappy phone, but took a few videos. If anyone is interested, here's a couple of links:
  9. Just returned home from the concert today in Pittsburgh. This blew away my last GNR concert in Cleveland, when Axl called the Eagles of Death Metal the Pigeons of Shitmetal. I was bummed not to see either Adler or Izzy, but I'M NOT COMPLAINING! This was a great time, and something I never thought I would witness in my lifetime.
  10. My wife just drove past Heinz Field on her way back from the gym. She heard lots of music being played, including WTJ. (Not sure if this is a test of the PA system, soundcheck, ???). She said there were also a huge number of trailers parked outside. I asked her if she took a video, and sadly she said no. Anyhow, I'm really getting excited for tomorrow. I hope Adler or Izzy drop in too, but regardless, it'll be great.
  11. Good to know. My wife is meeting me at the casino now and she has a players card. Would be so convenient to spend an hour there before heading to the show!
  12. Casino has a parking garage and it's close by. Also, if you don't mind parking downtown and walking across a bridge, it's probably slightly cheaper and less congested.
  13. I can't wait! The office where I work is literally a short walk from Heinz Field. I might just go for a stroll and walk to the show tomorrow, but might grab a drink at the casino next door first. Decent seats...Section F10.
  14. Can't wait until Pittsburgh in a couple of days. It's been 10 years since I last saw GNR, and my first time seeing Axl, Slash, and Duff together. Very excited about this tour. I do wish they would play CITR, TWAT, or SOD - It would be great to hear Slash's interpretation.
  15. I received the t-shirt and lanyard, but no hoodie either. I will probably email them to ask, but has anyone else received the hoodie?