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  1. Going Down Appreciation Thread [NO LINKS/REQUESTS ALLOWED]

    Sorry in advance. I hate to be the one zillionth customer here but none of this is on youtube anymore. I will offer my first born to any well wishing Pm'ers. Thanks Dave
  2. New single

    Axl was forced to comment because he publicly stated a number of times it would be released in 2006. Notice he stated it was a TENTATIVE date. Despite never previously publicly stating a date , im sure they have had many,many tentative dates before. No new news really.
  3. Isn't being a Rock Star easy? Imagine if Axl had a real job

    I think Axl would be pretty much the same in most situations , infact I think the cushy life he leads would have made him a bit softer. I personally am pretty skeptical about his "repressed memories" of sexual abuse supposedly happening at 2 and remebering things "almost to the point of conception"........I mean c'mon. Regression therapy was fashionable in the early 90's and is mostly discredited and from my experience with quite a few people who made similar claims to Axl it was mostly suggestive on thetherapists part with a sub conciously willing patient who by nature is a bit of a drama queen. Axl needs to go work as a labourer for a year and quit fucking moaning. If he didnt take himself so seriously maybe he'd learn to relax and the "muse" would return, because he would be writing and playing for ENJOYMENT and natural SELF EXPRESSION and not to prove hes better than the old band or to make a perfect record. He puts the pressure on himself , no-oone else does.
  4. An Open Letter From Merck

    Is it me or is Merk basically saying that Axl has really needed to only have 3 or 4 days solid days of creativity to complete the record and hasnt managed this for nearly a year???? If thats the case no wonder this thing has taken 15 yrs.
  5. The blues is really good ( though i personally dont like the slowed down version or some of the guitars) Better is a good rock song (again some of the guitars are kinda cheesy) Maddy is OK'ish if a tad overblown slow and pompous Nothing Ive heard even vaguely comes close to masterpiece, infact 50% of what we have heard ranges from very average to complete garbage.
  6. Didnt one on the producers who helped Axl (someone who worked with Pink Floyd) supposedly say in his view Axl has only 3 good songs?? I dont recall the detail so if anyone else does that would be helpfull. Also Axl said on radio that the record company felt that "we could do better", so basically the record company heard what Axl had back in 99-01 and basically said, this is shit, go back to the drawing board guys. Brian May is too nice to not be supportive and Seb Bach.....well he's a tad overenthusaistic about anything, plus he's quite a suck up. I cant actually think of anyone who has cred that has really said anything like its a masterpiece, but then how many people who have actually heard it have spoken publicly??
  7. 1-10....is Axl Full of Sh$#

    YESS finally haha
  8. 1-10....is Axl Full of Sh$#

    My world woulda been a better example. I by the way am apparently the only person in the world who though a whole album of fully realised heavy NIN, my world Axl songs woulda made a great album.
  9. 1-10....is Axl Full of Sh$#

    Until this band releases a new album EVERY member can be replaced.....do you disagree?? Anyway this is off topic. Has Axl been honest or has he been dishonest or is he actually quire delusional?? My opinion is that he is delusional. I personally dont believe 50% of hi versions of events, not cos I dislike him or have beef, just honestly I think he has a few mental problems where he actually blames other people. Like I doubt very very very much the reson why he was voilent toward Erin or Steph was 'sel defence'....I mean c'mon I doubt almost all his former friends all came to the same conclusions I doubt his family were worse than he has been in his own adult life. I doubt CD's release is ANYONES fault other than his own I doubt old GNR's problems were mostly the other guys fault and that drugs were THAT responsible when the ONLY guy that prevented releases and getting on stage was Axl. Thats my point. He just blames everyone thats all, it gets really lame
  10. 1-10....is Axl Full of Sh$#

    Thats actually a really good reply. Trouble is those topics are not relevant at all until an album is actually released. Axl at this point IS GNR, and as the lighting rod of GNR his life is relevant. Especially when the fans CONTINUALLY either suffer due to his behaviour or even more directly get BLAMED by him , his managment or his minions(del james) for his late starts, no shows, walk offs, rumours or even worse him starting riots where innocent people actaullu get hurt.
  11. 1-10....is Axl Full of Sh$#

    Notice gabb never actually adressed any of my questions. anyway. Im slammin the guy, but none of us are perfect, but it does appear a bit sad he blames everyone
  12. 1-10....is Axl Full of Sh$#

    umm yes he is And is there ANY relevant point of discussion about a band that CANT release music in over a decade thats actually worth talking about?????? Can you name 5 new interesting NEW GNR topics worth talking about please????????? Id be very interested in talking about new GNR stuff if I could. Anyway I am actually very interested in anyone that has relevant points of view, especially on regression therapy, which many people I used to knoe were very enamored by but I very rarely hear of this technique any more. Is it discredited or still practiced?? because it does appear that Axl did PUBLICLY slam lots of people for the type of behaviour that he actually inflicts on others....eg sexual and voilent abuse
  13. 1-10....is Axl Full of Sh$#

    go bitch at someone who cares. well if you dont care why reply???? Anyway Im a fan but why arent I allowed to express my feelings?? You never answered any of the questions I asked anyway.
  14. Frank reveals a New song title "Broken"

    sorry not buyin it, another rumor most prob
  15. 1-10....is Axl Full of Sh$#

    Is that what your dad said??? Sorry, seriously though, are fans meant to be happy right now? and its beyond the new album not being released as promised the guy talks soooooo much ^%# that its almost a shame someone hasnt just pulled him into line. I do feel sorry for the girlfriends, family,fans, bandmates, friens and everyone else he has attempted to blame. Its pathetic I am aware that this is a massive bitch, but hey, Im a longtime fan of the MUSIC. I always will be. As far as the man though, well.....