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  1. It seems you are the one struggling to understand what "band member" really means. If you think Melissa can come up with song ideas to the guys, be part of decisions like when and where to tour, release new music, go to a talk show to talk about the band... I'm sorry but you're wrong. Why? Because she's a hired touring musician. Hired touring musician =/= Band member. Hopefully this post clears things up a bit for you.
  2. Yep. If people enjoyed Axl's solo band, Ron will not be irrelevant. Some people enjoy his playing and liked his contribution to Axl's solo project. Problem is when people see Ron as a member of GNR, the same band that released AFD and UYI, which is not the case. There are two GNRs. One is a band. The other is a solo project lead by Axl, similar to NIN, Filter, etc.
  3. Robin Finck played hundreds and hundreds of shows with NIN. Now go ask him if he considers himself a member of Nine Inch Nails.
  4. Ron Thal was a hired member of Axl's solo project, also called Guns N Roses. FACT. Ron Thal was never a member of the band Guns N Roses. FACT.
  5. Fortus was an Axl employee during Axl's solo career, which he called GNR for commercial reasons. Foruts is now an employee of Axl, Slash and Duff. He's a touring member/side musician/hired guy. He has ZERO say in GNR's actions and direction. Fortus will not be consulted in their next meeting to decide what's next. He may be invited to join them on tour. Fortus is a member of the Dead Daisies and a GNR employee. It's not THAT HARD to understand it, is it?
  6. Fortus is a session musician. Him, Frank, Melissa and I guess Dizzy are hired to play along reunited GNR - Axl, Slash and Duff.
  7. lol so you really think it's not just more tour dates? and since when GNR's decisions/promos made any sense?
  8. Do yourself a favor. Don't dream about anything related to GNR. Just go to a show if they come near you, that's all they have to offer.
  9. Haven't watched it yet but read AVPGalaxy and your posts here. Guess we can all agree that the timeline nos is just screwed up and the main questions from Prometheus and Space Jockey will never get a satisfying answer right? I love all the discussion the Alien/Prom saga generates, it's fun to read all the theories but some official answers would be nice. Major screw up from Ridley.
  10. Dude, Zooropa and Pop are brilliant albums. U2 were at their best during the 90s. I totally get people disliking Bono. U2 are a bunch of progressist pussies. Hard to respect anything they say. But their music is so good... Just gave The Joshua Tree a full listen yesterday. First half is classic after classic. But that second half is just great. 'Exit' is so badass. I loved watching Rattle and Hum as a kid. Oh the memories...
  11. This. OMG is a cool Axl solo industrial song. Silkworms is a joke.Pointless ambient intro (Axl seems to love them), terrible lyrics, terrible vocals. Guitars are good thanks to the amazing guitar players Axl had hired at the time.
  12. Still don't know why Del James is in the Twitter feed.