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  1. If it was clean then it wasn't good. Not for me, at least. Axl's clean voice sounds bad to me. Just compare any 2010 performance with 2011-current. It's like a completely different person. And the current person sounds amateur-ish.
  2. it sure ain't Mickey either. it doesn't have to be all screaming to be raspy. and that's exactly what Axl can't do anymore. that raspy mid-range singing voice that was, honestly, fucking awesome. NR nowadays is hilariously bad with the whiny Mickey helium voice.
  3. Of course she will. Dizzy, Richard and Frank will also be there. Izzy and Steven won't. Maybe Angus or other guests will show up. Izzy and Steven won't.
  4. So um... I'd like you to answer this question honestly: Do you see Richard coming to the press announcing a new GNR album? Or giving away at least track names? Or deciding where the band should go next along with Axl, Slash and Duff? Because that's what band members do. Or do you see Richard as a great musician who has his band (Dead Daisies) and every time GNR needs a touring guitar player, they give him a call? That's the definition of a hired touring musician. Which one fits Fortus better? If you think this is too off-topic, please PM me the answer. I would really like to know your answer to my question. Thanks!
  5. Whoa so I post TWICE a day in a forum that has dozens of sections, not only a GNR section and you come up with the getting a life/gf thing? I'll say it again. I make an average of TWO posts a day. In a forum that includes a music section, a cinema section and an off-topic section. It seems you get personally offended that I won't pay to see GNR and yet talk about them here. Why is that? Why are you se sensitive? Nobody in GNR knows you. They won't come to you and say... "hey bro, thanks for owning maynard in that same old discussion about our shows". This forum is not censored. We are all allowed to voice our opinions. Maybe you should seek a GNR forum that has a more positive focus? I can PM you the link. I'll do all I can for you to find a safe place in the internet.
  6. Fucking great post and a slap to the face of all Axl apologists. As for the show. I expect it either to be cancelled or a new Axl Disaster. Full of celebs instead of real fans. No Steven and no Izzy. And no acknowledging of either.
  7. I joined in 2007. 8 thousand posts in 10 years is not that much. Now go beg to a mod to DELETE THIS THREAD PLEASE IT OFFENDS ME.
  8. Go message some mod begging to delete this thread
  9. LOL. How sensitive can one be to beg the mods to delete a thread so it won't hurt his feelings anymore? LOL I'm assuming you as a pathetic GNR fanboy must leave the house a lot and doesn't spend the days worshipping the band from your basement? Yeah, on the video above we see Axl on a major media outlet speaking openly about Slash's return, new music, etc. It's not an obscure event nobody heard about at all. I don't feel cheated because I know exactly what to expect if I went to a GNR show. Axl has been sounding like SHIT on GNR since 2011. With very rare moments where he sounds like the Axl we all LOVED from 06 to 10. Axl sonuds great with ACDC and like shit on his band. If you think otherwise it's fine. Just don't say he sounds or looks the same cause there's a HUGE difference there. If you don't think his clean voice and sad Owww's sound hilariously bad, enjoy the shows. A GNR show must be a fun night. Just don't expect a loyal fanbase like this one to simply turn off their ears to the obvious laziness in Axl's voice. Casual fans can do it, we can't. Slash also looks bored as fuck. The hired members add nothing special. These opinions should not offend anyone but GNR fans are like teenage Justin Bieber fans and get personally insulted by this stuff. Have you guys visited any BJ forum? It's amazing how only a very limited number of fans still "protect" Jon from criticism. The majority agrees that he's done. He sounds bad and looks bored. But with Axl fans, this kind of rational opinion is like an insult. I'm yet to see fans that act so pathetically to defend someone they don't even know in person. Axl is not done though which is even more sad. He proved with ACDC he still has his trademark voice. He chooses to sing the GNR songs in a shitty voice and he doesn't work out to look/perform better. Truth is the truth hurts.
  10. Probably the first thing HuffPost ever got right. Fuck them, still.
  11. But 2014 Vegas was not good. 2010 and Axl/DC were good.
  12. Whn you guys say Axl is sounding good do you mean he sounds like 2010 or AXL/DC? If so, can't wait for videos. If your definition of good is clean voice, how is it any different from the 2011-2014 period?
  13. People who see sexism in everything should stop listening to GNR/visiting this forum IMO.