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  1. The Weeknd
  2. Yeah and I didn't mean to be an asshole. It's just... If there's a band you can expect to NEVER EVER release special box-sets, rarities and cool fan stuff it is GNR. Johnny Cash and Evil will release new songs before Axl.
  3. So, the press is out ta get Axl? Same old story :zzz: I think Axl gets the treatment he deserves. People joke with all the artists for various reasons. If Axl wanted to be more respected he could try to act more professionally. He's a recluse/entertainer most of the time. Nobody gives much of a fuck about him anymore anyway.
  4. None of them will ever see the light of day. Why should we care?
  5. It's a bad song. Lyrics and vocals are really bad on this one. Axl's whiny helium voice makes me cringe. All the guitar wankery is unnecessary and shows how clueless Axl was while recording his solo album. It's not interesting, not progressive, doesn't take the song to a new level. It's useless crap. The electronic beats are cheap and again, completely unnecessary. The song starts and ends without going nowhere, it's a complete mess with each part more uninteresting than the previous one. Compared to the UYI ballads, it sounds flat, boring, uninspired and annoying. Prostitute is a clear proof Axl needs people like Izzy and Slash around him. I'm pretty sure they could have taken this mediocre creation to a better level.
  6. lol another SA leg. they really enjoy playing and exploiting the dumbest fans in the world
  7. Watch any Axl video from 2010. Then a video from the reunion tour. It's like a different person. After 2010, Axl is a parody of himself (Not counting ACDC).
  8. You made me laugh in a Monday morning. Thank you.
  9. Dosed is a damn good song. It's on nobody's list
  10. Songs are too awful for Slash to improve them. I have to say I have zero interest in those CD songs they cover after watching one video of each.
  11. I think Axl gave Paul undeserved credit to try to make him the new Izzy or something. Like some people said, outside of GNR, this guy accomplished nothing. Even Gilby has solo albums. It's clearly Axl forcing the guy down everyone's throat.
  12. Great post. It's a shame they had to scrape all the Engineers stuff and go back to Alien. I would LOVE to see David dealing with more Engineers in Paradise. Really wanted Prometheus 2 to happen with Shaw and David.
  13. When you think you did something amazing, remember Polto Bias played to 200,000 people being a semi-amateur guitar player and basically a nobody.
  14. Look bro, my first post was totally on topic. Then some idiotic kid started that "say dis to his face i bet million dollar you trollz hater" or some idiotic rambling like that. I didn't start anything neither went off-topic.