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  1. Robin Finck - texture, noise, chaos, beauty, my favorite ever. Claudio Sanchez and Travis Stever from Coheed and Cambria - proggy, pop, folk, best combo of the 2000s. Noel Gallagher - King of melody. The Edge - Effects, simplistic, 90s era was the best. Buckethead - Creativity, speed, underrated. Slash - Iconic, badass. Adrian Smith - My first contact with heavy music and what really keeps me interested in IM. John Petrucci - Incredible, even though not my style anymore. Mark Engles (dredg) - Also one of the best of the 2000s awesome era for rock music.
  2. They both sound really bad. This JBJ performance doesn't erase the fact Axl sounds like shit in GNR.
  3. Ugh, I hate Sepultura. Sorry bro, won't bother listening to it. Same with this Scott Stapp crap.
  4. Umm... I agree with you on the LOL GNR, but sorry, AoA is just bland and boring. There are so many better bands out there...
  5. I need one on my wall.
  6. If only Axl could hit the gym once in a while too
  7. It probably sold more in 2008 than CD itself I don't even know which songs are in it. Have zero interest in it. I'm just glad there weren't Axl overdubs done for this. The only likely new release from GNR is another GH type of album, maybe attached to a new blu-ray or something. There won't be new songs, there won't be b-sides, demos, any cool stuff that the fans would pay lots of money to have. There won't be nothing.
  8. I've been listening to lots of DT lately. Spent a good portion of my childhood and teenage days listening to Scenes from a Memory so it's like a trip through memory lane here. What a nostalgic ride. "Another World" from A Change of Seasons is such a beautiful part of the song. SFAM itself is amazing. "Another Day' is a cheesy and yet awesome ballad. Erotomania, Metropolis pt 1... Great songs. After Train of Thought I was already listening to other types of music and the masturbation of prog rock was not interesting anymore. But there are some good modern DT songs too, I really enjoy The Ministry of Lost Souls, Octavarium (the song) and The Count of Tuscany. Mike Portnoy was essential to this band. His charisma can't be matched. They have three albums with Magini already and I can't bother to listen to them. I was about to open a DT thread but fuck it, just wanted to share this with someone. DT is awesome. I've made a 14 songs playlist and the thing is 2h30m long! I really like LaBrie's voice.
  9. Is this Art of Anarchy that band with the Creed guy now? How can anyone have any interest in this?
  10. Not a fan of his music, not a fan of his work on CD. I consider BH far superior to him. Seems to be a good person though.
  11. People are different. Divas, though, have a very similar behavior.
  12. Yeah but a lot of singers all suffer from depression and addiction and have miserable lives off-stage but still manage to be on time. It's amazing how all of them are immune to this stuff and only Axl needed two hours to get on stage.
  13. Yep. Still amazing how they are immune to all this stuff except Axl. Sounds more like laziness to me.
  14. It's funny how all the other singers seem to be immune to pressure, emotional breakdowns, pain, etc. cause all of them just go on stage in time just fine.
  15. Hahaha.... What a story Triad!