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  1. So...when do we find out who our opener is? Any guesses?
  2. Friends with aliens. The part that solidifies that as my vote is the Axl in AC/DC part. Because honestly, WTF? I can't believe that anyone would have written that even as fanfic or as a "wouldn't it be cool if" type topic on a GnR forum. Especially considering the vocal situation we were left with in Vegas. Nobody would have expected Chainsaw Axl to make a triumphant return the way he has.
  3. Axl talks about being in AC/DC

    2k comments? I must have looked at it early or my FB is being weird. It only told me about 239 comments or something. I was pleased with how much positivity there was, but the negative people were just so damned vulgar about their distaste for one Axl Rose.
  4. Axl talks about being in AC/DC

    Still plenty of negative assholes though. I went through and for all the negative comments that misspelled the man's name, I simply replied "*Axl". Actually for one who said "Ass Hole/DC" I did say "*Axl/DC"
  5. I like Use Your Illusion I and II, Spaghetti Incident and Chinese Democracy. I would like to continue hearing songs from those albums. I am not a fan of the idea of 13 song concerts. I'm okay with Frank since Steven is bitter and won't learn new (25 year old) songs.
  6. All my axl based thoughts: I do wish the vocal performance had been better. I could deal with the clean voice if Axl had been able to keep up with the vocals. Unfortunately he was gassed after the opening scream and it was all downhill from there, aside from Madagascar. I did fall in love with Madagascar at this point, though, and wish the album version had vocals like these instead of the old man "ancient mariner" voice he used (although I get why he would use that one). Another thing I always like was "It's gonna bring you to your knees" in the 2nd (3rd?) chorus. Sounds so angry. It would probably be easier to do that than "shananana-nananana-nananana-knees at this point.
  7. Was GN'R ever a happy band?

    Think about it though. Slash and Steven have been friends since they were 12 and played together from day 1 pretty much. That's 10 years of "chemistry building" before AFD gets released. Duff, Slash and Steven were in Road Crew (I believe) before AFD came out. Chemistry is not manufactured, but also not spontaneous, it is built through playing together and getting in each other's minds as musicians. I thoroughly believe by the end of the tour they will be gelling like crazy. Maybe not Frank, but Richard will find his spot with Slash and "chemistry" will abound.
  8. Was GN'R ever a happy band?

    This is all incorrect. You think they were somehow swindled into playing with the "2 bozos"? They are obviously at least content with playing the new material to accept the money to do it. This is a reunion of Axl and Slash, but it is a continuation of GnR mark VIII with members from Mark I rejoining the band.
  9. I could have worded it better, I suppose. I didn't mean anything offensive by it. I feel like Chinese Democracy has been talked about so much on this board, that to see people talking about their first listen or newly discovering certain songs in 2016 is the last thing I would have expected to see here...well, behind Axl and Slash on stage together again.
  10. Are we really having a "Do you like Chinese Democracy" discussion? Where have you people been? Were all you reunion people unwilling to buy or listen to it because Slash wasn't in the band? I'm really confused.
  11. 2016 OFFICIAL merchandise thread

    Can't wait to see what's available for the main stadium tour. Wondering if anyone would be willing to buy a shirt (possibly 2 if AiC opening full tour) and mail it to me so I don't have to leave the pit. How much merch was there in Vegas? Did it seem like anything sold out?
  12. So as pumped as I am about being in GA Pit and waiting in line and everything that goes along with it, I'm sort of concerned about the merch situation. Obviously if you get there early and are on the barricade (not sure if that's possible without WTTJVIP passes), you don't want to give that up. I think there should be a way to let the dedicated get as good of a shot at the t-shirt(t-shirts if AiC is opening) of their choice as people who show up between the opener and main act. Not quite sure how that would work, but there's gotta be a way. Unless they have such a copious amount that they couldn't possibly sell out.
  13. They could do Just Not There after he build up to the end of Rocket Queen and then after Just Not There, actually do the end of Rocket Queen. Similar riffs.
  14. Slash's take on CD songs

    The ONLY complaint I have is that I LOVE the solo in Better before the na na na na's. Don't remember who did it right now, but I think it's a Robin solo. That solo fits the song perfectly in my opinion, and I hope it gets to the point where the "main ideas" stay the same, with slight "Slashifications" to bridge those main ideas together.
  15. The end of November Rain. I got chills, goosebumps, the hair was standing on my arm, whatever cliché you think is appropriate. He still has it when he wants to push it, and if using it selectively means I get to see him gain some longevity, then I'm quite okay with that.