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  1. I learned my lesson last year. StubHub it will be. 2 days before the show. Not paying $250 when people were paying literally half that for the same tickets. Of course I'm talking about the US dates, so it's a little differe because not only did it happen in this lifetime, this will be twice in this lifetime.
  2. Well...maybe it'll start at HIAC?
  3. I think they make Anderson look weak because big man/little man teams are always booked as good wrestler/bad wrestler respectively in WWE. I think the Club is going to run roughshod over the jobber tag teams until New Day beats Demolition's record (around Rumble I believe). They're part of the class action suit so they have to make them seem less impressive like they did with AJ Lee. Maybe they'll do it with Punk too by letting Styles hold the title that long (one can dream). Idk when Balor's supposed to be back, but the image of the Club holding Raw Tag and both "World" titles is nice to me. They need to replicate the faction completely I think. Give them a cruiserweight tag team and a big fat slow guy as their muscle/jobber(weeeeeell, well it's the underbooooosss). I like those idea. Too bad it's not NXT and that'll never happen
  4. Jesus, WWE. Anderson and Gallows deserve so much better than to job to the New Day again and again. Especially Anderson. And New Day needs to use heel tactics to win, to boot. The sad part is I find it totally believable that they only signed Gallows N Gun to stick it to NJPW and never had any interest in having them be a dominant tag team (or even competitive really). Their work in Japan was phenomenal, pun definitely intended, and I'm just happy I can access some of it. Fuck Booty O's, seriously.
  5. So happy someone else asked for this. This is from Philly, right?
  6. Maybe he likes the tunes. Maybe those are the ones Axl wanted Slash on in 2001. Well, obviously not Better, since it was written circa 2003. But the other ones might be that old. Personally, I'm happy he's willing to play those songs because I loved CD. I don't care whether the AFD5-only fans like it, I am a fan. So what if 20,000 people "go take a piss" during those 4 songs? GnR already got those people's money, and who knows, maybe 5,000 or so people will reeeally dig those songs and go out and discover the CD stuff. In Axl's mind, I'm sure that's worth it.
  7. 1. Rocket Queen 2. Nightrain 3. Sweet Child o' Mine 4. My Michelle 5. Welcome to the Jungle 6. It's So Easy 7. Mr. Brownstone 8. Think About You 9. Paradise City 10. Out Ta Get Me 11. Anything Goes 12. You're Crazy
  8. Sweet Child o' Mine made me buy Appetite. I became obsessed when I heard Rocket Queen. When I heard Coma, though, it brought out a new appreciation for the ride you could be brought on with the right lyrics.
  9. I'm actually super excited to see about the Philadelphia attendance. The place looked absolutely packed from the pit.
  10. My best friend went to the merch truck, asked for the silver buller TOUR shirt with the dates on the back. Dufus truck worker gave him a troubadour shirt, and dufus best friend didn't check it. Now it seems he's effed. Hes getting the runaround from both bravado, sidestep and anyone else who could possibly be involved. It's a shame sidestep doesn't deliver. Anybody willing to send him one from and upcoming show? He's willing to pay S&H on top of the 40. On a happier note, that show was awesome. My neck hurts. I was on the barricade about 15 feet to the left of he ego ramp/catwalk. Great spot. Got a Richard pick (would have preferred Duff's, but I'm not complaining). Lost my shit as soon as I heard the first notes of Coma.
  11. I agree with this also. But Frank not playing that drum part right is rigoddamndiculous. It's not even like i dislike it because he made it more complicated. He just played the bass drum in the wrong spot.
  12. I was never anti-Frank. Then Paradise City happened tonight. He fucked up the intro. Quarter notes 3 times, you dick. Quarter notes 3 times.
  13. Anybody know what Duff's picks look like? Is he still using the yellow picks? The guards are supposed to give things to the barricade people and I want to let him know what I'm looking for. Well it's only 7:22, so...
  14. In line now. Definitely barricade potential.
  15. Any pit people keep us updated on the line so I know whether it'll even be worth it to rush to the stadium from work. No need to rush if I can't get the barricade is the way I see it.