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  1. Frank Ferrer

    You guys should tweet Axl, Slash and Duff and let them know that Frank isn't playing the songs up to your standards and you want him to change. I suspect Axl agrees with you but is afraid to say anything that might offend Frank and make him quit.
  2. Frank Ferrer

    I sure hope so. My dream is a double album. CD2 and a new album by the current band.
  3. Frank Ferrer

    Do you think Axl, Slash and Duff are happy and satisfied with it? Seems like if they weren't happy then Frank would get in trouble or fired. There is literally no way that The Big Three would let GnR's eighth drummer ruin their big return to glory.
  4. Prince 1958 - 2016

    This is the song that got me into Prince back in the day. This is pre-fame. Before 1999.
  5. But if we take personal preference out of the picture, then obviously they don't suck. You don't stay in the business and accomplish what they have for 30 years if you "suck." I can go to any mall or restaurant or basketball court in the world this afternoon and find somebody that will say Guns n Roses suck, Rolling Stones suck, Hendrix sucks, The Who suck, etc. If you can't use success as a factor to judge whether a band sucks or not, what can you use? On another board somebody said that Prince sucked. I pointed out 100 million albums sold, 7 grammys, 40 top 40 hits, won an oscar, 13 platinum records, sold out tours in four different decades......how in the hell does success not play into whether a band sucks or not? Bro - share your secret with me. I am an average singer. Can play a couple basic things on guitar. I'm decent looking, have a huge cock. Am an OK dancer for a white guy. Can write a decent song, but rely to much on silly rhyming. In all actually, I SUCK as a musician. BUT I want to live in a mansion like Axl. Please give me the formula for how I can sell 100 million albums and sell out tours (for years on end) and write 40 top billboard hits so I can be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and be respected by fans/critics worldwide. Hook me up, and I'll give you 20% of the millions of dollars I make!!!! ************ A lot of people on here are confusing the definition of "I THINK they suck" as opposed to something that actually sucks. Kind of like people get confused about the meaning of overrated and underrated with "i love them" or "I hate them." Because you hate a band doesn't mean they are overrated, it just means you don't like them as much as everybody else. I like about 5 U2 SONGS. I find their music to be utterly boring. Joshua Tree was the last album of theirs I purchased. But their success clearly shows they don't suck. I just don't personally like their style or type of music.
  6. Reunion Setlist?

    That post made me laugh. ???
  7. It's a smart move financially for the band. But a total dick move for fans of the band.
  8. Frank Ferrer

    Exactly. Axl and Slash aren't going to sit back and let the Frank control the songs. I would bet he has no say in the matter. The most obvious reason is they wanted to add a little life and energy into songs they've been playing live for 25-30 years. How many times has Axl played SCOM in his career? It has to get a bit repetitive after awhile.
  9. She resembles DJ a lot in terms of her social media use. Savage? 73 hashtags on every post. *** People should be saying "I don't like U2" and not that U2 sucks. It's ignorant to say they suck as they clearly are one of the most successful and respected bands of all time. I find them boring. But they clearly don't suck. ***** Its hard to predict how many tickets this tour will sell because of the brilliant way GnR is doing it. Piecemealing shows is going to drive up numbers in the short term. If they announced a 200city tour then fans would know they have options. A fan could look and see he had 3-4 options for shows. But with only a 20 show run fans have to jump on a ticket ASAP at whatever city is closest to them. That is inflating audience numbers. If fbey okay one show in your four state region then 50,000fans buy a ticket to that one show. But if there were two shows in all four states - you aren't getting 50,000 at each of the 8 shows Smart tactic by the band. Bit of a dick move to do to the fans who support the band.
  10. With all this hatred toward Pittman and Frank and DJ, shouldn't the man who hired those guys get a portion of the blame? Axl chose these guys, hired them and kept them in the band for years and years.
  11. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Good to know it was an actual quote. Because people assuming they know what Axl is silently saying just by the look in his eye is just moronic.
  12. 04/23/2016 - Coachella

    Agree. Play an original or a new song. No real reason to play other bands music.