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  1. The AC/DC thing was very very cool. But he was just a replacement singer for another band, singing songs he had nothing to do with. IMO that doesn't really compare to 1991 when he released albums that debuted #1 and #2 on Billboard. Or look at the Illusions tour. It broke world touring records. Illusions dominated the charts producing several hit and iconic songs. That seems more impressive than a couple dozen shows just playing old songs. IMO Axl is the MVP of rock music for 2016. But in terms of career achievement, this year certainly doesn't compete with the Appetite or Illusions years. That's when GnR/Axl created the songs that they are still playing in 2016.
  2. Greatest front man of all time? By playing 25 year old songs and by touring with and singing another band's songs? Last true rock star? How so? But yes. Axl is without a doubt the MVP of rock music in 2016. There is little doubt about that. Though the lack of an actual album does make it a bit cloudy for some voters. ***** Do people really care about random online polls and awards? The winner will be which ever band can can utilize and organize itsFB and Twitter followers. Gnr has like 30 million followers on FB. They should easily win every award that can be "voted" on.
  3. Better than 1987, 1988 and 1991?
  4. It's like GnR's marketing team has just discovered the Kiss playbook.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Lol. The same people that hope Trump fails just because they dont want to see a republican be successful. The state of the country be damned - as long as Trump fails. Me? I hope each president leaves the country in better shape than the last one. What political party they belong to is irrelevant. The success of our country and healthof its people is more important to me than if the president is republican or democrat.
  6. 45 "likes"....Mods, can I trade those in to lose one warning point!
  7. Not necessarily true! Release three albums on iTunes in time for Christmas. CD2, CD3 and remix album. Clear out the vault. Release regrouping album in early 2017. Hopefully Izzy will write a couple songs with them. Summer of 2017, release an ACDC album with Axl in vocals. Do that an I will retire from the forums and be the happiest GnR fan in the world. 100% happy. I won't care if they then go back into cash-making-mode by bastardizingthe GnR name on every product imaginable ala Kiss. Watches, pictures books, action figures, video games, caskets, etc.
  8. This times 1,000. Except I would go a little further. These guys could easily work out three songs together. They are spending months and months on the road. Let Duff and Slash pick the three remaining CD2 songs they like the best. General, checkmate, Soulmonster - whatever they might be. Incorporate those six songs into the setlist. Rotate two of them into every show. **** And yes. More Izzy and Adler. Less instrumentals and covers. And mix up the set list with some lessor played songs. Axl,Slash and Duff are still going to split 2 million bucks a show. Why not show the fans you've got some creativity left and that this isn't just a paint-by-numbers tour to fill the retirement accounts?
  9. You should run for president! It's probably going to be Kayne vs Jerry Springer in 2020! I suppose it is interesting that Axl went from being a rebel and anti-establishment rocker to today being a guy who supports the mainstream lifelong politician.
  10. Ya - you are probably right. No worries bruh - I shouldn't have fired off so quickly. In the overall scheme of things it's not that big of a deal and I shouldn't paint millions of people with a single brush. My bad. I suppose it's fitting of Axl in 2016. He went from being the rebel and rule breaking rock star to now being a rich old dude who supports the mainstream candidate. Lol - I tried twice but couldn't make it through that movie. I know a lot of people love it though.
  11. In your opinion he is. A lot of people had hatred towards Hillary and Obama. I would think it was disgusting ifpeople simulated violence against those two as well. The world needs more love and acceptance of those with opposing views. More tolerance. And less hate.
  12. It's disgusting. You people would be losing your minds if the situation was reversed. If Hillary had won the election and some random band brought a doll of her on stage and beat the shit out of it...nobody would be saying how awesome it was. There would be nothing but posts about how violent and evil republicans were. How classless it was. Or if an Obama doll was brought on stage and destroyed. Nobody would be saying how awesome it was. Applauding simulated violence against the president of the United States. While complaining that Trump and his followers are spreading hate and negativity. This is some sick stuff.
  13. Simulating violence against the president of the United States - it's disgusting behavior. And very hypocritical of all the democrats who claim that Trump is bringinghatred and negativity to the world. If Hillary had wonand a band had brought a Hillary doll on stage and beat the shit out of her...democrats would be blowing up social media about it being a hateful and disgusting act. Axl needs to focus on putting on great shows and recording new music. And leave the hateful political actions to others. Glad to hear the band sounded great.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Imo people should want what's best for our country, regardless of what the political affiliation of the president is. The country and its peopleshould be more important thanthe political party. I didn't vote for Obama. But I sure rooted for him to succeed. Unfortunately you see that attitude in sports too. I've coached baseball for 25 years, and before every draft I always ask every player the same question. "Would you rather go4-for-4 and hit two homers and your team loses 8-7. Or would you rather go 0-for-1 and only get to play one inning - but your team wins." I rarely picked anybody who picked the first option.