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  1. I was a newspaper man for most of my young adulthood, so I've been published in every newspaper in my home state. Plus have had stories published in the Seattle PI and a few other Washington newspapers. I wrote a history book that was regionally specific. It ended up selling more than 1,500 copies at $20 apiece. I donated the profits to my local high school. I got paid for it and it was published by a real company (as opposed to self publishing). I have probably ten fiction novels sitting in my "vault" ala Axl. Someday I will try and do something with them. I love writing. But hate hate and hate editing. Hate it with a passion. Self publishing (and Amazon) is great and horrible all at the same time. It's great as it gives every body the option of being a "published" author. It's horrible because it gives anybody the option to publish a book. So the market is flooded with books that haven't been properly vetted. Since everybody and their brother fancys themselves as being a writer, the market is just flooded with thousands of books that are actually pure shit. Talented writers have to fight tooth and nail to get their stories recognized in an ocean full of crap Books that would have been laughed at and quickly rejected by a publisher are now self published and put on Amazon. So it's a double edged sword for sure.
  2. My process. Idea pops in my head. Spend about a week thinking about it. Working through ideas in the shower. After about a week I've got the main characters, basic plot, main key events and the ending in my head Then I sit down and write. That's the fun part. I've got nothing mapped out in the middle. Just the basic plot and how it ends. The daily writing part is where the story starts to write itself. The fun part is to see where the story goes. How things progress. Which characters start to shine. What plot points are created. How 50 pages into it you might end up changing the entire core of the story. For me personally, I could never plot a story out. I've got friends who totally map it all out. Before starting on the book they will write down character descriptions of 12 different characters. And map out 10 main ideas they want to touch on. And even page number holds - "first 20 pages do this" and "by page 35 introduce Joe, and make sure Bill's wife leaves him by page 46." Step by step by step. Then they write/create by filling in the gaps between all their points. I like to sit down with a basic idea....and just start writing and see where the story takes me.
  3. Well....you are responding to a guy's post/opinion that you don't like......
  4. Axl - if he was playing new music and not the same songs he has been playing for 30-plus years. If it was yet just another round of the same basic tour Axl has been touring for the last 17 years then I would for sure to see Duff/Slash/Izzy and Adler. Even if it was Myles singing. I much prefer a singer to stand in one place and keep his voice on top form over a guy running around and losing his voice and breath all show. Voice means more to me than charisma. It's not a track and field event. A singer needs to sing.
  5. That's it. Seeing them in their prime is one thing. Seeing them at this stage in their career, playing songs they created thirty years ago.....that's like banging the hottest girl from your high school. But when she's 45 and has five kids. Not quite the same as when you guys were 18 years old and she was the head cheerleader. If the original five put out a new album and toured it at a small venue, where they also played some deep cuts - then I would pay some loot to go see it. But paying $300 to see Axl and Slash play Its So Easy for the 1,826th time together? No thanks. And smal venues kill large ones. Yes, the excitement of 50,000 people is pretty cool. But as I get older I would much rather go see a B-level band at a tiny venue than an A-level band with 75,000 other people. I just saw Junkard at a 300 seat club. I talked with band members before the show. You could leave the rail and go the bathroom or get a drink and just casually walk back to your spot. During the show the band members are a few feet away and giving you high fives. After the show the band is drinking and hanging out with the crowd. I will take that over being 50 yards away from Axl, in a crowd of 70,000 people and then u can wait three hours in front of the bus or hotel in hopes he will walk by and sign something. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»
  6. Just tell the (your) story. Don't try and force it into a specific category. The genre should flush itself out while you are writing the story. I also don't think you should worry about specific formulas or writing rules while you write your first draft. I've taken writing classes before and they can really suck the fun out of the story telling process. There are so many self help guides and books/websites telling you what to do....I suggest spending 99% of your time putting your story down on paper (or the screen). Once finished with that first draft then you can go try and implement all the proper "rules" we are supposed to use.
  7. I took my kids to the playground the other day. There were maybe 15 kids. Three were named Braxton. Two Wyatts. A Neveah. And a London.
  8. I wouldn't mind Slash going back to his band with Myles if that meant a quicker release for CD2. To be honest I don't care who is in the band as long as it is Axl singing. 1/2 reunion band. Fortus and Frank. Completely new group. Angus and the AC/DC boys. My preference is for whichever group "inspires" Axl to share music with his fans in the quickest time frame.
  9. Would love to see Axl spend the next few years as an artist who cares about his fans. New GnR album this year. Written by the big three - with some help from Izzy. Ac/DC album next summer. Release all remaining CD songs on ITunes for 99 cents each. Starting today. Box set released next Christmas.
  10. Great post. And great question. Would love to here Axl talk about it. Maybe in one of his next interviews. He must be proud of it as he still plays the songs live. And he hasn't released another album, allowing the band to move onto new material. But it would be fascinating to hear his thoughts on how the album was received, if he regrets spending all that money and over a decade on just one album. And to hear why he didn't release CD2 like he said was going to come out in 2009.
  11. 4,000 youtube views equates to something going "viral" online? In a recent blog post, YouTube weblebrity Kevin Nalty, aka Nalts, asks the question β€œHow many views do you need to be viral?” He says, β€œA few years ago, a video could be considered β€œviral” if it hit a million views.” But Nalts is updating that definition. He says, β€œA video, I submit, is β€œviral” if it gets more than 5 million views in a 3-7 day period.”
  12. Why is it a "famous" kiss?
  13. Axl could easily release music if he had wanted to. This is 100% all in him Release the remaining 25-40 CD songs on ITunes for 99 cents each. All at once, two per month, whatever. SHARE THE MUSIC WITH YOUE FANS. Axl doesn't need the loot, but the iTunes money would be a nice bonus/gift to the band members that created those songs. The current lineup should have been writing on tour and then hit the studio during the long break they just had. This lineup should have released an album during this tour. Even an EP. Hell, during their break they could have recorded four new songs and then either four studio versions of all the covers they play (Seeker, riff raff, etc) OR pick their four favorite current live versions (slash's tale on Better, coma, etc). I just suggest the EP because they could have knocked it out very quickly. In terms of marketing and sales - it's an absolute blown opportunity to not have had some sort of material being released at the start of this mini-reunion. That's when the love and Q factor was off the charts. A new GnR album released at the start of this tour would have sold 5-6 million copies. But the longer they wait.....that number will go down. And the longer they wait the less chance we get an album, as that big three relationship will split apart again. Any band that cared about their fans and had semi-competent management would have released a new album to go with their reunion tour. **** tl/dr - If Axl wanted to share music with his fans he would have shared music with his fans.
  14. I wonder if the people whining about the people sharing their open on a FORUM have attended a show? But for the record. Several of the people sharing their opinion have indeed been to shows. And you do realize that if only people attending a show were allowed to post about it then every show topic on here would be one page long with 5-6 total posts. That would be pretty bad news for the health of the forum. If non-attendees post a positive comment - does that change things for you? Are positive comments welcome? I didn't attend the Dodgers-Cardinals baseball game last night. Watched it on ESPN. Since I wasn't there in person does that mean I can't comment on what happened?
  15. Good on you man. It has to be a total pain on the ass to constantly have people/fans attack you. "I'm your biggest fan. Your music changed my life. I got married to November rain. Appetite was the soundtrack of my youth." Duff had heard that same exact statement 63,397 times. At a concert venue - they are open game. But in the dude's day off when he is out with his wife - people should respect his privacy. Good on you. Props for not invading his space and letting him chill and enjoy his day.