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  1. Not tying To be a wise guy, but why do GnR fans buy or even care about these kind of albums? All of us already own every GnR song ever released. Putting 10-15 of the most popular ones together on a album....casual fans who just want the hits from a band, I get that. But all of us already own SCOM and Estranged. Why do we need them side by side on a greatest hits or best of?
  2. Any word if the band is recording a new album during their break? Or any word on CD2?
  3. They released their debut album in 1972, have put out 18 albums of original material and about 38 other random albums (6 live albums, greatest hits, etc), and according to wiki have sold 75-to-100 million albums. They've released 74 singles They weren't a hair metal band, but their song Rock You Like A Hurricane is one of fhe 4-5 songs that started the genre. No One Like You - sums them up pretty well. Big City Nights. Rhythm of love. Blackout. The zoo. Lots of pretty solid stuff.
  4. Top five rock star of all time.
  5. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/donna-brazile-finally-admits-giving-debate-questions-clinton-article-1.3002221 Absolutely disgusting behavior. Not a word about it in this topic though, weird.
  6. Bro, you have been posting long enough to know that a large % of Axl fans hold him to a different standard than they hold others to. The same crew that loves that Axl "doesn't give a shit" and will speak his mind about other bands and people also get angry and bash anybody that dare say a negative word about Axl. Situational standards. Somebody on here actually said that Hetfield was jealous of Axl. Patton is a jerk. No respect for Manson. Cobain is overrated. I.E.: we love to hear Axl rant, but must hate anybody who says something negative about him. It's actually quite hilarious to watch. So the answer you are seeking is very simple. CD is a GnR album, simply because Axl is on it. The same people wouldn't accept Mick calling his album the Stones. Again - Axl is held to a different standard. The answer to your question in the real world and not on a GnR forum? Of course not. Both albums should be called solo albums.
  7. It's funny how some people forget where Axl came from. And who he was. A high school dropout, who did lots of drugs and drinking, got in lots of fights, and was a criminal who was always in trouble with the police.....having a hit rock album doesn't magically change that person into Rhodes Scholar or Mensa member. Axl is who he is. And who he has always been. Poser - doubtful. ***** And lol that Metallica are posers for cutting their hair and buying nice clothes. Meanwhile, Axl has cut his hair and literally hired a personal fashion consultant who picks his wardrobe for him......the way some posters hold other artists to different standards than they do Axl is funny. And a bit odd.
  8. They should play new material on tour. Not add even more covers.
  9. Why do you think Axl changed his mind on releasing CD2 and 3?
  10. Great post!!!! The next question would be - why did Axl decide to shitcan the release of Cd2 and CD3?
  11. Nailed it. Nicely done.
  12. That actually makes me tear up to think about. In terms of "hard rock music tragedy" - I put Randy dying as #1 and #2 being Axl's unwillingness to share his music with his fans. Axl threw away and wasted the prime years of his career. Sad.
  13. The CD build up and the "It don't really matter" gets you more fired up than hearing the opening notes of Jungle and then hearing Axl's demonic scream "you know where the fuxk you are? You're in the jungle baby, your gonna diiieeeeeeee".... It's all personal preference. So there is no wrong or right answer. But really? How about PC as the closer? Replace it with Sorry or IRS?
  14. Oh, I have no doubt he "gets it."
  15. Awesome portion of a song. Wish we could beat the entire thing.