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  1. That guy is a horrible writer.
  2. But wasn't it amazing to just experience and enjoy the moment - rather than trying to capture everything on a phone camera so you cost Facebook it! Sounds like you had a blast. Awesome memory. Maybe throw in a new album as well.
  3. And they played tons of new songs every show and nobody complained about it. What an amazing time to be a fan.
  4. Thank you Silent Jay, thank you. You are now officially a forum legend. You've accomplished what the rest of us have been dreaming about for years. Silent Jay - poster of the year.
  5. Since CD never charted again after that first month, it's pretty easy to figure out how many copies the album sold. You can sell 8,000 copies and make the American top 40. CD hasn't been charging in various countries randomly for the last seven years Why do some people not understand that?
  6. But why would adults care about a tweet from somebody Axl Rose was in a relationship 30 years ago?
  7. Opinions only matter if the person is praising Axl. Anybody who says something negative is just a hater with no talent trying to promote themselves.It's funny to watch. The sad thing is that I'm not exaggerating. There is a group on here who really do base their opinions totally on whether or not the person says something bad or good about Axl. Adults, not kids.
  8. Multiple ones. Takes up much less space. And way easier to move around store.
  9. Would you let GnR use a picture of yours (also showing your face)? Meaning Axl calls you and says he will release CD2 if they can use your nude picture on the cover. My answer would be "of course" send me a copy ASAP. But I loved CD. So I'm dying to hear part two.
  10. After selling my last house I threw away every cd case I owned. Probably a thousand of them. Just took up too much room and really serve no purpose. To those who collect them, is it because you think they will be worth lots of money in the future. If so, would you be willing to get rid of them? Or is it just a hobby and you enjoy tying to find rare ones?
  11. What went wrong with NUGNR?

    Wth? One album in 25 years is a failure for a professional singer of Axl's stature. If Stephen Curry scores 30 points tonight and then quits basket for the next decade, you can't call his career a success just because he had a couple good years. Was CD a "success" in a personal sense for Axl? Maybe. It wasn't what he originally wanted to release. He chose not to promote it. But if he personally chooses to list it as a success to him - then awesome. But in terms of his career position as singer and ruler of GnR? There is no way to say it's been a success. That's just ludicrous. One album in 25 years is not a success. Axl threw away his prime. From age 30-to-55 he should have been able to release 6-7 albums. CD is my favorite album of the last decade. But it isn't enough to call 1999-2015 a success. Not even close.
  12. Lol. I don't even have to read the responses to know how they will play out. Because the guy was negative about Axl: this guy doesn't know shit who cares what this guy says fuck this guy, he sucks A professional vocal coach gives his professional pinion. But because he doesn't worship Axl, then posters (with no vocal training at all) will think they know better than the professional. Too funny.
  13. Why in the f*ck do people on here care about Axl's ex-girlfriend and his sister and people not in the band? Unless you are 11-14 years old, nobody should care about these people. Killuridols - do you personally know Axl or Erin? Then why would think it would be good for them to be in a relationship? That's like me saying you should get back together with somebody you dated 30 years ago. It's a ludicrous statement, IMO.
  14. What went wrong with NUGNR?

    * lack of musical output from a new band. How can a band stand on their own without their own music * too many lineup changes * Axl refusing to promote his new lineups or one album * die hard fans were pissed about breakup and Axl keeping the name. Instead of overwhelming those fans - Axl underwhelmed them by not showing up to tours in shape, very little interaction with media, disappearing for years at a time, Yoda, team Brazil, and again - one album in twenty years. * bossy78 Lol. You keep saying you are trying to present an unbiased look at what happened. You are horrible at subtly. 99% or what you've posted is just defending Axl and blaming others for his failures over the past 25 years. I hate to pop your bubble, but Everybody involved in the original band - yes, Tracii and Ole so NOT count - was to blame. But Axl was to blame the most. Bro, you can still be a diehard Axl fan and still admit he made mistakes. And while Axl might think the entire world is out to get him - you, as a fan, should be smarter than that.