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  1. That's where I sit, bruh. Gnr is my favorite band. Axl is my favorite rock singer. And second place isn't even close in either category. But being a die-hard Axl fan hasn't elimated my ability to think rationally and logically on issues concerning Axl or the band. Axl isn't just automatically the answer to every question. I love the bandsTora Tora and Dangerous Toys. Love them. But I can also talk about them logically and admit that while they are in my top ten favorites - in the overall scheme of rock music, they are D-level at best. And I don't get my feelings hurt or feel personally attacked if some stranger fromOhio tells me they think Walking Shoes by Tora Tora sucks or that Dangerous Toys sucks as a band. Like people on here do on anything concerning Axl. But for the record. Guys like little Richard and Chuck Berry were rock. All day long. Axl vs Mercury - it's 100% personal preference. Both are legends and all-time greats. It might be safe to say they at one time they were both the best at what they tried to do as singers and performers. Gnr vs Queen - again just personal preference. But it is laughable to say that either band is 180 times "better" than the other. Maybe you personally enjoy one way more than the other. Gnr is one of the top hard rock bands of all time. Queen is one of the top rock bands of all time. They both were incredible and all-time greats. Absolute statements are kind of silly when one is coming from an point of extreme biased - especially when talking about issues that are mainly subjective. IMO.
  2. What a topic. Just to be clear...people are saying that Little Richard wasnt rock, Axl sings Queen songs better than Mercury, GnR was 18 or 180 times better than Queen, and that the current members of Queen were wrong in who THEY though should front THEIRband? I am just walking away quietly and peacefully so as not to get a warning point.
  3. Don't Breathe

    Went to the morning show so I was the only one in the theatre. Besides the final battles going on a little too long, a couple silly plot holesand the oldest cliche in the world, this was a pretty solid movie. The blind dude walks by the main characters and can't smell them. But thenmidway through the movie he suddenly attains the ability to smell where they are? And if I'm ever trapped or being chased by a villain and I end up knocking them unconscious, I'm not leaving them and going about my business. I will tie their hands and feet up, or break their ankles, or cut their ankle tendons. But in horror movies they just knock the bad guy out and leave him, then minutes later he regains consciousness and starts attacking again. It's lazy writing, IMO. I watch every horror/thriller that comes out and this was a very solid B-plus. Very entertaining.
  4. Is this just your speculation or is it something you know for a fact? I thought the regrouping had nothing to do with the money aspect?
  5. What will Axl do if Slash and Duff leave GN'R again?

    Retire the name. Start a solo band. Release CD2. Tour. Or maybe him and Angus start a brand new band that releases albums and tours Then hopefully release albums every couple of years. At some point release GnR box set with all the material fans crave.
  6. Poll: Angus Young vs. Slash

    ACDC simply because we get to hear Axl singing new material. Slash and Duff coming back is awesome but they are still playing the same songs we've all heard before thousands of times. Seeing two 55 year old men share a stage - that they've already shared a thousand times before - doesn't make me sob tears of joy or make me feel warm and fuzzy. But hearing new music that those two musicians created? That would give me thousands of hours of joy.
  7. Prostitute is a wonderful song

    Did Axl ever say why he garblesthe part in the song where he sings the word prostitute? And it is 'couldn't'care less, not 'could' care less.
  8. How many successful rock bands do you know that are managed by the singer's former girlfriend's ex-nanny and her children?
  9. Vote for GN'R- Band of the year

    Tour of the year for sure. Band of the year should be a band that released music, IMO.
  10. Celebrities you want to shag.

    Never understood the appeal for her. Great body. Ugly face. I was just at the grocery store and saw 10 women prettier than her. To each his own tho!
  11. LA Guns has probably had more lineup changes than any band in history. They are also a band from the hair metal era that was never really a headliner - but every album they released was very solid.
  12. This I love has the cheesiest lyrics of any GnR song in history. Were the crowd reactions louder and stronger for TIL than for other songs? Not one person has said that SOD was from the Illusions era. But it does sound like it could have been. Musical taste is all about personal preference.
  13. I feel you. I fell in love with the original live recordings of The Blues. Back from 1999 or 2000 or whoever they came out. I must have listened to the "ok, never mind" song recording 10,000 times by the time CD came out. And the leak before the what I'd tell ya parts at the end. So by the time CD came out I was almost burnt out on most of it. I listened to The Blues probably more times than anybody in the world. The final version definitely had the balls taken out of it. CD would have been a classic rock album if it was released in the early 2000s and wasn't "layered" to death. Imo.
  14. Love SOD. To me it sounds like a pure Illusions song. Would have been a top 10 rock hit back in the day. SOD, Better, Catcher and TWAT - Axl did hit a home run with that portion of CD.