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  1. Should peooleget GnR's permission before posting concert videos?
  2. One GnR album in the last 25 years and if there is ever a new one you want 15% of the songsto be sung by people not named Axl?
  3. 2016 Summer Olympics

    Hope Solo just called the team that eliminated the women's soccer team "cowards" because they played a defensive game. That woman is a horrible representation of America and a terrible role model for young soccer players.
  4. Some background history of Melissa for those who aren't familiar of her back story. Seems like a pretty talented artist. Looks a lot different without the ten pounds of makeup and says "like" way too much. But a pretty interesting watch and gives us a little more depth to what she is like in real life.
  5. Here is what that Space City guy says in his "about me" section on Youtube. Sorry it posted so weird. The funny part is "Please don't be an A-Hole and report copyright violations." Covering Concerts in Space City, Houston, Texas, USA If you would like for me to remove the video(s) of your band or a band you represent, please send a request and it will be handled immediately. Please don't be an A-Hole and report "Copyright Violations." It only hurts your fans and those of us who have spent thousands of hours chronicling their hobby. Thanks.
  6. Seriously? Somebody records a song - with their phone - posts it on Youtube....and then files copyright claims on it. That is a complete prick move. If they don't want to share it with other fans, then why are you putting it on Youtube? And they aren't licensed by GnR to sell or make money off of the videos, so wtf is their problem? Sometimes I can't stand people. Kieffer - thanks for sharing. Fans appreciate it.
  7. Where did you get your 6.5 million figure from? That's a virtually impossible number for it to have sold. People on here have researched the sales totals pretty strenuously and the most reasonable number is 3.5 million worldwide (at the most). The album hasn't charted anywhere since the first couple of months. Using that knowledge it's pretty easy to put a cap on how many copies could have sold. Axl did write a lot of the lyrics for some of the best songs. But without Slash/Duff writing kick ass music, then Axl wouldn't have had songs to write lyrics for. Izzy also had a huge hand in bringing lyrics or complete songs to the table. To act like Axl was the main guy and the rest of the band's song writing credits were incidental is just ludicrous. This is a long-running GnR fan forum, not the place to come and try and revise GnR history. Most people here know the true facts. Bottom line is that GnR's success wasn't due to just one guy. Every band member played a vital role in making GnR huge. The majority of music that GnR is playing currently on tour are songs written by the classic line-up some 25-to-30 years ago. If Axl was the real genius behind GnR and all the other guys were bit players, then why isn't the setlist full of songs written/recorded by Axl over the past 20 years???? Songs are all subjective and personal preference. I'm as big of a fan of CD as anybody on this forum. But it's silly to say that This I Love is universally loved and has great lyrics. It's probably the one song from CD that gets bashed the most from the die-hard GnR fanbase (along with Rhiad).
  8. Great band. They put on a great live show a well.
  9. Heck, even Steven Pearcy has gone that route. I think he's released 4-5 songs that way over the last year. And the audience for his music is about 1% of what the audience for Axl Rose music would be!!! On a side note, and not to derail the thread, but it is interesting to look at Pearcy's career compared to Axl. And yes, before Axl die-hards have a cow, Axl is 100 times the singer/artist that Pearcy is or ever was. That's not the point. Just comparing their productivity is an interesting look. Pearcy left his band Ratt in 1992. He quickly released an albums in 1993 and 1994 under his new band. Between 1993 and 2008 (when Axl released CD) Pearcy released nine studio albums. Plus a 10th in 2010. Then released various singles on Itunes over the past year, and has an album scheduled for the end of 2016 or start of 2017. Yes, to be clear so people don't miss the point, Axl is a top 5 rock singer of all time and Pearcy/Ratt were never as good or relevant as GnR. But it is fascinating that Pearcy has released 10 studio albums in the same time frame that Axl has only been able to release one. Can you imagine what it would be like to sit back today, turn on your Ipod, and have a choice of 16 Axl Rose albums to listen to instead of just six. To have 130 more Axl/GnR songs to listen to than what you have to enjoy now. How glorious would that be.
  10. Release all the remaining songs from the vault as a Box Set just in time for Christmas . All the CD session songs (General, Soulmonster, Atlas, etc), the remixes (Better, This I love, etc) and the updates (Oh My God, Silkworms, etc). Or release them on Itunes for a dollar a song. Use the profits to give the old/new guys a nice big final going away paycheck. Plus the FANS get an amazing Christmas gift. I would pay $100 for that box set or to get all those songs. Hit the recording studio with Slash/Duff and Izzy in January and write/record a new album. Classic line-up - Axl/Slash/Duff/Izzy/Adler (bring Sorum along for guest spots and to give Adler a break) start a world tour in the summer of 2017 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Appetite. New album is released for the tour. It seems so simple.
  11. And Lies They Tell hits a Home Run to win the game. From all reports, there is anywhere from 12 to 75 songs just sitting in the vault. From brand new songs like The General, Atlas, Soulmonster, Checkmate (or whatever it is called) to remixes of CD songs to updated versions of songs like Oh My God and Silkworms. People have speculated that Axl couldn't release CD2 because the label would reject is as they only want a classic lineup album. Now that is a possibility with Slash/Duff back in the fold. Why not release those 12-75 songs on Itunes or at the band's official forum. And schedule a summer 2017 release for a new album written by Axl/Slash/Duff. Everybody wins.
  12. That's the real crux of the downside of being a die-hard Axl Rose fan. If he had just came out and said that he doesn't like to, or intend to, share new music with his millions of fans - that would totally be a completely different situation than what we have. But Axl, Beta and members of Axl's band have ALL talked about him having a TON of unreleased music......and Axl, Beta and his band members have ALL talked about their plans to release that music. That's what makes it frustrating as a fan. Axl himself has said that he has a lot of unreleased material and that he plans on sharing it with the fans. Back in 2008 didn't Axl say that he had 10 B-sides still to release plus the follow-up to CD to release? That's eight years ago and none of it has seen the light of day. Why continually tell people you are going to do something if you really have no plans to do so? Eventually your word has to mean something. "He changed his mind" isn't a good enough excuse. Personally, I hope that Slash and Duff can get in Axl's ear and convince him to start emptying out his vault. Give the FANS a treat.
  13. So you would rather discover a new band and their music....than hearing "new" music from our favorite band? I love finding new bands, I understand your point with that. A few years ago I discovered a band called Hardcore Superstar who are the only real old fashion Hard Rock band out there right now. And as a huge bonus, they had a back catalog of like 8 albums when I "discovered" them - so I had about 100 songs to enjoy. But I'd much rather hear a new GnR album than a new album from any other band. I'd sacrifice my cat to the rock music Gods for a new GnR double-album!!!
  14. So when people don't like the same songs that you guys do...it's because they are ignorant? Interesting logic. ****** Glad to see the shows are still kicking ass and getting almost all positive reviews. Can't wait to see if this lineup releases any new music or plays anything new on the tour.