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  1. Making a Murderer

    Except they did find Avery's fingerprints on the hood and front latch of the car. Right where Brendon told them Avery touched it.  And they did find Avery's blood in her car. That was one of GnR huge plot points. Avery's lawyers accused the police of planting the blood. And they had the FBI test the blood to prove that it came from old evidence from the first case. And the FBI testing concluded that the blood didn't have the storing substance in it. Thereby shutting down the accusation that the Police planted old blood.  Her bones were found in his fire pit. Everybody agrees he had a huge bonfire the night she disappeared. And her personal belongings were found in another burn barrel on his property.  And didn't they find a bullet fragment in the burn barrel or in the garage that matched the same kind of rifle that Avery owned? So he was the last known person to see the victim, who he had already sexually harassed before, his nephew initially admitted to his mom and others that they did it, and the victims car is found on his property - with his finger prints and his blood on it. The victims bones and personal belongings are also found in various spots on Avery's property.  Thats about 90% more evidence than is needed in most murder convictions.  The only reasonable doubt stems from one of the most biased documentaries people will ever see.  His ex cell mate said Avery told him the best way to get rid of a body is by burning it. His sons say he had a violent temper and they don't talk to him anymore. His brother and neighbor is convinced he did it. His ex gf says he was violent to her.  Take away the documentary and just look at the actual facts and it makes complete sense why the jury and appeals courts had no issues. And why the innocent project people had no interest in taking on the case.  The more logical theory is that Avery was still angry at the police and city for unjustly locking him away, he saw a huge payday ahead, and thought because of his prior false inprisonment that he would be untouchable this time and could get away with anything he wanted. 
  2. Making a Murderer

    Or there is always the option that the documentary is extremely biased, didn't show the full actions that happened, left out key evidence and presented things out of order to make them seem more damming.  Throw those aspects info any case and one could make it seem like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer weren't given fair trials.  I chose to not take the documentary as gospel and did more research. The facts are pretty overwhelming against Avery and his nephew.  There is a reason the jury found them both guilty, no appeals were successful and even the organization that helped free him the first time refused to take this case.  The doc was interesting to watch. But like a Michael Moore documentary, it was extremely biased. So much so to make it almost a work of fiction.  Yes, the found key is highly suspicious. But the blood, fingerprints, bones, personal property and witness reports made this a pretty easy case. Then throw in statements made by his ex-gf, his brother, former cell mate, and his own sons .....open and shut. This doc is exactly similar to Robert Graysmiths original and famous book about the Zodiac Killer. It presented so many untruths that it almost ruined one innocent man's life and even today, 50 years later famous directors are basing movies off it and millions of people think it was accurate. Film fans rate the recent movie Zodiac as a classic. Even tho it's 90% fiction. Same thing with the Avery doc. People are freaking out without doing any more researching and seeing all the actual facts      
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Here is a video of my nephew dancing on the docks in Alaska. He is an aspiring comedian and also works as a producer/writer for the show The Alaska Bush Family.  It is kind of funny, kind of weird and pretty silly.  
  4. Making a Murderer

    He did it  The amount of people in completely different organizations that would have had to be involved in a framing situation is ridiculous.  Avery did it - 100%  The documentary is done Michael Moore style. Ignore facts and just present and twist evidence to prove your own point.  They could have presented both sides and had a tremendous five episode doc that didn't drag on so long. 
  5. Prince

    Besides the well known popular stuff don't be afraid to check out his first couple albums. Controversy, Private Joy, I wanna Be Your Lover are great songs.  I would Die For You is very underated.  Songs like Pop Life, When Doves Cry, Little Red Corvette and Kiss are staples. 
  6. Big Kap RIP

    He was one of the best. 
  7. What are your feelings about the last minute cancellation of Axl's appearance on the Kimmell show? This tour doesn't need a ton of promotion, obviously. But I see it more in the terms of giving your fans information.  I get that Axl and TB aren't fan friendly. But Slash and Duff have always been. Wonder how that dynamic will all shake out. 
  8. Maybe. I've heard Mick and Keith aren't buddies, Tyler and Perry aren't buddies, Axl and Slash weren't hanging out on Illusions. Didn't Paul and John not like each other? Honestly, dynamic and chemistry is extremely overrated in my book in terms of live performances. I don't think it effects a concert if the singer and guitar player don't give each other a hug during a show.  I've seen a hundred live shows. And have no clue if the band members were bffs or not. Last show I saw was HCSS and I have no idea if they love or hate each other. But the show was amazing and they did the proper (and cliche) stage moves that every band does at every show.  Two early 20s dudes, without enough money to eat, living off the street and with hookers, struggling to survive and make it with songs they just wrote .....:that provides an entirely different type of musical dynamics on stage than a couple out of shape multi millionaires in their 50s playing songs they made popular 25-30 years ago.  Like I said. I'm glad some fans are joyous and view this reunion as a life changing event for them. It just doesn't have that same effect for me.  It's kind of like going to your thirty year high school reunion and banging the girl you lost your virginity too. That 46-year old 165-pound mother of three isn't going to give you That same excitement and spark as that 16-year old hard body ex-cheerleader did thirty years ago.  But if those guys bring in Izzy and Adler and release a new album......then I will be the most excited person on this forum. 
  9. Honestly I hope that everybody sets their egos aside and remembers these are just rock songs. If they are great unreleased songs, then who cares who wrote them. Hopeful Slash and Duff will add their flair to The General and Soulmonster.   I think CD2 with the the 8-9 best remaining CD songs and 4-5 songs written by Axl/Slash/Duff/Izzy for an album THIS summer would be perfect. 
  10. Spot on.  The gnr sound was a melting pot of five guys.  CD was one guy from that group's vision - mixed in with numerous new guy's input. Its a GnR album by name alone. I love most of it. But it is one guy's vision.   
  11. Understandable.  I'm in the opposite corner. Axl and Slash have shared the stage several hundred times. In their prime. So seeing these two 50-year old multi-millionaires share the stage again to perform 25-30 year old songs that Axl has been touring for the last 15 years......doesn't really do much for me.  Now get the classic or Sorum lineup together to support a new album? Then I would get super excited.  I am happy that so many fans are so stoked about this regrouping. I don't "get" why it means so much to adults to see Axl and Slash on stage again together. But people get excited by different things - so more power to them. Just not my thing. I am not friends with Axl or Slash, so I couldn't really care less if they are buddies or not   I would be more stoked about an in depth interview or a documentary about how the boys got back together. That would be awesome.  But to each their own!
  12. I thought about it. But I've seen GnR live several times. I will definitely go see them when they come through my state. But I'm not gonna pay for airfare and double the ticket price just to see the first or second show. Show #38 will be good enough for me.  The only appeal for Vegas would be to meet up with a few forum members. Are you going? Lenny?
  13. What you say makes a lot of sense. So maybe people are just describing what they think is wrong with the album incorrectly.  Quite a lot of people prefer the leaked versions over the versions that ended up on the album.  The leaked versions seemed much more raw and full of energy. They sounded liked kick ass rock and roll songs. The album versions lost that rawness. Because Axl added layer after layer of guitars and other musical parts and really changed the entire vibe of the album.  The final version of CD sounds like an album that a singer worked on with his computer for 15 years and spent 14 million dollars to make. The original leaks sound like an album that a band got together in a studio and spent a couple months writing and recording.  I love most of CD. But I would much rather CD2 be an album that Axl and his band wrote and created in a year rather than seeing what Axl could write, record and then spend a decade fine tuning and adding layers of "sound" the songs.  I truly believe CD could have been a rock classic if he hadn't tinkered with it to death.  Adam Carollo has a funny bit where he complains that he can't get a simple glass of ice tea at restaurants in California anymore. You can get ice tea ....with pure cane sugar from Egypt, with lemon drop oil from Spain and pomegranate and strawberry flavor with a dash of oregano. Appetite didn't need walls of guitars and sounds. Another guitar player, ten more years of production, ten million more dollars wouldn't have made appetite a better album. let the songs speak for themselves. Sometimes a simple glass of ice tea is better than an $8 glass of gourmet tea.  I suppose a lot of people just feel like all of Axl's tinkering sucked the rawness and soul out of CD. 
  14. So Axl will tweet and promote a Taco Bell commercial and partnership with the band.....but he can't do an interview about the reunion and tour plans for his fans? Weird. 
  15. Why do you think 99.9% of other bands keep in communication with their fans about their band's future plans? This is one of the biggest reunions in rock history. You actually think the band is doing a good thing by not talking about it with their fans? How is this better, for you as a fan, than if Axl did the Kimmel show and then the Big Three did a Rolling Stone interview and talked about how they came back together and what their future plans were? As fans we don't have to proclaim Axl's every move as being the proper one.