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  1. Not to be rude, but that isn't a "known fact" it is just your opinion. CD received more publicity/promotion than 99.9% of albums released in 2008. TV commercials. Advertisements in magazines and newspapers. GnR streamed the album on Myspace and it received like 20 million views, broke Myspace records if I remember correctly. Songs were used on one of the most popular video games in the world. A song from the album was used in a summer blockbuster movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. What more promotion could there have been? Band members going door-to-door and talking with people Blaming lack of promotion for GnR's sales numbers just doesn't add up. That means that you think there are people out there who would have spent $16 to buy a Guns n Roses album, but they had no clue that GnR was putting out an album. With the internet and social media, that just doesn't make sense. You really think there are a million die-hard GnR fans out there that don't know about Chinese Democracy? They might not be able to name every band member, but by saying lack of promotion hurt sales, you are saying that these die-hard fans didn't (and still don't) know that GnR put out CD. By die-hard fans I mean people who are willing to spend money on an album. Today, even fans of bands will just steal the albums off the Net instead of paying the band for their work.
  2. Seriously - what's the point of saying that? It just paints guy as a crazy fan-boy who isn't capable of having an intelligent conversation or debate about GnR. "I think every GnR song is great" - that's a valid statement. Just like Tommy's comments that he doesn't like every song is valid. Music is all about personal preference. But to make a statement of fact like "GnR hasn't written a bad song" is just silly. You are confusing your personal preference with what is actual a fact. Silkworms. Cornchucker.Shotgun Blues. Blood in the Water.Anything Goes. My World. Scraped. So Fine. Bad Obsession. Shadow of your love. Too much Too Soon. Ain't going down. Back of Bitch. Get in the Ring.These are all bad songs. The fact that Axl chooses to play so many covers pretty much proved the point that he isn't happy with his entire catalog.
  3. Lol. He is a whiny bitch because he isn't worshipping Axl's every move? Too funny. Some fans love Axl because he isn't PC and speaks his mind....but they hate it if other artists do the same thing.
  4. I agree completely. Better, Twat, Catcher and SOD are great. IRS, Madagascar, Prostitute, Sorry and CD are all fairly GnR-related music. And Axl took some chances on Shacklers, IRS, This I Love and Scraped. I see no real faults on the actual music of thealbum. The fault - for me - is that this one album represents twenty years of work. I honestly believe that if Axl had released four albums the same quality as CD then most of fhe complaints would be gone. If we had the quality of four betters, four twats, four Catchers. Then I think we could call Axl's solo run an overwhelming success.
  5. To be honest, that isn't even a stretch. Axl has said that there are two albums in the can. Ten years ago he said CD would be released with 10 B sides as well. At one point he mentioned something about 26 of 32 songs being almost done. The Beta once mentioned the band working on 80 songs. Slash is a prolific writer. Duff is great at working on new music. It shouldbe pretty easy for GnR to come up with 42 songs. Thererealistically could be more than that already in the vault at various stages of completion.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    How many republicans purposely skipped Obama's inauguration?
  7. TRUMP Thread

    Also the whining and flood of tears from those who are sooooo tied to their political party that they've lost their ability to think rationally. A woman in my hometown has been making Facebook posts about how she is too scared to leave her apartment because she thinks she will be assaulted and raped - because Trump and his supporters think that it's acceptable to do so. She won't leave her apartment without a male escort. And she is literally crying herself to sleep every night because of all the damage Trump is going to inflict on the US. Gays will be beaten or thrown in jail. All minorities are going to be rounded up and shipped out of America. Rape and violence against women will be the norm and go unpunished. She is seriously looking into moving to Canada. These lunatics actually believe this crap. Trump is a sketchy dude. Not worthy - IMO - to be president. I'm not a supporter specifically of him. But when the other option is getting corrupt Hillary Clinton? Regardless of who heropponent is,you pretty much have to go with them.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Has he been convicted of any charges? I remember Bill Clinton going through some sexual assault charges, at least one involving a teenage girland we know what he did to Monica - but I don't recall if he was every convicted either.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Great post. ********** Why Trump over Hillary? Hillary is as corrupt of a political as there had ever been in the last 100 years. Her and her husband have been using their political status and power to do everything from making them tens of millions of dollars to letting Bill sexually abuse teenage girls. The average Joe just got tired of that. They also got tired of the hypocrisy that a lot of vocal democrats have. Like the poster above said - Kennedy was cheating on his wife with every skirt he could fine. Bill has rape charge against him and was using his power to take sexual advantage of young interns. But a Dem will lose their mind over Trump saying "grab them by the pussy" while falling to their knees to praise Clinton and Kennedy. It'sdouble standards like that that helped Trump beat Hillary. Then you throw in the Hollywood elite flooding their social media with pro-Hillary and "Trump is the devil" propaganda. The average Joe sees Rosie O'Donnell, Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow going full scale nuclear assault against Trump and proclaiming that Hillary is virtually a God.....and the normal dude sees that and doesn't want to be included with that egomaniac crazy group. It's actually a pretty good rule to follow. If you are unsure of an issue, and Rosie/Miley/Mooreand Lena areadamant on one side - you should almost always support the opposing view. TL/DR - Trump isn't that great of a person. Arrogant, money hungry and probably a lot of skeletons in his closet. But at the end of the day he was a better option than four years of Clinton.
  10. So inspiring other bands has nothing to do with a band's impact on the music industry? But how many fans show up at a hotel to see the band does? Justin Bieber draws huge crowds of hysterical fans wherever he goes. Hell, Kim Kardasjian draws crowds. I feel where you are coming from. And think you make a lot of sense. But it seems like you've let your fandom cloud your view a bit and overstate the impact that GnR actually had. Potentially GnR had the skills to be the greatest rock band of all time. But they needed more than a five year window and three albums to accomplish that honor.
  11. Lol. GnR is my favorite rock band of all time. But the way some people act like they are the best band in history and that no band will ever be as good as them again....it's just kind of funny to see. The Rose colored glasses are distorting some people's ability to think rationally.
  12. I can't see into the future, so I can't say who is the next big rock band. And although GnR is my favorite band, I sure wouldn't think that no future bands will ever have a major impact again. That would just be silly. What bands do you look back onnow and connect them to GnR? Like you can look at Axl and see a Queen/Aerosmith/Stones influence. What bands do you see were inspired by GnR? Hard rock and hair metal dropped from the forefront in the early 90s - Illusions came out in 1991. So at the peak of their success, GnR didn't really inspire a "rock" revolution either. Sometimes I wonder if we, as diehard fans, sometimes over estimate the level of importance of GnR.
  13. Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by "attitude." You've obviously quantified it as you say that MC didn't have it. Because if you are talking about drinking, drugs, partying, banging groupies and basically not giving a f*ck about authority - MC did more ofthat then GnR did back in the day. There is a story about - I think Vince - trying to bang the president of the record label's wife at a corporate event. He was so disgusted that he didn't want anything to do with the band and let them buy their back catalog for basically nothing. And let's not forget Vince publically challenging Axl to meet for a fist fight....and Axl, of course, chickening out. Motley Crue absolutely had more "attitude" back in the day than GnR. But what they didn't have was the strength and depth and talent that GnR members had. GnR was 100 times more talented than MC. MC was a party band. I would go so far as to say that of all the bands from that era, they are the least talented band compared to how successful they were. Their success far out shown their skills and Talent level. Scarlett Johanson is a mediocre actress. There are a thousand actresses who are better. But her looks, arritude, movies she was picked for her, etc - and somehow she is a fan favorite who gets paid tens of millions of dollars a year. That's Motley Crue. Mediocre in all aspects - but at the exact right time had the right look and sound that captured the enthusiasm of fhe youth of the rock world.
  14. I was going to respond but you nailed it. People sometimes forget that their personal preference is just that. My teen son loves his bands just as much as I love GnR and my parents loved the Stones and Beatles. There are lots of people that think Axl sounds like a screeching cat in heat. Just like I can't stand Bob Dylan's voice. Axl isn't the "last true rock star" and rock isn't dead. People just get old and the next generation takes over.