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  1. @ZoSoRose you are a class act, bro. I'm out of likes and didn't want to clog up the topic by responding to the long message. I fully agree with your post. It's awesome that the big three are back and playing shows. It is just crazy because it could have been 100 times better. Imagine seeing Izzy and Adler at your show. And hearing Axl say "and this is my follow up to November Rain and Estranged. This is The General. "
  2. Maybe. GnR became my favorite band the first time I listened to Appetite back in 1988. I've seen Axl-Slash-Duff together in stage in their PRIME. When they were hungry and dangerous and put their heart and souls into every performance. Fast forward 30 years to today. For some of you, seeing a couple 55-year old multi-millionaires holding a partial reunion (why not a full reunion?) playing the songs they made popular 25-30 years ago might be the "best" moment of your life. Bringing tears of joy while you watch them play together on live streams. But it doesn't hold the same weight for a lot of fans. Seeing this band - in its prime - was a magical experience. Especially seeing them play new and fresh material. Seeing them now is just pure nostalgia. Watching old guys rely on songs they created 30 years ago. It's like going to your 30 year class reunion and talking about how much fun you had back in your high school senior year. That's cool - but isn't the same as when those events actually happened. ***** If Axl and Team Brazil had cared about THE FANS then they would have done this reunion the proper way. The troubadour show was a perfect start - well done. But.....Izzy and Adler should have been back. Sorum would have been involved. They would have released a brand new album to start off the tour. After a year of touring, release a box set - troubadour live DVD, GnR book, Illusions documentary footage, new album and a Cd of unreleased old songs (remastered OMG, shadow, etc). Tour the world for two years. Then retire the GnR name. Axl can grab Richard and Melissa and Frank and do his solo band. Slash can grab Myles and do their thing. Etc. But a partial reunion with no new music......that's fun. For a bit. It's cool for the one show you went to. After that? No excitement at all. GnR could have made sweet love to their fans. Instead they charged $300 and just gave them a handjob.
  3. A band with one album of original material in the last 25 years should release a NEW album before a remastered old album or another greatest hits.
  4. Axl is The King of touring. One album of original material in the last 25 years does suck for the fans. The only announcement that would excite me in the least bit would be concrete news of a new album. Or double album. We don't need a remastered Appetite. Or another greatest hits. Or more touring news. Or another live DVD.
  5. New music is the only thing that would remotely interest me.
  6. Lots of people. I don't listen to any of the three online applications that you mentioned. We listen to the radio whenever we drive. But think about what you are saying. And see how silly this conversation would be. "Hello. KLOS 95.5, thanks for calling. "Hi. This is Fernando Lebias, manager of Guns N' Roses. We'd like to offer you the opportunity for an exclusive announcement concerning GnR's next move." "Thanks, but no thanks. We don't have the same audience size we did a decade ago. You should contact Spotify instead." Fernando hangs up the phone and calls somebody else.
  7. Tsind is 100% correct. Every GnR forum is talking about this radio station right now. A week ago? Nobody on any GnR forum even knew who they were. Other music websites are talking about the radio station and their GnR announcement. A week ago - nobody was. Their plan has been a 100% success.
  8. Except they are already touring the same markets again. GnR came to my state last year. Now they are coming again this summer. Will they be supporting a new album this time around? If not, I guarantee the attendance numbers will be lower this year than last year. New music would increase attendance levels. Especially for a band that has released one album in the last 20 years. To argue that GnR is making a smart move by not sharing a new song with their fans....lol, that's just looking at the situation through Rose covered glasses (IE: automatically saying any move Axl does is the "right" move). Gnr should play a new song or two on the second leg of this tour. And then they should release a full length album asap. And sometime in the middle of that, Axl should share some of the reported 20-to-75 songs he has "in the can" with his millions of fans. Sharing music with your fans is never a bad idea. Unless you aren't confident that the band can put on a quality show or release more quality music?
  9. Lol. Sharing new music with your fans is never a bad idea. Unless that music sucks. Bad business strategy? What? The regrouping lineup will never be as popular as they were last year. Each tour will lose the luster and hype of the big three sharing the stage again. Audience sizes will shrink when GnR comes back to your town for the 2 or 3 time. In terms of business strategy - releasing new songs or an album at the start of or during this tour would have 100% been the correct move. Finally, your entire point is rather off base. GnR playing two brand new songs during this tour would have increased attendance. There isn't one person in the entire world who would have said "GnR added two new songs to the setlist? Well f*ck them. Now I'm not going to the concert." But you know what? GnR is coming to my state again this year. I'm not going. But if they were going to play a couple new tunes - I would get front row seats. It's great you are a super fan. But take off your Rose colored glasses and look at things logically and objectively.
  10. Sort of, but not exactly. Bands also made a lot of money off of touring back in the day. The general standard was that bands made one dollar per album sold. So for the majority of bands, touring made them more money than album sales. But you are correct in terms of what happens today in the rock world. Rock bands don't sell as many albums so touring is the main revenue source. ********** Like many have said. You can't really compare the two tours. The Illusions were amazing because GnR was actually sharing new music with their fans. And you could get great tickets without having to take out a second mortgage. Illusions was all about the music. This tour is 94% about filling up the retirement accounts, 5% about Slash/Duff finishing up their GnR time on a positive note, and 1% about the fans.
  11. Why do you continually call bumblefoot by the wrong name? You know what his name is, so why purposely call him different names?
  12. You make a lot of sense. Maybe he will become fan friendly and release them all in ITunes, or for free....and just bill it as Axl Rose solo work.
  13. Why do you think Axl doesn't want to share them with his fans?