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  1. New album this year rumour

    Like release albums and share music with their fans? What has Axl used his own money to fight the label over? Axl has released one album of new material in the last 25 years. And he didn't like how it went down so he refused to promote it. Yea, bruh. Sounds like Axl and his fans are winning.
  2. New album this year rumour

    Unless you've chatted with Axl and he told you this, then your postis pure speculation with a HUGE pro-Axl bias. If he turned in an album full of songs like Scraped, Silkworms and Shacklers then you can't blame the label for saying it wasn't good enough. Look how Axl overproduced and layered CD to death. Maybe his original album was like that. 12 songs just liked scraped. You are assuming Axl gave them gold. He might have gave them sh*t. "They kept rejecting albums"....what? How many albums did the reject? And doesn't that contradict the fact that the label was begging Axl for music for years? Didn't they offer one producer a million dollar bonus if he could get an album from Axl? And you can't dismiss the dollar amount because some of it was for room or equipment rental. That's not how it works. The album cost what it cost. Using your logicthe album didn't take 13 years to make either because we can't count the days Axl spent not working on it. He spent a week on vacation in 2004 - substractthose days. Etc. I like you Wasted. But holy cow. The way you spin everything into not being Axl's fault is pretty amazing. Somehow other major bands are able to work with their labels and release albums. Have you heard the last couple Metallica albums? Bon Jovi. Def Leppard. Megadeth. Big name bands are able to release albums at will. Axl seems to be the only dude who can't "handle" working with a label.
  3. The pizza thread

    Nothing is really overrated or underrated. You just like - or dislike - something more/less than the majority of people do.
  4. The Awesome Responsibilities of Being a Yelper

    At least he didn't post a selfie in this topic! ****************** I was in a new city yesterday and wanted to find a Chinese restaurant. The first on that came up on Yelp and the first review was ONE star. Why? Because there was a 20% tip added automatically into the bill. The customer complained about the automatic tip to the owner - who took it off the bill. But he still have it a one star review. Nothing at all about the food. The decor. The waitstaff performance. Not one word. But one star because of the tip on the bill. Which lots of restaurants do if there is a table of six or more people. And the owner took it off the bill. But the customer still have it a one star rating. That guy shouldn't be allowed to give reviews.
  5. The Awesome Responsibilities of Being a Yelper

    You hit the nail on the head with both points.
  6. The Awesome Responsibilities of Being a Yelper

    One problem with places like Yelp is that people give really person specific reviews of their own limited experience. Somebody eats at a restaurant one time and has a non-friendlywaitress and their steak was a little undercooked. So they leave a terrible review. But that one review isn't a proper representation of what the restaurant is really like. Maybe the waitress was sick and having a bad dayand normally she is one of the best waitresses in the city. And maybe the chef nails 99% of their steaks and the reviewergot the one semi-wrong one out of 100. But people today love to be outraged and because of FB/twitter/snapchat/Instagram/etc everybody thinks that their opinion is important and needs to be heard. That's why there are literally 284million people in the world who call themselves bloggers.
  7. New album this year rumour

    Had Axl ever been asked and has he ever responded to those types of questions? Surely one journalist has brought it up One album in 25 years, but you've talked about having tons of music recorded and in the can. How come you don't want to share that music with your fans? How come you spent so much time working on - and tinkering and adding so many layers to the CD songs? Most people think that rawer versions of the songs were much better than the final version. Why did that happen? Do you see yourself as a perfectionist? Lazy? Scared the fans wouldn't like the songs? Basically - what's your explanation of spending 13 years and 14 million dollars on one album?
  8. Melissa

    Obviously none of us know the truth. Pure speculation on all ourparts. Let me ask you this. What do you think the Axl that lived from 1986-1993 would have said if you went back in time and told him "eventually Guns n Roses will not only have a keyboard player in the band, but also a girl with cotton candy blue hair that will play another keyboard and add synthesizer noises to songs while she hops up and down like she is at a rave. " 1. Awesome, that's my vision for GnR or 2. Get the fuck out of here before I knock you out.
  9. Melissa

    Maybe they will do a solo album together. Axl has released one album of original music in the last 25 years. If he releases an album in 2017 and one of the slots is taken up by So Fine II...that's almost as terrible of an idea as another Greatest Hits album.
  10. What are you learning?

    The Code of the Extraordinary Mind - Vishen Lakhiani. It's a life changer.
  11. Chuck Berry is releasing a new album... at 90!

    Johnny B Goode is probably the best rock song of all time.
  12. New album this year rumour

    With Axl claiming to have at least 35 songs in the can there really is no reason to do a full covers album. Greatest Hits ora covers album shouldn't even be in their thought process.
  13. New album this year rumour

    At this point, as a fan, I would kill for a couple good albums from Axl Rose. With one album in 25 years even a good album would be a huge huge achievement and positive news for fans. Axl doesn't need to top Appetite. Just give us anything. Also - look what a good GnR album would be. Take out the "great" songs (SCOM, nov rain, PC, etc) and how would an album similar to this be for the fans? Nightrain. Yesterday's. You're Crazy. Perfect Crime. Better. Twat. Rocketqueen. RNDTJ. Locomotive. Patience. Breakdown. My Micjelle. And a cover of Back n Black.
  14. New album this year rumour

    Yuck. Just got a live DVD last year from GnR. Greatest hits? Just got one of those a few years ago. You can't release a GH album. Then a regular album. Then another GH album. There should be 4-5 albums of new material between greatest hits cash grabs.
  15. New album this year rumour

    It's just rock and roll music. It actually is pretty easy for these guys. It's what they do for s living. From Axl's mouth he has between 25-to-50 songs that are complete. Slash has show he likes to put out an album every couple years. Axl could let Slash/Duff pick their threefavorite remaining CD songs. Slash could bring threeof his current songs to the table. Each guy brings a cover. And they can write 4songs together. That's an album that could be released next summer. Axl can package the remaining CD songs for an album this Christmas and simutaniouslysell the remix album on iTunes. And that would close out the Replacement Era.