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  1. Bro, come on now. You are smarter than this.
  2. Just that he told the police a lot of specific things that pointed to a lot of specific evidence. The doc left that stuff out. People say "why did they find that piece of evidence on the second search and not the first".....it's because the first search was just a general one when Avery was a basic suspect. The following searches were after Brandon told the cops specific pieces of information. So either the police just waited for him to say things and then planted evidence to match it. Or Brandon was there. And he had conversations with people before Avery was arrested - and after - where he admits being there and gives specific information. He told his mom he did it. Of course his story changes over time. The doc also presents him as the full scale retarded kid who can barely function. When that wasn't the case at all. The doc showing the detectives harassing him was also taking out of context. When it appears they are leading him on and forcing him to say/admit things - it was usually because an hour before he had already admitted it. "So then you walked into the room"...... "See!!!! They are leading him on to say that. Unbelievable." But in actually, earlier in the interview he said that he went into the bedroom. Now the cops are digging deeper - but the doc left the first part out, so now it looks like the interview guys are leading him on to fit their own narrative. It really is a disgusting documentary once you see what the makers of it actually did. Avery is a vile piece of shit. Brandon just got caught up in something he wasn't mentally or physically ready to handle, unfortunately. And the guys who made the documentary are horrible, horrible people. They made the world care with a raping murderer. And they made the world hate and lash out at a couple very honest and hardworking police men and they added to the tension that the country is going through with all the police brutality cases. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  3. Glad to see positive reviews still coming in. But 7 covers is ridiculous. Obviously the world is craving a real hard rock band revolution. Will GnR actually release new music for this? Will any other hard rock bands step up and join in?
  4. @downzy what is your opinion on it. The cops framed Avery? His blood and DNA were found on the car. Exactly where Brandon told them that the body was stashed and that Avery had touched the hood of the car He lured TH to his house by using a fake name, a fake vehicle for sale and disguising his voice to sound like a woman. TH went to the address. Avery is the last person to see TH alive. So once we get past that.......how does a framing or setup work? Did Avery do all that just so he could see and talk to TH for a minute before she stormed off? The police somehow figure out that Avery lied and lured TH to his property. We're talking they figured this out 2-3 minutes after she left his property. Because she didn't have time to call her boss and tell him what happened - so the police would have had to apprehend her before she made that phone call. So the police then grab TH (literally 1-2 minutes after she left Avery's house) and kill her. Steal Avery's gun and shoot her in the head. Then luckily Avery and Brandon are having a huge bonfire that same day. So cops sneak over and somehow burn the body on Avery's property.....all without Avery seeing them. Then for some strange reason, Avery lies to the cops several times about what happened when TH came over. And for some reason Brandon decides to lie to people and tell them he and his uncle raped and killed this missing woman. If Avery hadn't had the wrong conviction before then this case would have been one of the easiest open-and-shut cases in US history. They didn't have one key piece of evidence that tied it all together - they had about 20 damning pieces. The documentary is a complete and total scam. This guy - who helped free Avery from his original conviction - got all the court transcripts and all of Avery's police records. He didn't base his opinion on a documentary. He based it on the actual facts. There is literally no chance - not 1% - that Avery and Brandon are innocent.
  5. Dude!!! Except that's not how it actually happened. The documentary just cherry picked random parts to make the cops look bad. There is a reason the jurors - who actually saw what actually happened in the interviews - voted the way they did. I could find five minutes of Charles Manson video and make him seem like a hero and great guy.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Indefensible-Missing-Steven-Halbach-Murderer/dp/1496710134 "Michael Griesbach, a prosecutor and member of Wisconsin’s Innocence Project who had been instrumental in Avery’s 2003 exoneration, was targeted on social media, threatened—and plagued by doubt. Now, in this suspenseful, thorough narrative, he recounts his own re-examination of the evidence in light of the whirlwind of controversy stirred up by the blockbuster true-crime series." Like I said several times earlier in this topic, Avery and his nephew were 100% guilty - without a doubt, open and shut case. This book, written by a guy who wrote a book detailed how Avery was framed for the earlier crime , watched the documentary and - like most people - thought that maybe Avery had been framed again. But he also saw some things that he knew weren't portrayed correctly. So he got the court transcripts and all of Avery's police records, and he sat down to see if Avery was innocent or guilty. Long story short - almost every "smoking gun" from the documentary simply isn't true. They've distorted, taken things out of context, or flat out lied about pretty much every major point. They use the Michael Moore style of journalism. Just make up or create things to make the "truth" fit their narrative. As an example. A couple times they show people in court answering questions. Seems legit - right? Well, except for the fact that they show a guy being asked a question and instead of showing his ACTUAL answer - they cut out what he said, and splice in an answer from later on in the trial. Think about that. That's how this entire documentary was made. Taking things out of context, splicing different interviews and statements together, and a couple things they just flat out lie about. I get it. The doc was extremely powerful and convinced a lot of people that Avery had been framed once again. But seriously - the majority of the documentary isn't an accurate portrayal of what really happened. Avery and his nephew killed that poor lady. Without a doubt, 100% they did it. If you feel strongly that they are innocent and you are outraged by it, I implore you to read this book. It will change your mind. Guarantee it. I won't bore you with all the details. But just to get you started........TH won't come to Avery's house anymore, because of his past inappropriate behavior. So he calls her company and disguises his voice to sound like a woman's. He gives them a fake name (his sister's name, different last name than his) and her address. And says he (she) is selling a van. (Sister later tells police she wasn't selling the van). Sooooo, what's up with that? Why did he lure that lady out to the property, using a fake voice/name and job request????? To woo her over and have tea together? And by some weird coincidence, the day he does this....the lady ends up going missing and is later found murdered. What are the odds of that happening the same day he called her? And wow, he was also the last person to see her alive. The odds of all that happening are just realistic. Throw in the fact that Avery had been accused by at least five different women (from ex-GFs to his own nieces) of sexually and physically abusing them. The same guy who pour gas on his pet cat and set it on fire. When the fire went out, he poured on more gas and set it on fire again until the cat died. The same guy who liked to go to the edge of the road in front of his house and masturbate when his neighbor would drive by in the mornings (so she would see him). And if the police did try and frame him....you are talking about police who weren't on the force during the initial crime. These guys are going to risk their careers/jobs/pensions and jail time over something that happened before they started working there? Really? Keep in mind, these are probably the finest police in the history of police. They get a call saying TH is missing. Somehow, within a matter of maybe an hour or two, they are able to figure out that Avery called (disguising his voice, using a fake name, etc) and THEN they are able to solve the missing person call by SOLVING the murder!!! Within an hour or two of finding out she was missing, these guys find the murderer and solve the crime. Amazing police work. Now that they've caught the murderer and figure out that Avery was the last person to see TH alive, a bunch of them get together and decide it's the perfect time to frame Avery. And what the hell, might as well frame his nephew as well. Keep in mind - this is all in one day. Luckily, they catch another huge break as the see Avery has a huge bonfire going in his yard (on the same day as the murder). So a couple of them sneak into Avery's house and steal his gun and shoot TH in the head, then sneak the gun back into the house. They then hide behind some bushes at Avery's house until Avery/nephew run inside to use the bathroom. The police then quickly jump out from the bush and throw the body onto the bonfire, and then they get the hell out of dodge. Maybe in their invisible police car. Luckily for the police, Avery doesn't notice the dead body on top of his bonfire. And on and on it goes. TL/DR - read the book. Aftewards, you'll feel silly for being so outraged and for being 100% convinced that Avery was framed for a second time.
  7. Not to be rude, but that isn't a "known fact" it is just your opinion. CD received more publicity/promotion than 99.9% of albums released in 2008. TV commercials. Advertisements in magazines and newspapers. GnR streamed the album on Myspace and it received like 20 million views, broke Myspace records if I remember correctly. Songs were used on one of the most popular video games in the world. A song from the album was used in a summer blockbuster movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. What more promotion could there have been? Band members going door-to-door and talking with people Blaming lack of promotion for GnR's sales numbers just doesn't add up. That means that you think there are people out there who would have spent $16 to buy a Guns n Roses album, but they had no clue that GnR was putting out an album. With the internet and social media, that just doesn't make sense. You really think there are a million die-hard GnR fans out there that don't know about Chinese Democracy? They might not be able to name every band member, but by saying lack of promotion hurt sales, you are saying that these die-hard fans didn't (and still don't) know that GnR put out CD. By die-hard fans I mean people who are willing to spend money on an album. Today, even fans of bands will just steal the albums off the Net instead of paying the band for their work.
  8. Seriously - what's the point of saying that? It just paints guy as a crazy fan-boy who isn't capable of having an intelligent conversation or debate about GnR. "I think every GnR song is great" - that's a valid statement. Just like Tommy's comments that he doesn't like every song is valid. Music is all about personal preference. But to make a statement of fact like "GnR hasn't written a bad song" is just silly. You are confusing your personal preference with what is actual a fact. Silkworms. Cornchucker. Shotgun Blues. Blood in the Water. Anything Goes. My World. Scraped. So Fine. Bad Obsession. Shadow of your love. Too much Too Soon. Ain't going down. Back of Bitch. Get in the Ring. These are all bad songs. The fact that Axl chooses to play so many covers pretty much proved the point that he isn't happy with his entire catalog.
  9. Lol. He is a whiny bitch because he isn't worshipping Axl's every move? Too funny. Some fans love Axl because he isn't PC and speaks his mind....but they hate it if other artists do the same thing.
  10. I agree completely. Better, Twat, Catcher and SOD are great. IRS, Madagascar, Prostitute, Sorry and CD are all fairly GnR-related music. And Axl took some chances on Shacklers, IRS, This I Love and Scraped. I see no real faults on the actual music of the album. The fault - for me - is that this one album represents twenty years of work. I honestly believe that if Axl had released four albums the same quality as CD then most of fhe complaints would be gone. If we had the quality of four betters, four twats, four Catchers. Then I think we could call Axl's solo run an overwhelming success.
  11. To be honest, that isn't even a stretch. Axl has said that there are two albums in the can. Ten years ago he said CD would be released with 10 B sides as well. At one point he mentioned something about 26 of 32 songs being almost done. The Beta once mentioned the band working on 80 songs. Slash is a prolific writer. Duff is great at working on new music. It should be pretty easy for GnR to come up with 42 songs. There realistically could be more than that already in the vault at various stages of completion.
  12. How many republicans purposely skipped Obama's inauguration?
  13. Also the whining and flood of tears from those who are sooooo tied to their political party that they've lost their ability to think rationally. A woman in my hometown has been making Facebook posts about how she is too scared to leave her apartment because she thinks she will be assaulted and raped - because Trump and his supporters think that it's acceptable to do so. She won't leave her apartment without a male escort. And she is literally crying herself to sleep every night because of all the damage Trump is going to inflict on the US. Gays will be beaten or thrown in jail. All minorities are going to be rounded up and shipped out of America. Rape and violence against women will be the norm and go unpunished. She is seriously looking into moving to Canada. These lunatics actually believe this crap. Trump is a sketchy dude. Not worthy - IMO - to be president. I'm not a supporter specifically of him. But when the other option is getting corrupt Hillary Clinton? Regardless of who her opponent is, you pretty much have to go with them.
  14. Has he been convicted of any charges? I remember Bill Clinton going through some sexual assault charges, at least one involving a teenage girl and we know what he did to Monica - but I don't recall if he was every convicted either.
  15. Great post. ********** Why Trump over Hillary? Hillary is as corrupt of a political as there had ever been in the last 100 years. Her and her husband have been using their political status and power to do everything from making them tens of millions of dollars to letting Bill sexually abuse teenage girls. The average Joe just got tired of that. They also got tired of the hypocrisy that a lot of vocal democrats have. Like the poster above said - Kennedy was cheating on his wife with every skirt he could fine. Bill has rape charge against him and was using his power to take sexual advantage of young interns. But a Dem will lose their mind over Trump saying "grab them by the pussy" while falling to their knees to praise Clinton and Kennedy. It's double standards like that that helped Trump beat Hillary. Then you throw in the Hollywood elite flooding their social media with pro-Hillary and "Trump is the devil" propaganda. The average Joe sees Rosie O'Donnell, Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow going full scale nuclear assault against Trump and proclaiming that Hillary is virtually a God.....and the normal dude sees that and doesn't want to be included with that egomaniac crazy group. It's actually a pretty good rule to follow. If you are unsure of an issue, and Rosie/Miley/Moore and Lena are adamant on one side - you should almost always support the opposing view. TL/DR - Trump isn't that great of a person. Arrogant, money hungry and probably a lot of skeletons in his closet. But at the end of the day he was a better option than four years of Clinton.