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  1. Axl Rose, give me some head... New Tenacious D Lyrics

    I highly doubt this was meant as a shot at Axl. Jack Black, in live D shows, has mentioned Axl Rose favorably plenty of times. There are recordings out there of Jack and Kyle announcing themselves as Buckethead's replacement for GNR, etc. Not to mention the song's pacing, as someone said. They're huge fans/friends of Ronnie James Dio, but much of their song "Dio" could be construed as not overly nice to Mr. RJD. It's just part of their humor.
  2. Axl Rose not attending HOF

    Disappointed, but I totally get it.
  3. December 5th has been cancelled

    In the concert industry, "production issues" frequently means "slow ticket sales". No one but DCC and GNR know for sure in this case, though. I will say that unless your name is Eric Clapton, you are not going to sell $90 floor seats in the Memphis area. There's no money here, especially leading up to the holidays.
  4. Guns N' Roses live in Southhaven, MS Dec. 5th

    Holy shit, I never thought I'd see GNR come to the Memphis area. Glad I held out on buying tickets to Dallas!
  5. Brain's badassery

    It's happened with other bands, so, who knows. I hope he sticks around.
  6. Why do people like If The World?

    ITW is easily my favorite song on CD, and probably in my top 10 all time.
  7. Bumblefoot offering skype guitar lessons

    That's pretty cool!
  8. Vote for GNR against The Beatles

    Couldn't agree more, really.
  9. "Axl Rose Suing Guitar Hero Makers".

    As I recall, there was quite a long time when you could listen to Democracy in its entirety on GNR's MySpace page. I might be mis-remembering, but I know you could at least hear several tracks for free. Maybe even still.
  10. old epic interview (august 1989) rolling stone

    "The N-word" really shouldn't be filtered as "black person". That is not the definition of the word.
  11. GnR/ Kid Rock - Could they tour together?

    Yeah, I'm over Kid Rock, too.
  12. New Hotel Room Pic

  13. So I won the Backstage Pass competition

    Congrats! Is this the one with the Bumblefoot guitar lesson? If so, I want to know how that goes.
  14. Bassists are meant to be seen and not heard. "Make like a bassist and be inaudible." -Metalocalypse
  15. From the MyGNR forum chats last year where Axl personally answered questions and spoke with members of the community, it is plainly obvious that he has full grammatical faculty and has the ability to type. Twitter, however, is essentially text messaging and Mr. Rose updates from his phone. Many people type that way via text as most phones do not include full QWERTY keyboards, and that is without considering Twitter's character limit.