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  1. I'd love this too..
  2. Thank god. I hate that song. Happy that they played Rosie and Don't Cry tonight - out of the options, those are the ones I'd rather have. Just back from the gig. Awesome night - I think everyone played really well tonight - Axl seemed quite happy and into it too. Sorry to anyone I said I'd meet up with but didn't end up doing. I'm a disaster. Had quite a busy day though!
  3. I'm near Euston station.. just had a few beers with @Dazey - gonna check in to my hotel, then I'll come and find people. When are people planning on actually going to the gig? @alfierose
  4. I'm up for a meetup. Might try and meet you there, @alfierose
  5. My ticket came yesterday. Woo!
  6. I can only afford to do one night, so I'll be there on the Saturday (got a GC ticket)
  7. Been kinda busy for the last week - thanks for this!
  8. ...Even if I try to clear it.. Weird. If someone could change this to this image, that would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. I've been trying to rebuild my bootleg collection but I'm missing this gig. Don't suppose anyone has and could upload this please? (Pretty sure I used to have Axl's IEM, or a mix of that.. So if you had that, it would be greatly appreciated) Thanks
  10. 1) New material 2) Recording from one of the gigs What do you think the chances are?