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  1. Been kinda busy for the last week - thanks for this!
  2. ...Even if I try to clear it.. Weird. If someone could change this to this image, that would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I've been trying to rebuild my bootleg collection but I'm missing this gig. Don't suppose anyone has and could upload this please? (Pretty sure I used to have Axl's IEM, or a mix of that.. So if you had that, it would be greatly appreciated) Thanks
  4. For those that want this show - there's now a version of it up on Dime.
  5. I think if Axl joins AC/DC full time, their songs will disappear from the GNR setlist.
  6. Haha. I was going to put an option 3, which would have been a rerecorded "Greatest hits" w/ Axl - but a professional recording of the live set would likely suffice.
  7. Great gig last night - Axl was on fire. Sorry to the mygnr people that I didn't manage to meet. It took a ridiculously long amount of time just to find Dazey, due to a lack of signal in the stadium Looking forward to the next GNR tour if Axl can pull of vocals like that again..
  8. 1) New material 2) Recording from one of the gigs What do you think the chances are?
  9. I'll try and be there.
  10. Shame about the youtube sources, but you're almost certainly right about this being the best looking/sounding bootleg from this gig. Really appreciate the effort you put into this - and thankful that you're sharing it with the rest of us!
  11. Cookies are generally used for automatic login once a PHP session has expired. I suspect it's something misconfigured (with PHP) at the host, since it seems to be giving the appearance of being logged out during the same session.
  12. Thanks for this! Don't suppose you'd be able to post more details about the original sources, and possibly some md5 hashes (if you know how) for those of us that obsess over file integrity and lineage please?
  13. Banner needs more Mel
  14. This happened for me last week too. (OS X 10.11.4, Safari 9.1)