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  1. Still happier than anytime in the past 20 years. The CD era was just, not...not fun. I don't miss having to qualify all my answers about how my favorite band was not really the ragtag group of nameless assholes using the name right now, but the actual band you all remember. Then I saw them last year, I was finallyl able to say "I am going to see Guns N' Roses". No qualifiers, no caveats. Not looking to go back.
  2. Nope. And honestly, I might actively be rooting against it at this point. It would obviosuly a not even all that pleasant one off, but no one will take it like that. Not looking forward to then having to sift through a bunch of whining about how "this is how it should be" and how anything other than those 5 guys is just an affront to humankind. Pass.
  3. 06.22.1991 - Hampton (great setlist) 07.11.1991 - Denver (YCBM as opener) 12.13.1991 - New York City (alltime favorite GNR concert) 01.25.1992 - Las Vegas (if the whole show sounds like 'Yesterdays'...) 07.18.1992 - East Rutherford (best show of the stadium tour)
  4. I sort of agree with you in the big picture sense. But are you telling me the vast majority would not swap out 'This I Love' for 'Yesterdays'? Or 'Sorry' or 'Catcher' for 'Used To Love Her'?
  5. They aren't moving 40,000 to 50,000 seats to hear CD songs. Get real. I believe they did setlists that were CD heavy. They were in super small "up close and personal" settings, if memory serves.
  6. You want Five Guys...go buy a burger. The show the other night was tremendous. You are missing out with this "brave" and "righteous" stance.
  7. Every time they put the house lights on in between songs, I did not see one empty seat. Even in the rafters.
  8. Would have been like Biggie guesting on 'Hit Em Up'.