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  1. 06.22.1991 - Hampton (great setlist) 07.11.1991 - Denver (YCBM as opener) 12.13.1991 - New York City (alltime favorite GNR concert) 01.25.1992 - Las Vegas (if the whole show sounds like 'Yesterdays'...) 07.18.1992 - East Rutherford (best show of the stadium tour)
  2. I sort of agree with you in the big picture sense. But are you telling me the vast majority would not swap out 'This I Love' for 'Yesterdays'? Or 'Sorry' or 'Catcher' for 'Used To Love Her'?
  3. They aren't moving 40,000 to 50,000 seats to hear CD songs. Get real. I believe they did setlists that were CD heavy. They were in super small "up close and personal" settings, if memory serves.
  4. You want Five Guys...go buy a burger. The show the other night was tremendous. You are missing out with this "brave" and "righteous" stance.
  5. Every time they put the house lights on in between songs, I did not see one empty seat. Even in the rafters.
  6. Would have been like Biggie guesting on 'Hit Em Up'.
  7. XFinity Live will be packed as shit though. Always is for a big event. Been there many times. Last time was before Pearl Jam in April. You could barely move. And that was for a concert about 40% of what GNR's crowd will be. Getting a table is total luck of the draw too. To make a long story short (too late) I would not put all my eggs in that basket.
  8. George Lazenby will go down as "one of the James Bonds" too, DJ.
  9. There is no "single to drop", folks. Do you honestly believe they have an Axl-Slash-Duff song they are sitting on?
  10. Yeah, it was incredible. Someone else in the box got the setlist ahead of time. I believed it, by my buddy didn't. But by the time they started 'Alive', we knew.
  11. I wonder. I just saw Pearl Jam on Friday night. Ticket listed at 8PM, and they came on about 8:40PM. No opener. My Philly ticket says 8:30. Could that mean they come on like 9:15-9:30, with no opener?
  12. This looks great. Thanks so much for the effort.
  13. I'm liking what I'm seeing and hearing.
  14. This sounds incredible. Thanks so, so much.
  15. Makes little difference to me. I opted for club box seats so I could skip the opener if need be. If this is true, I made the right move.