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  1. Ticket Demand?

    Yeah, it was incredible. Someone else in the box got the setlist ahead of time. I believed it, by my buddy didn't. But by the time they started 'Alive', we knew.
  2. Ticket Demand?

    I wonder. I just saw Pearl Jam on Friday night. Ticket listed at 8PM, and they came on about 8:40PM. No opener. My Philly ticket says 8:30. Could that mean they come on like 9:15-9:30, with no opener?
  3. Slash - Blood Runs Cold (Live 2010-2015)

    This looks great. Thanks so much for the effort.
  4. I'm liking what I'm seeing and hearing.
  5. Confirmation of High Quality Vegas Lossless Audio Recordings!

    This sounds incredible. Thanks so, so much.
  6. Opener for Summer N.A. Tour?

    Makes little difference to me. I opted for club box seats so I could skip the opener if need be. If this is true, I made the right move.
  7. Super Bowl 2017

    They run that like a military operation. You are only allotted 12 minutes, and that is strictly enforced. They make you practice getting on and off the field in time with people standing in fro the crowd that day. You are required to attend media day and answer a bunch of dumb ass question. Doesn't matter who you are. The Stones and Paul McCartney had to do it. Do these sound like things Axl would do?
  8. Confirmation of High Quality Vegas Lossless Audio Recordings!

    Thanks for the heads up, vegasjunkie2004. Much appreciated.
  9. Confirmation of High Quality Vegas Lossless Audio Recordings!

    Ah, maybe this is my problem too. I see all the info, but don't see where I might actually download it.
  10. Confirmation of High Quality Vegas Lossless Audio Recordings!

    OK, just registered an account, and I'm in. So, realizing I'm going to sound like some noob dummy...how do I download? I know how to download torrents, but I'm not sure where I click here. A little help?
  11. I went right for the Club Box last Saturday. Happy as can be. You maniacs that wanted GA are in for one physical night, given this town's rep.
  12. Negativity for the sake of...

    I agree its been weird to see. Welcome, but weird. The only thing that I think will fuck them is late times or if Axl has some sort of meltdown. That will cue up some of the "same old bullshit with this guy" talk.
  13. Do you honestly think he would not get closer if he could?