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  1. [http][mp3] Guns N' Roses 2014 ALL IN ONE MP3

    Settle down there, Johnny Ingrate. Thanks for this upload.  Much appreciated, KeifferGNR.
  2. No. They were just one band. I don't see why they would have that big an impact. There is also still rock today. Just perhaps not stuff any of us really listen to. Because we got old.
  3. This would only be a legit beef if you were arguing that if he stayed with his most recent line-up, there would be new stuff. Since I don't believe that for a second, if its a case of picking between which guy I'd rather have on lead guitar playing the classic material, give me the guy that created it in the first place. 12 times out of 10, give me that.
  4. Any chance of seeing UYI-Tour tapes?

    But he's spoken openly about hating that tour. Those of us that collect bootlegs certainly have no shortage of evidence that most night he was in a shit mood.
  5. GNR Bootleg interest

    Big time. I have downloaded several of your stuff in the past and it was all great.
  6. I agree. That's hoping for a best case scenario miracle. If he can muster up 2010, we have to take that as a win and the best we are going to do.
  7. This was always the vibe I got from those two.
  8. Pitman confirmed at Coachella

    Well..... A madison sighting.
  9. I agree. He's the go between and facilitator here, I think.
  10. I think it is. We all read Slash's book. He could not be more clear on this point at the very end. There has to be some sort of assurances Axl will color inside the lines. I can't see them sitting backstage a half hour before the gig waiting for Axl to fucking chopper in from wherever. I think those days are over.
  11. why do you think Matt is so OUT?

    Watts is a HUGE part of the Stones sound. Was that post serious?
  12. Yep. Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Eagles, Van Halen The time they spend onstage is about all the do together anymore. I'm fine with it.
  13. Doesn't sound like Jimmy is super amused by all this, huh?
  14. I think there is the same chance he didn't know about this as there was that he didn't know about that tour in 2001. Zero.
  15. Are Axl's current vocals enough?

    As many of us have said over the years, Axl gets better as the tours wear on. Why? Because he uses the concerts to prepare. Like an athlete "playing their way into shape". Problem is, that really fucks people at the first few shows of any tour. If he gave a shit like he should, he would be ready for show 1. My fear about Coachella is that its the first show. There will be a lot of attention paid to it. If the usual "early tour Axl" shows up that night, it won't be pretty.