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  1. Right but you made a claim that if he was it he couldn't gain that much... that is completely untrue.
  2. I am not gonna get sucked into this silly weight thing myself but I must admit I chuckled when I read your post. Do you know Axl Rose any the meds he is or is not on? Just curious...
  3. Please stay on topic, The topic is Perth show.... If you don't like the topic or want to start insulting other users please pm me to tell me to fuck off. I can take it but it is not welcome on the open forum. Discuss, disagree = Great! Insult forum users? = NO, not allowed.
  4. And this is why opinions differ because to me it feels like they are just getting started
  5. I'm fascinated with this... It's all over the news if you google new Continent or Zealandia
  7. There are many holes in the tail from what I am hearing in this interview, right down to him writing his own book...
  8. Steven is a genius, who hear isn't gonna read the book now?
  9. All the news articles are linked in the appropriate thread, please us the thread already made for more about this:
  10. Opened BBC website imagine my surprise when Guns were on front page!!
  11. Going to clean up some posts that are CLEARLY off topic and other posts which are personal attacks on users here. Please do NOT ever personally attack anyone on this forum, stay on topic! It is cool to disagree and state why but don't get into name calling and such. If you had a post "disappear" you likely know why, if you don't know why feel free to PM me to discuss
  12. Not sure about that but he did used to use a form of this to warm up his voice... thats what I always thought he was doing and they recorded it for this song
  13. Sorry about that, I have moved it here now!
  14. Happy Birthday man!
  15. Not a replica, from Axl's finger itself. We were in a dressing room and Axl's stuff was on the table (he had just got off stage). Long story short we were talking about the ring and were given the opportunity to check it out. Def not