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  1. As long as he declared the amount you paid for it and insured it for that amount he will get the full amount back, doesn't matter how nice or not nice the postal office is, it is why insurance is paid. This is why I never ship without insurance to cover the full price including shipping no matter what I am sending. If they roll it into a ball Neither the buyer or seller is out anything. Send him pictures of the damage he might need that.
  2. The seller should file a claim with postal outlet. It should be insured for whatever you paid for it. insurance will cover the litho and postal charges
  3. Axl was VERY down to earth and relaxed everytime I encountered him. Some would say he was putting on an act, however keep in mind I spent hours with him each time, he was nothing less than interested in our conversation and a complete comedian and a super nice caring dude Bach was typical Bach, very rock star type. @Len Cnut I fucking lol'd bro! I just wanted others to make sure they knew I wasent setting up hidden cams and such lol Consider the fact that Axl's dressing room is like his home. It is his room and only his. It is about as private as sitting in his living room. It is not like he was in a big party area with many people there.
  4. Actually I was in Axl Rose's dressing room. Was there while they talked together and considering that there were MAYBE... by a high count... including myself... 4-5 people there, I consider that pretty fucking private.
  5. I was able to view them shoot the shit very privately. Although they may not talk for some time the two of them get on like they are best friends. There was nothing but love between them when I was there with them in 2010
  6. Going to see Ron tonight!
  7. Perhaps but unless the agreement was in full and he was paid he may own the rights to it. If he owns the rights....
  8. It has run it's course? Europe haven't even seen it yet man
  9. This is a nightmare please someone make this go away. Can he please stop talking already
  10. Fully agree
  11. Welcome to the forum!
  12. I haven't had a chance to read back but this is not a quote thread, stay on topic or don't bother please
  13. Glad he talked, sad he said nothing at all. If you want to hear about traffic in Seattle this interview is for you. Want to hear about anything to do with Guns? NOPE....