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  1. This is a nightmare please someone make this go away. Can he please stop talking already
  2. Fully agree
  3. Welcome to the forum!
  4. I haven't had a chance to read back but this is not a quote thread, stay on topic or don't bother please
  5. Glad he talked, sad he said nothing at all. If you want to hear about traffic in Seattle this interview is for you. Want to hear about anything to do with Guns? NOPE....
  6. Very cool thank you!
  7. I guess some phones still use memory cards eh? Regardless its a pain in the ass to change phones IMO
  8. I would still use it. It is a pain to transfer everything back over so why not protect it in some way?
  9. Her last single was called "Take Me Down?" Paradise City reference? I donno
  10. I spit out my wine... good job!
  11. Nice ta see you here!! Great find!
  12. Perhaps but as @StrangerInThisTown pointed out this isn't just some obscure bootleg as they did use "You're Crazy" from this show for Live Era which was released November 23, 1999
  13. Does not sound like CD?