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  1. Hello everybody...

    Nice to have ya here Fede! Thank you for everything, hope you too had some fun!
  2. 2 Tickets for sale FACE value (standard ticket, NOT VIP, price is way lower than VIP) Detroit section D close to Middle section near isle in the first 10 rows, PM for details.
  3. For sale Face value (Standard ticket, NOT VIP) Section D in the first 10 rows 2 seats together, PM ME Killer seats Slash side close to center.
  4. BIG *IF* but I may be headed down to this show. Looking into that. Would be myself and my wife
  5. Sweet, haven't been to Detroit in 20yrs and it was not for an event. Thanks for the information man! A little nervous as it is I wont be getting there till like 9:30 if all goes well
  6. Awe man sold out Wish I would have noticed that in my excitement to get tix lol Anyone have any other options for parking, or close by and cab or something? I want vehicle to be safe etc even though its just a minivan, nothing special it is all I got
  7. Anyone know a way to get a parking pass that makes sure there is a spot for me when I arrive (late) Tix came in today!
  8. Nick Menza, ex Megadeth Drummer, passed away at 51

    F U C K, loved Nick... RIP
  9. I wont stay off topic long but its relevant While the sound of music is free for the week the kickoff concert with The Cult is a paid ticketed event
  10. They are playing "The Sound Of Music" festival in Burlington, ON on June 11th
  11. Egyptair flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo disappears from radar
  12. New VLC player?

    I use pot player myself seems to play everything. Also download a codec pack if you need it
  13. Many blocks of tickets that were not avail are now avail on ford field site. floors, sections off floor etc
  14. If it did not say on the site and does on the tix go to the show and if it is obstructed request a refund based on false advertising of tickets on the site. Be nice and they will generally help you out.