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  1. For those wondering simply watch the video: it IS the venue they are playing today
  2. Reminder... personal insults will not be allowed on the forum. If your post was removed that may be why
  3. Is putting a sheet on the field normal? Normally they cover them with boards etc not a giant piece of plastic
  4. Toronto Front of The Line Advert
  5. I am gonna go with 7pm so we all here in time
  6. OK LOL, thanks for that will do it now. Been busy anyone know what time Guns are scheduled to hit the stage in Ireland?
  7. So you guys are NOT doing your fucking job... @Gibbo @AlexC@anyone? Where is the countdown for the OP? I am NOT posting it till you tell me to! Hop to it young laddie!
  8. I think that was typo left from them supposed to do this wed... So I think that presale will be tomorrow but have no way to verify yet
  9. Try different browsers