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  1. Does the public still hate Axl?

    To me it was, to others maybe not? It would have been better had you said this is the type of thing I see from comments out there or something. If you want a copy of your post to try again please PM me
  2. NES Classic

    I think it will be a good Dad/Son project
  3. Hard to tell maybe a pick? It looks like he takes it off mic stand at top
  4. Does the public still hate Axl?

    It is a sport going after "Axel" on alot of public places. I say "Axel" because the negative comments I have seen always name him that way lol
  5. Nightrain Membership

    No issue there, enjoy the show!
  6. Ticket Prices

    We all have to decide if it is worth paying. That is how this works, if it is worth it pay it, if you don't feel it is either sit in cheaper seats or don't go. I can't find one person that can tell me what price they should be charging... because that will change with everyone's opinion
  7. Ticket Prices

    That is true but in my mind, I am not going to tell you how to budget but you have had a long time to save up for this knowing it was coming. That is not to say it is affordable for everyone, it never truly is though, GN'R is not cheap entertainment. The prices are on par with most stadium shows that I have seen. I have spent money on less exciting things before
  8. Ticket Prices

    I guess I mean you don't need a ticket with certain passes.
  9. I pulled capacity from google of course, if you can provide me a link for any show that shows a true concert capacity I will change the venues info on the show thread
  10. Richard Fortus Interview

    If not for the history alone. This is one I would love to get to
  11. GNR at the Gorge

    Please use this thread and be advised we do not allow selling on this forum over face value.
  12. Ticket Prices

    He must be mistaken somehow or wants to keep people from asking him.