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  1. Kate fucking Bush.

    Not sure why it doesn't work for you but I simply copy and paste the link and wait 2 seconds for it to load then hit post and its embedded
  2. Guns N' Roses release the city logo and we have been mixing that with that slogan for each show. No this is not official or the lithograph
  3. Everyone going today have a GREAT time! Enjoy every second of the show!!
  4. Most of you understand this but please have a re-look at what was written in the first post as it is VERY important: Notice to all mygnrforum users:Scalping of tickets willNOTbe permitted on this site. If you post an offer to sell tickets, you will only be allowed to offer them at face value or less. Any post offering tickets for anything over face value will be removed and the user making the post will receive a warning point and suspension.Also-All ticket offers on this site are strictly between the buyer & seller, mygnrforum is inNO WAYresponsible for anything to do with transactions conducted between users.
  5. It is under major construction so much easier to get lost
  6. I think that number is way inflated, my section which was a big section knew alot of the songs and danced and sang to them
  7. I am actually trying to work on this to get these numbers, I will update either here or I will link it when I do
  8. From the preshow to the concert itself we had a blast. So cool seeing and meeting so many new faces and old faces from the forum. The show was great, just got in at 440am and I'm wiped. If I met you tonight quote this post and tag me in it want to keep in touch! Or private message me, can't recall all usernames, many yes but not all! Myself and my son loved it all, everyone was so damn cool tonight (or was that last night?) Hey @downzythanks alot for holding that train for the 15 last calls ahahahah, seriously though thanks for everything tonight ! The band sounded great from my seats(was actually shocked being SkyDome does not have great acoustics) Axl brought the house down, people from the pit to the upper deck were having a great time. During PC People were dancing on top of the dugouts! Security was lax which was great, People leaving the venue had a great night from what I heard in the crowd. Always cool to see "general public" enjoy the show and leave fulfilled. I say that cause we here are a little spoiled knowing more than most. The guy behind me when Coma started made me smile, he legit was in total shock they were playing that. So tonight (last night? For me) Was a night to remember for fans in Toronto from all over the planet. So fucking cool, so amazing that we get to see this In Our Lifetime! Thank you again to all the fans that made this night even better for us, I mean that's what this is all about right? For me it is, most definitely... If Guns are coming near you or even further away get to a show!!!
  9. Had a great time at preparty thanks to everyone that introduced themselves and thanks to Andrew for everything!
  10. Where the fuck are you guys hurry up! The party is on!