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  1. WAIT! Is he actually wearing a Gunsguy shirt? GG yay! lol
  2. TRUMP Thread

    Hilary and Bill are attending. I would put that as all other points being invalid lol, if they can accept it... However I do find it odd, she doesnt have to be there by any means and I can presume she may be pissing her own people off PS I am watching it, not cause I like DT but because this is history regardless of political lines
  3. Pit Sections seperated?

    Hard to say at this point, some shows were and some were not. The detroit show looked like it was only seperated by security
  4. 2017 Death Pool Draft

    He's in ICU, it's pretty serious That's the thing about death lol
  5. I am The Baconman

    Please use one of the many, many setlist/tour discussion threads to have your say in.
  6. Is Slash too low in the mix?

    Tip one... you tube does not show you how loud someone is in the mix because there are too many variables, where you are in the venue, the camera, phone, if they are using any sort of other software or hard ware etc. Tip two... Slash cuts through the mix and is loud as hell
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I dislike this guy however one thing I learned today watching from CANADA is that while the PEOTUS was busy talking jobs during press conference the media was busy with scandal and drama.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Look like he was not on board
  9. If thread op can link us to this rumor floating around other than a photoshopped image trying to sell tee shirts on social media please PM me, I am shutting this down as it seems more like the OP is hopeful based on nothing. If things change I will reopen the thread
  10. It is a photoshop that has nothing to do with a rumor, it is one of those ads on Facebook trying to sell you a shirt. Can the thread op Let us know where this rumor came from?
  11. He did just have another 3 hour meeting so ya never know
  12. Mariah Carey NYE 2016 Disaster

    I still cant believe people go to a show and pay big money to see this trash. We are critical of Axl if he has a bad night for sure but regardless we at least know he is really performing. This is the reason I never want Guns at Superbowl, they make them do this shit