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  1. Powerage

    Thank you Zint and GG for your candor on this matter. The way my original thread was treated you would have thought I was breaching national security.
  2. Powerage

    Why did you lock my thread. I didn't tell you to lock my thread. The other mods haven't replied yet. And to suggest a MYGNR mod never got backstage in the history of MYGNR is BS. Eric, Madison, GG never got backstage??? What about Montrealler and the ever vivacious Zint??? You are not to touch my threads. Don't be so cowardly.
  3. A desperate plea to my fellow GNR fans....

    You don't deserve it. You disgust me.
  4. HEY MODS.

    I like Black Sabbath but he needs more power. I would put HV as Chief Technical Officer and make Black Sabbath admin.
  5. Anyone Else Felt This Way During the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame?

    They did the best with what they had to work with. Steven Adler was brilliant. Axl and Izzy fucked up real bad that night.
  6. SOB's Vegas Videos 11/7 and 11/9

  7. Have you ever ball'ed your eyes out to TIL and TWAT??

    You were probably just getting cranky as it was past your beddie bye time.
  8. HEY MODS.

    Kiss asses.
  9. New rule idea I have

  10. Why does Axl hold on to the GN'R name NOW?

    That is an interesting point. Legally it is Guns N' Roses. But also legally, how is it NOT a solo act?
  11. SOB's Vegas Videos 11/7 and 11/9

    Next time I travel cross country, spend over a thousand dollars to watch a concert through a camera, to appease fans I have been arguing with for over a decade, I will keep your message in mind. No good deed goes unpunished.
  12. Why does Axl hold on to the GN'R name NOW?

    t I view the current incarnation of Guns N' Roses as a solo act. Some people get insulted by that but I can't view it any other way. If Axl gave the other band members a piece of ownership in the name, I may think differently. For me the only thing that is the same is Axl and the name of the band. There is nothing wrong with a solo act, artist do it all the time. Hell, I just traveled accross the country to see it live. But the situation with the current band fits every characteristic of a solo act, except the band name which undoubtably increases ticket sales. My opinion anyways.
  13. I think TIL would have been be a smash with Slash. For me the music is boring, Axl is excellent.
  14. Have you ever ball'ed your eyes out to TIL and TWAT??

    Slash has nothing to do with this thread stop derailing it. You have either cried to CD or you haven't. Stop posting about Slash it is lazy posting.
  15. Have you ever ball'ed your eyes out to TIL and TWAT??

    No and I have no idea LOL.