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God of Thunder

Last stop in Europe: Barcelona!!! Who is going?

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Is anyone from the forum coming for the (supposedly) final European show this year?

Yep, I am coming.

A mini holiday in Spain just to see the guns :)

Can`t think of a better time to go to a GNR concert than in the final show of the current European tour.

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I was planning on going, but then today I saw tickets for standings are all gone (ticketmaster) :( ... and on other pages prices are skyhigh, so don´t know if this trip will happen at all - and I meant to come from Slovenia for this :) Ah well, maybe I´ll try Zaragoza, but I was so anxious to see the last EU show (went to Zagreb too). I know you´ll have a blast, so enyoj!

P.S.: If anyone has an info about extra standing ticket in a range up to 100€, please let a fellow GnR fan know ;)

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Got my ticket ages ago, even bloody ticketmaster charged over 40€ for shipping...that is crazy!

Anyone knows a nice bar near the venue to have some drinks before the show?

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