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My letter to axl

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nothing to say about Axl Rose he is boss....

Gun N' Roses

Gun N' Roses


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i sent this thru gnr's facebook and thru bumble.

Dear Axl, the whole band, Beta , fernando and they're family and of course anyone who actually gives a shit.

A lot of hating and nonsense has already been written and said about the HOF induction since Axl's letter has been posted online.
What i wish to say it's something diffrent...

I have not been a fan of Gnr all my life, hell i was born in '89 and although i remember hearing you could be mine in terminator 2 ou jungle in clint eastwood's Dead pool, it wasn't till my 18th birthday that i started paying more attention to Guns n roses besides listening to jungle every now and then. Mostly because my father never let me hear the music or watch the tv channels i wanted even if it was on the privacy of my room.

What i want to say is that as soon as i started paying more and more atention to GNR's music and "history", i started falling in love with the band and the music itself, the lyrics and mostly because i always loved your voice and the danger the band represented. The "it's my way or the highway" stand.
And although i inicially didnt pay any atention to the "new" gnr members, i slowly started hearing and reading more about them and watchin interviews and concert footage and i started admiring these guys, maybe because im from a newer generation and not from the "80's", i don't know, but i learned to respect and get to know the actual members (some more than others) and from there i started dissecting every little word, text, interview, video, or even your famous "mygnr" chats with the members.
And i saw a man who has been fighting for what he stands for 25 years, a man that has fight time and time again critics, hating, lawsuits and ex-members public lies and was able to form an amazing line up, i think that since '09 , this has been the utimate gnr line up, the adition of ashba with his "slash-like" aproach on the guitar, Bumble's guitar shredding or Frank's amazing drumming has addicted me into this line up and i sincerily wish you guys could get the respect you deserve.

I mean no one in the band had been in a project as big as GNR, they are all amazing musicians but they never really had they're shot at the title i guess...and u grabbed them and yes u gave em an oportunity to be on an amazing band, but u also have put them on a spotlight where they are going to be attacked , where they are going to be bashed by angry so called fans, where they are going to be called slags or hacks by junkie losers, where they will get hit with "missiles", u have been "booed" off stage. And we're talking about guys that didnt had to deal with these sort of problems before, besides all the shit they get every show is a constant fight to win the crowd over, u guys always have to make every show better than the last, and u guys are making 3h shows, you played 2 or 3 shows sick not too long ago and i bet a younger axl would've just canceled but u didn't, bumblefoot has lots of pain but he still goes out there for 3h, he doesnt ask for the shows to be cut short, and why do you guys do it ? for the money ?? NO! if you were in it for the money you would've chosen the "easy" way out long ago and re-formed the old line up, there is no NEW GNR or OLD GNR, you're not driving gnr's legacy to the ground, I believe you are not the person most people say you are, i believe you care more about us than sometimes we care to see.

There is only GUNS N' ROSES and as long as you guys can honor the band's name and be as good or (like i think) BETTER than the old line up then i promise you that me ad all the people who agree with me will always be at your shows.
GNR's never been about pleasing to anyone so why should start now ? The stunt you pulled against HOF with that letter would've made even Marlon Brando himself proud, Great musicians, actors hell Great persons don't need a prize or a signed paper to show how good they are in what they do, they just go there and do it every single night.

Bumblefoot once told me on a message thru facebook "we're like party planners , you see the party but you don't see the planners", i think this sums up everything u guys stand for, your not there for fortune and FAME or (shame), you're there because you love what you do and you want to give the fans every night the best show ever.
Every so called fan who says that you don't care about fans or says that you should do this or that because we are the ones who pay you, are NOT fans, you don't owe me or any other fan in the world anything you haven't been repaying every single night with 3h of great music with great musicians.

People need to realize that to "us" Guns n' roses are a band (even if u are the greatest rock band ever to some of us) but to you GNR is your private life, your "job", your vision , your dream and no one and by no one i mean not some fuckin producer, or some fuckin record company, manager or a fan should tell you how to live it.

If you want to wear rings wear them, if tommy want's to dress as a teletubbie let him, if Bumble wants to be a star war's stormtropper then let him and if you don't want a reunion or don't want to be at HOF then "we" should let you.

One of the reasons i respect you is because you're always true to yourself, if less money means not seeling out then be it ! Stay true, stay Axl.

A great thanks to you,bumblefoot, Dj ashba, Fortus, Tommy, Dizzy,Frank, Chris and a special thanks to Beta for keeping you out of trouble and helping you revive GNR.


Sincerely a mere portuguese fan.


I stopped reading after you were born in 1989.


that doesnt change shit, there are 50year old guys who love this line up, and there are 15y old kids that want a reunion... being born in 89 doesnt make me less fan than anybody


Yea hes got a point. I'm 16 and I'd love to see a reunion. Wish I was born to see them live in their prime.  :question:


We're screwed.

Mr. Dude

Mr. Dude


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I agree with the sentiments expressed in this letter. 

Bad Ass.



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"I reiterate my original point that I think 2016 will be a good year for GNR/Axl fans." - Downzy




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I think I can guess what Steven just finished doing when that picture was taken.

Like if your ass was your head you could tell...



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I think I can guess what Steven just finished doing when that picture was taken.

Yeah, I like the one I made a long time ago a lot better.

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