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Asking nicely for genuine opinions from GUNS fans - Please :)

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  • 06-June 12
Hi All,

OK, so, this is my first post here so clearly I came here for a reason, right? - Here it is....

I'm a massive Guns fan, my singer is too, clearly. We've put together a song, and to us it sounds like Guns, to you, it may not. We don't say this with ego or a challenge to anyone, because there is only ONE GNR, ONE Axl...however, it does kinda strike that same chord (we think).

Can YOU as Guns fans, get into something like this? personally as the writer of the music, i'm more into modern GNR (from UYI onward i'd say) than the original sleaze rock Guns that so many others are influenced by when recording, so, frankly, we don't know whether guns fans will like it, or hate us for sounding the way we do.

Genuine opinions anyone? Thanks to all for reading this, really! and please, no-one get angry, we know we ain't Guns ;)

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Crash Diet

Crash Diet


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  • 22-October 11
A little bit generic, but not bad. The singer is talented and the guitars sounds good to me.
Wish the band to the best :thumbsup:

Unless we start boycotting them nothing will ever change.
Stop seeing GnR concerts. Stop buying shit from them.
2 things will happen:
- They will actually step up and release new music.
- Or they will quit.
And quite frankly, both options are better than this.

we were the left overs... the "hardcore" fans



    You can't trUst freedom wHen it's not in Your hands

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  • 14-January 10
play it faster

bullshit and contemplation


gossips their trade




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  • 21-August 08
i like the melody, it's got that epic ambient quality, and the guitars are OK, but I felt that the vocals got drowned in the mix and the singer doesn't have that great diction... I can hear the axl influence, but the thing with axl is that he puts great emphasis on the right syllables, which is why everything he says comes out very matter of fact and in your face, but this type of singing to my ears was very myles kennedy-like... in other words strained and monotonous, didn't understand a word he said...felt like he was trying too hard and some of the verses are too long and it feels like he's gonna run out of breath any second, so it makes it even worse...that's just my opinion

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  • 06-June 12
Noted on all, thanks guys! ;)




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  • 01-February 06

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