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Does anybody else think that New GNR without Bucket was kind of like Maverick without Goose or Mickey without Minnie for Axl?

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I'd prove it showing how each song has its own distinct identity nowadays but whatever, wouldnt make a difference because in the end the truth to most users over here is what they want to believe in and not the actual truth.
The cover band argument is retarded.
but yes, lets keep the retarded and baseless arguments.
So enough with the stupid "cover band" arguments and the double - and hypocrite - standarts.


First.....what is with the hostility and anger? Why do you have to insult people and their beliefs? Isn't this a GnR forum? A place that should be open for all to partake in an intelligent discussion regarding GnR.

And you do realize that most adults stop using the term retard as an insult about the same time they stopped using the word gay as an insult, right?

So, from your post......everybody who doesn't worship Axl is wrong, anybody who disagrees with you is wrong (and retarded, and lying to themselves)......and you could easily prove it.......but decide not to, and just insult them?

I suppose I could respond the same way, but instead I will just address actual facts, and will show some respect for other people.

A band is a band. End of story. Even if u didn't write anything, even if u have been there for three days. A band is whomever is in it.

That band can also be labeled other things.

Cover band appropriately describes the band. As does touring band.

Here are facts, not opinions, concerning their concerts.

Appetite songs.......7 out of 8 members had nothing to do with it.

Lies.....7 out of 8 had nothing to do with it.

Illusions......6.5 out of 8 had nothing to do with it. I guessing about Dizzy, I don't recall how many writing credits he had.

CD.......3 out of 8 had nothing to do with writing the songs. Almost half the band didn't even write the last album.

So besides Axl, nobody in the band had a roll in writing/creating 80% of the music this band plays every night. And almost half the band didn't have a part in creating 100% of the songs they play every night.

(If my numbers are off its because of Dizzy and the different drummers on CD). But you get the point.

Bruno, taking away your Axl worship and looking at those facts......you honestly do not think that cover band and touring band aren't valid descriptions?

I think u get hung up on those being negative terms. But like I've said a thousand times, they are one of the best touring bands I've ever seen live. And they are a great cover band, as they kick ass playing other people's songs. Axl did a great job putting this current group together.

But until they start playing more songs that THEY created, and their shows aren't a majority of songs that almost the entire band had nothing to do with creating......then they are a cover and touring band.

It isn't an insult. It is a fact.

Bruno P.

Bruno P.


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I'm talking about the current band and the Bucket/Finck era band, not about Axl at all. I'm talking about double standarts, people that say they were moving forward ten years ago because they were a different band and now they are a cover band because they're like the old band... (I mean, is that even a serious argument? Doubt it). You simply don't know what to say, but you do so because you want to be annoying, you have no idea of what you're talking about and you simply can't comprehend most of our posts so you keep on quoting them and taking everything out of the original context so it'd fit your own agenda. Seriously, you have no idea of what you're trying to say, you don't understand a thing, you're always running into circles mentioning your own useless words describing people that don't agree with your deluded view of the band.
I did not mention Axl, I'm not "worshipping" him. Stop that already, take time to actually read our posts and at least try to understand them - I know it's too much for you, but at least try. It ain't hard, you just have to read carefully.

"When the whole world looks at me they see some other guy
Doesn't matter what I say, they all made up their minds
I didn't like it then, and I still don't like it now
But I find the strength to smile somehow"

arnold layne

arnold layne


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@Randy Lahey, you have some of the most pointless threads of all time. Please stop.

Randy Lahey is one of the coolest guys I know.

You? Probably not.

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