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Slash vs. Buckethead Vs. BBF

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Poll: Slash vs. Buckethead Vs. BBF (72 member(s) have cast votes)

Who is the greater guitarist?

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Slash is light years ahead of the other two.

If you'd knew how pathetic that sounds you'd never say something that stupid and retarded again.

You must be one of those guys who thinks technical skills is all that matters. I have a few friends better than Hendrix, page and slash. Now what sounds more retarded? What I just said or what satanisk said? By your logic what I said is perfectly fine.

I doubt your friends could come up with something like this...

Or this...

But that's not the point and nobody mentioned skills. You are so defensive and mentioned technical skills because this is your only argument, right? Seriously, not to sound arrogant or anything but when I get to hear from absolute masters of the fretboard and musician's musicians like Shawn Lane or Guthrie Govan that someone's one of the best ever, I don't need a deaf GnR fan like you or SS to tell me otherwise. If you really believe that Slash is light years ahead of the other guitar players in question I suggest you to listen to more music, especially guitar-influenced music. There's a whole world out there you haven't discovered yet.

Fuck that, now I gotta search (again) for more early Bucket vids. Watching him play Watching the boards with my dad (the song at the end) gave me goosebumps. Amazing song, amazing playing, amazing guitar player!

That actually sounds like shit. If Slash was making music that sounded like that, I would kill myself.

Bruno P.

Bruno P.


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That actually sounds like shit. If Slash was making music that sounded like that, I would kill myself.

Have you heard the whole thing? You're not smart enough to realize that we were talking about technical skills and those vids show exactly that, there's no music apart from a few bits here and there.

And, really, do you really think that this is shit?

If so, yes, please kill yourself. You'll be doing us a favor. Bucket not only beats almost everyone technique-wise but also creatively with an impressive body of truly beautiful guitar music. The guy's got the most beautiful guitar oriented songs ever recorded under his belt - only Shawn Lane's truly amazing ballads can match him.

Edited by Bruno Poeys, 13 October 2012 - 02:52 PM.

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