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Vincent Vega

Was Axl's voice turning to "Mickey Mouse" in '93

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I just want his 2010 voice back.

For whatever reason in 2006, and even moreso in 2010, he went out of his way to try and sing and sound the way he did generally in 86-93, more than likely to appease the massive criticism of his singing in 2002. The fact that he went so far back the other way (falsetto) starting in 2011 suggests that he took advice that he really shouldn't sing that way anymore if he wants to preserve what he has left.

It's so screamingly obvious that the way he sings is a choice on his part. Some of the people who repeatedly post nonsense theories about his voice really should try reading the whole thread. Because then when you get to a post like Highvoltage's that spells out very clearly the ways in which Axl has changed his singing style and why, you can amend your erroneous assumptions and stop posting drivel.

Although some here would likely put me in the 'voice police' camp and say i'm just here to run Axl down for fun: that's horse shit. I commend him for taking steps to preserve his voice. My issues with his singing are:

1. He can sing fantastic, powerful falsetto that suits both the old and new songs (see Madagascar Cleveland soundboard 2002, LALD Pittsburgh soundboard 2002, various 2002 Nightrains etc). But when he's on live telly in front of the world and on streams that will haunt youtube forever, he comes out massively unprepared and sounds awful.

2. Back in 2010 when he worked hard to achieve a complete vocal resurrection he didn't bring out the hard-to-sing songs to get them down for posterity or make the point of filming a few of the shows. Listen to Arnhem 2010: the most effortless performance of Better i've ever heard. He actually sings it the way he does on the record, instead of gasping it out between breaths. YCBM is probably the best since 1993. He was on fire. So why not have another go at Prostitute, Twat and Catcher which he'd put away after the early 2009 shows because they were a nightmare for him to sing? By mid-2010 he could have absolutely nailed them all. And playing them regularly the band could have really gotten them down. In reality we'll likely never ever get a great version of any of those live.

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Axl's voice didn't "turn" into Mickey Mouse - he started using falsetto to hit the notes he used to hit with his "head voice", then eventually started to use it for the notes he used to hit with his chest voice as well. He changed the way he sings completely.... added more rasp (kind of like a screech) to that falsetto with time. If you don't believe me, try it yourself, it's easiest to get that screech rasp on the REALLY high notes when you're pushing out the most air - impossible when you're singing lower notes.

This is something I believe he's done because he damaged his vocal chords on the Illusion tours... nobody can sing like he did in 1993 and get away with it.

You really sound like you know what you're talking about. Thanks for writing that out.

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Was Axl's voice already starting to become Mickey Mouse-ish in '93?

His voice sounds like it lacks a lot of the rasp and power it had just a year before in '92.

yeah, we already know your 1993 Mickey theory

But this is bullshit

He started sounding Mickey at 2001, imo

Even the 1999 demos his high pitched voice sounds good, imo

edit: oops, i forgot the HR days when he sounds like absolutely a MM (1984)

Edited by Crash Diet

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