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Silent Jay

11/10/2012 - 6th Show of Las Vegas Residency @ The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

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Than you should let him know this. Just mail it on fb, twitter and so on.

Maybe Ron and DJ as well, since they actually read, what is posted.

I do not use any social media outlets, but I would, from the absolute bottom of my heart appreciate it anyone here could do this for me.

Forget me. My friend who had the thing in his hand is the biggest GnR fan I know. Since the day I have known him we have joked/dreamed about how sick it would be to catch the mic at a GnR show. Then it happens, and at a Saturday Night Show in Vegas no less, and we have it taken away from us.

I think I may start a seperate thread asking for help.

I give you all my word. This is 100% preciesely what went down.

It sucks and all but with all due respect, you guys didn't catch the mic. Maybe someone saw that a profit was being made on it so that's why it was taken away? Not sure but that sucks! Glad you got your money back from that guy.

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