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Holy cow, I meant to reply to this yesterday but I'm in the middle of nowhere enjoying quality time with the lady and Internet is scarce. You guys are costing me a shower with her, so if that doesn't prove that I "care", I don't know what does.

First off, Subsy still cares about this place, he's still paying the bills and he WILL be back. Obviously he has some significant stuff to take care of in the real world - I'm still in contact with him, and if I/we need him for anything critically important, he's there.

Thom, I've spoken to many of your detractors many a time (and issued warnings, suspensions, etc) - but you aren't helping your own cause with the way you conduct yourself mate. I love having you around and would hate to see you go - but you make silly threads, then react quite loudly when they get "derailed" (when it's questionable whether they have a topic in the first place). Then when you make one serious thread (out of 20), you get upset when it gets derailed too.

I'm not saying it's acceptable for people to shit on you (note to Dazey et al - it's NOT acceptable, cut that shit out), but you can't expect the mods to constantly follow you around and clean up posts when you're not doing anything to get people off your back either. Use some tact mate, you have to meet us halfway as well. If you want people to take you seriously, stop making silly threads and getting so visibly upset with people when they don't take your "real" ones seriously.

To the guys following him around - I meant it when I said to cut it out. This place is supposed to be fun, that doesn't mean you make it fun by making fun of other people. There are other forums around that tolerate it - don't abuse the fact that we're trying to be lenient here when we're made it very clear that it's not the environment we're looking to foster. If you want to behave like that, go somewhere else. This includes posting crybaby pictures, etc when someone makes a complaint in the support section.

I'll be back at my girlfriend's house in a few days time and I'll be online more - but I won't be able to resume full duties until mid-January when I go back to Australia. In the meantime, for fuck's sake... let me enjoy my holiday, it's the first one I've taken in years!

Thanks everyone.

i ninja edit 99% of my posts.




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I love that you guys worship madison era so much.

Here's a lovely gem from the madison era, including three mods, an admin, and a future mod, insulting a poster until he left the forum.


I dunno man. Seems like MyGNR is the same as it always was, it's certainly not 'worse'.


Just reopened this for a sec (sorry High) to say thanks for that, completely forgot about that one. :rofl-lol:

Oh and,it was 1 admin, 3 mods...and four future members of the current mod squad. :tongue2:

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