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Anyone Else Felt This Way During the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame?

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I saw part of it until Miles Kennedy started singing then I started screaming at the tv and turned it off!

Much like Axl probably did! lol

I hate that Miles's voice. It's so nasal and no one and I mean no one can sing GNR songs except Mr. Axl Rose.

I can't stand Myles voice on GnR songs, it doesn't fit.

He sounds great with Alter Bridge though and with his work with Slash.

I'd much rather have had Axl singing with the band that night.

Unfortunately........feuds and pride are more important to him than giving the fans a treat.

Like i said before, of course his own private life is more important to him than to please people like you.

People like me?

You mean people that have financially supported Axl since 1988? People that have bought multiple copies of every album he has put out, including numerous copies of CD that I gave to friends as gifts? People that have purchased more GnR t-shirts and posters than I can remember? People who proudly the wore the original Appetite t-shirt when they were 18......and then looked on proudly when his 18-year-old son wore the CD t-shirt? People that have spent around 10-grand to watch GnR concerts over the years? People that have said that CD is the best rock album of the last decade? People that have said that CD is the most underrated hard rock album of all time? People that desperately wish their favorite rock singer would have released more than one album over the last 15 years? People that have said they don't care who Axl plays with - old band, current band, new band - they just wish they could hear new music from their favorite singer? People who have said they'd pay $500 today for a box set of music from Axl?

Ya. Axl shouldn't care about people like me at all.

It is funny how you somehow celebrate the fact that Axl doesn't care about his fans. Most musicians put their own personal feelings and pride aside to do things that celebrate and show appreciation for their fans. Because they know that without the fans - they don't have their fame and fortune and mansions and dream life.

Oh, and on a side note. Your condescending arrogant douche-bag attitude isn't helping Axl or the band. It just makes you look like a condenscending arrogant douche-bag. I know I'll probably get "warned" for the personal insult, but I've just been noticing your posts over the last week and you come off like a real prick. If you are such an Axl worshipper, why don't you work to try and bring fans together instead of just adding and causing negativity on this forum?

People like you who by supporting the band think they're intitled to tell them what they should or shouldn't do. Axl created Guns n' Roses, the afd line up turned the band into the biggest band in the world, they all fucked up at one point or another and most of them decided to quit, axl stayed and went trough a lot of shit but never gave up on guns n roses, he came back and he fought and fought and fought till he was able to complete his masterpiece. All that has broken the man down in my opinion...all the hating, all the fight, the all divorce situation and the band breaking up...and finally not the bad reviews chinese got but the fact that it was ignored by everyone and instead people choose to continue and bash the new band and attack Axl like he's the big villain...

All that imo broke Axl, i can't say what goes in the man's head but we of all people should be supporting him...when i say "we" i mean those who spent enough time in a message board to know the true facts about everything that happened and everything he went trough. But instead we attack him daily and you think im the condescending arrogant douche bag??

Well fuck you and all you haters, you can't call yourself fans if you can't place yourself in Axl's shoes for a moment and understand what he went trough. I might not agree with the man in everything and i sure as shit ain't gonna say that he's always right but i can understand and salute him for what he's done. This is not me being a blind worshipper this is me being a "human" and valuing hard work.

Anyone who has had to deal with real life problems and face them while suffering from depression can and should understand Axl.

I wasn't 100% certain you were an condescending arrogant douche until reading this I'm 100% certain. Telling people to "f*ck off" because you don't like where their worship level is on a rock singer? Really? What complete strangers say about a rock singer makes you this angry? Dude - seriously. You might need to step away from Axl Rose for a while.

And yes. You might not be a "blind" worshipper, but you are still a worshipper. I find celebrity worship weird and creepy - you apparently don't.

Just like Axl owes me nothing - I don't owe him anything either. Sorry that makes you sooooo angry.

And who gave you the authority to decide who is a "real fan" or not? That is one of the most idiotic things you've ever posted.

And lol at your first statement. So I'm not allowed to post - on a GNR FORUM - what I think the band should do........but YOU are allowed to post what you think us non-fans should do? The forum rules don't dictate that we must only praise and worship Axl. We are talking about members of the band this forum is dedicated to - so yes, little fella, we are allowed to post our OPINIONS on what we would like to see our favorite singer do with his music career. That has nothing to do with feeling entitled. It's called chatting on a fan forum. What you are doing, however, is just ridiculous. Maybe you just aren't cut out for forums. If this forum fills you with so much anger and hate, maybe you should stick to different avenues of Axl worshipping?

The fact that volcano thinks your post is the post of the year.........speaks volumes.

So you're not a worshiper and you think that's weird and creepy but yet you come here everyday to comment on the life and music of the same guy i worship, what does that make you then ?

You're entitled to post what you think the band should do, but you're not entitled to think that the band really has to do what you want just because you support them, but i guess that somehow in that fucked up brain of yours you reached the conclusion that since you're supporting the band you own them...well guess what ? You don't. So don't get you're panties in a twist everytime you think the lead singer is gonna put your own personal desires in front of his own private life.

Kanada, I go to every day as well............does that mean I worship every sports team/player alive? I also go to and every day. Man....I worship a lot of people.

It makes me a fan of Axl Rose the musician and the band Guns n Roses., and a fan of this forum. A worshipers are guys like you and Volcano, whose opinions are based on how Axl Rose feels or on how they pertain to Axl Rose. Celebrity worship is creepy.

Now you are telling me what I am entitled to "think" This just keeps getting better and better. And I'm the one with the "f*cked up brain"....alrighty.

Please cite the post where I said I own the band. Why do guys like you and Volcano have to lie and make stuff up to support your Axl worship? Why can't you just stick to the facts? If you have to LIE and make stuff up, maybe the real issue is with YOU?

And LOL at "my own personal desires." You say it like I'm hoping he does something weird and crazy. ONLY in your "brain" and this forum, is wishing your favorite singer released music more than once every 20 years be seen as having a sense of entitlement, f*cked up brain and thinking you "owned" the band.



So I don't have to leave the forum forever? You aren't going to show proof of what I said about VR. Which we all know you can't, because it was you LYING. Shame - that's not cool at all dude. I don't have a lot of respect for liars.

LOL - yay, you go dude!!! F*ck everybody who has a different opinion than you do, and F*ck everybody who is associated with Slash!!!! Keep telling us that you aren't an Axl worshipper and have your own opinions.........while you get angry at any mention of Slash, and you spew out hatred towards him several times a day. It's gotta drive you absolutely nuts that when Axl was at his most popular and relevance, Slash was right by his side. And since Slash left GnR, he has had a more successful career than Axl. I can't even imagine how that must make you feel.

That's really how you talk? Like a 15-year-old kid on the school grounds trying to look and sound tough? 30 something years old and regularly uses the F word.....what a bad-ass!!!!

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Some posters should really take a break from GNR forums. I swear I see the Fake Izzy kid posting in like 4 different forums, and he spams the chat with his own. Where do you guys get all this energy from? Geez.

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Some posters should really take a break from GNR forums. I swear I see the Fake Izzy kid posting in like 4 different forums, and he spams the chat with his own. Where do you guys get all this energy from? Geez.

Stalking him? I don't even visit 4 forums.

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VR was more successful than Axl's Gn'R and that's not saying much, which makes me lol. :rofl-lol:

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At the RNRHOF it would have been great if the band could have played along with old footage of Axl singing on a screen.

I've seen this done with Elvis and his old band and its pretty awesome.

No Myles and the old band would have been about as reunited as they could ever be...


That would be a great idea.....if Axl was as dead as Elvis.

No, Axl didn't want to be there, then don't be there, in any form. The band, with Myles, did an amazing job without him.

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It's time to retire the HOF talk again for a while. All it does is end up in these types of wars.

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