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Please share your experiences about receiving obsessive/ranting/longwinded PMs that were slightly disconcerting to you.

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  • 14-May 11

Sailaway already admitted to being Warchild.

yeah but it is hard to believe.........

Not really. The idiosyncrasies in how he writes are pretty revealing. I knew it after reading just a few of his posts. I also knew it when he returned some time ago under another nick, and after tipping Madison about this she went ahead and banned him from here.

I first met Warchild over at newgnr where he had this clique of friend ("la familia") who were all rabid GN'R supporters (some are now members here). They almost ruined that forum with their endless, inane chatter and ridiculously patronizing tone, and as I understood it, they were exiled from a few other forums by then. Sort of like a plague moving from one forum to the other. The worst person in that little forum gang was his alleged girlfriend, "beachbumgirl", she was as crazy as they get.

I ended up fighting a lot with these guys and the result was that I was temporarily banned from newgnr (that's when I created my own site out of boredom), but fortunately both beachbumgirl and Warchild was permabanned (BBG for homophobic slurs).

I have to say that Warchild has mellowed a lot. Believe it or not, but he was MUCH more annoying back then. But when people claim he was incoherent and crazy, I believe they are being into the rumour that him and BBG was the same person with multiple accounts. I do not believe that to be the case. He was pretty much the same way as now, just more intense and had this little gang of friends.

Its possible beachbumgirl (lol @ that username :rofl-lol: ) was just another one of his/her accounts. I remember back in like 06-07ish he/she posted here as Warchild and JustALittlePatience, dude has multiple personalities


Nope, that was something Madison made up.
Did have someone hijack my fucking email though....But it won't happen again.

Soul Monster is an intelligent guy but I'm no slouch,and arrogant to boot so we don't get along..but I have mellowed.

Isn't Warchild female?

The one that jacked my accounts was though.



I was going after a "smeagol" vibe there.




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  • 08-January 04
So.... is this a thread about what forum members we hate yet?

Edited by username, 17 December 2012 - 03:27 AM.

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..but I have mellowed.

Yes, you are much less of a pain in the ass now ;).

Taking things too seriously since 1988. -- I wonder how it is to be an agnostic, dyslexic insomniac, lying awake at night wondering if there really is a dog. -- NEVER EXPECT, ALWAYS HOPE.




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Sailaway, so you admit you're crazy as catshit?

"Pussy full of maggots, isn't that absurd?"
- C.S. Lewis


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