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5 hours ago, PappyTron said:

I know the frog from seeing it, but have no idea what it actually is; have no interest in it. As for the guy, he's obviously a racist, but he still doesn't deserve to get sucker-punched and, unfortunately, the kind of people who listen to him will simply be validated in their opinions of black people because of the attack.

Solid post. The far right gains far more after a Zimmerman incident, or that kidnapping in Chicago, or even a suckerpunch like this than by argumentation or posters. The left's failure to understand this will be their loss.

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i don't care about him getting punched, dude is a racist.

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2 hours ago, Dan H. said:

A lot of Obama's legacy is executive orders, which can quickly and easily be dismantled by new executive orders from Trump.

Obamacare's repeal could take years. If they tried to get rid of it in the snap of a finger, it would cause a lot of chaos and a LOT of litigation. The fastest I could see it happening at maximum efficiency is six months to a year. If Trump sticks by his guns to replace it before repealing it, we could be looking at 2-4 year process

It is enough.

Like I said, if everything is repealed, Obama's legacy will lay in tatters. His presidency will be a cul-de-sac in history.

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20 hours ago, PappyTron said:

So, now that Obama has been gone for a couple of days, how does everyone view his Presidency? Obviously we can only truly know in years to come, but at this stage what are your thoughts? Success or failure? What are his high and low points? What will his legacy be, and where would you rank him?

I wish I could've voted for him a third time. I rank him the best president of my lifetime just ahead of Reagan I suppose. So much intelligence, calm and class. 

I think his legacy will be Obamacare obviously. It's far from perfect, but it was such a huge change, and as a starting point, I think it turned out pretty good. This whole repeal and replace thing is smoke n mirrors. The GOP will basically keep it, tweak some things, rename it, and voila! Look what we did!

History will show his biggest mistake to be letting Syria get to the disaster it is. No easy answer there, but I think something more should have been done.

I know one thing- I miss him already. It was nice to know he wasn't gonna get a wild hair up his ass and do something crazy some day. I know that day is coming real soon from the orange faced lunatic.

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