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9 hours ago, Georgy Zhukov said:

 I could have sworn that Axl owns Dexter guy did. Or whatever his name is. Plus Trump supporters all over social media accused him of such. 

You might be right GZ....whatever happened to AOD?.....he disappeared from this thread right around the time Trump canned Comey......even he could not find good reasons to defend  that  buffoon any more I guess......

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McCain lambastes the healthcare bill in his returning speech to the Senate floor.  Six hours later, he votes in support of it.  :shrugs:


I can't believe how weak Trump looks over his handling of Session.  Why not man up and just fire him.  I thought that was what he was known for?  

The timing is also very strange.  Why now?  Sessions recused himself from the Russia-election investigation five months ago.  He offered his resignation to Trump almost three months ago (Trump turned him down).  Why is he making this an issue how?  

Could it be that his associates are now being dragged before Congress to testify under oath?  I would assume that Trump knows more about Muller's investigation than the general public; perhaps his back is against the wall considering where the investigation is at?  

Very strange times...

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