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Who Is Singing With Axl ...

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QUESTION: Who's that singing in The Garden and who's that on the Don't Cry video?

ANSWER: Alice Cooper and Shannon Hoon.

Don't Cry

Use Your Illusion 1

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Shannon Hoon - Vocals


Shannon in the Don't Cry video.

Shannon Hoon was the lead singer of Blind Melon before his tragic death in October 1995. Shannon's band had been performing the song in small clubs before the song was released by Gn'R - because no one knew it was a Gn'R song. Shannon, like Axl, was from Indianna and features in several songs on the Use Your Illusion albums including The Garden, November Rain & You Ain't The First.

The Garden

Use Your Illusion 1

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Alice Cooper - Vocals


Alice Cooper performs with Axl Rose.

The Garden was written by Axl Rose, West Arkeen & Del James. Alice Cooper came into the studio to sing the lyrics written by Del James. When looking back Alice recalls "I was in LA, staying at the Sunset Marquis. I was watching an old movie when Axl called me. It was about two in the morning and he says, 'Hey, listen, can you do the vocal on this song 'The Garden'? I went down there and I listened to it and said, 'Yeah, I'll do it.'"

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