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  2. British Politics

    According to your chums at the EU there is only one deal on offer, the withdrawal agreement, that the UK Parliament threw out three times. The EU have even disbanded their negotiation teams.
  3. British Politics

    But they were represented with lies the first time around? Regardless of what the outcome of the deal is, humour me here... hypothetically speaking, let's say they have finally made a ''deal''... and there will be a referendum in which people can choose between that deal or remain, you are saying that wouldn't make the most sense?
  4. Up to and including how to fuck up relationships with mad ginger women that assault you with six packs whilst on the verge of being seduced
  5. this movie should be mandatory study material at high school. there is so much life whisdom and character in that movie, it's insane
  6. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 2
  7. British Politics

    No, because the withdrawal agreement is a dog's dinner and nothing a leave voter would vote for, so the leave majority (52%) would literally not be represented on the ballot paper! This all raises a further problem with the second referendum: ''what to put on the ballet paper''. Also, the withdrawal agreement has been thrown out of Parliament three times. It is a dead deal here.
  8. British Politics

    Anything can happen, but you're right, it probably won't because it's such a mess, but do you agree with what I said?
  9. British Politics

    It cannot happen though for the reasons I've outlined.
  10. he could have sung "sister's aren't doing it for themselves" in stead but he picked the classic by the misfits in stead. because it is shocking, and therefore, very much fun. In 1992, duff still was a badass. 2019 duff, and with him the rest of the gunners, asshole to asshole couldn't make a beer fart in a whirlwind anymore
  11. British Politics

    It probably won't. But don't you agree that a scenario where people can choose between the Brexit deal that is on the table or remain, would make the most sense?
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    I've said it before, she's cute as a button, makes your sordid, depraved and generally pointless existence all worth it You done alright there man. Kids are fuckin' wonderful, look at that face, wouldn't know hardship if it pulled up a chair beside her eh?
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    While I agree there is a certain moral turpitude to abusing your position as President to poke interns there's a slight difference between rape and having consensual sex with an intern, same with the Jack and Bobby, they may have been pervos that shagged around a bit but they weren't forcing them or doing it to underage girls or whatever. Also, take a lot at their faces. Take a look at Jack Kennedy...then Bobby...then Bill...who do you think is just a swordsman and who do you think either has to pay for it and/or force birds out of them and Trump? Blimey, even I'd have to think about it if Jack Kennedy was going begging
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    I do this all the time I haven't spilled it i'm preserving it for memory of a great meal.
  15. Oh, that explains the Trump pinada in Mexico. Thanks for the clarification, Duff.
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  17. British Politics

    Neither what Evan and Soul are saying pays the slightest attention to the present political situation which will see an arch-Brexiteer enter Number 10, and a United Kingdom prepared to leave ''no-deal'' on 31st October! Even the opposition's leader (Jeremy Corbyn) does not have much enthusiasm for a second referendum! I can actually give you Parliamentary support for the second referendum by producing the indicative votes of March, No Parliamentary majority there either! So how is this second referendum supposed to occur when it isn't supported by the (future) Prime Minister, doesn't have a majority in the Commons, and isn't even supported with much enthusiasm by the opposition? How is it? NB., confirmation of ''any Brexit deal'' does not entail that ''revoke article 50'', i.e. abolish Brexit, will be on the voting slip.
  18. The whining thread

    That is how I felt last summer actually. No, that is how I felt every summer in the last, oh, maybe twenty years? Because almost all of them have been record breaking already so I'm not expecting this summer to be any different. It's about 35 now but it probably feels like 40 because of the humidity... woe is me.
  19. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 2: 2015 (sorry for being a bit early) A sunny summer song, as it's a hot summer's day here. Chose this especially as the video was shot in a beautiful neighbourhood in my hometown, even if Axwell and Ingrosso are Swedes.
  20. British Politics

    Yes, and even more so, a Brexit immediately following a second referendum would have electoral legitimacy. Whereas an exit now, after 3-4 years and a, too put it mildly, flawed process, would not have the same democratic legitimacy. Just consider how divisive a Brexit 3-4 years after a referendum would be. Generations to come would complain about how people were misled and how undemocratic the departure was. It could color public discourse for decades. You want that hanging over your heads? But a second referendum followed by a swift exit would be accepted by (almost) all. It would have legitimacy. It would be democratic. There really is nothing to lose. Either the outcome of the first referendum is upheld and a Brexit can happen with little complaints and everybody knows that this is truly what a (more) informed people wants. Or the outcome is overturned and you can say you dodged a bullet by almost leaving the EU without having sufficient democratic support.
  21. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 1
  22. British Politics

    I agree in most situations, but not in this one. There are no rules that you can't redo a referendum. And in this situation it would make perfect sense for reasons that have been stated many times in this thread. If there will be a deal on the table finally, at least people will know what Brexit will actually stand for and let them make a rational decision based on that.
  23. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 48
  24. British Politics

    What happens if a second referendum merely produces the same outcome as 2016? Are we going to see a third? A fourth? A fifth, because I cannot see these remainer shouty types retiring silently? Are the remainers going to continuously demonstrate contempt for democracy and insist on rerunning the thing until they get the result they want? What if a second referendum produces: 48% leave 52% remain. You'd basically have replaced an earlier mandate that was incredibly close with a replacement mandate that was equally as close. British politics would be further torn apart. Farage would say, '' all you've done is re-run the thing at gunpoint''. Divisiveness between the two camps would widen further. A second referendum is the last thing this country needs right now.
  25. The whining thread

    I hope yous have a record breaking hot summer this year, just to watch your posts in this thread turn into Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad like 'the sweltering heat has left us bereft, hopeless, the smell of death all around, the humidity has turned breathing into a war of attrition, bacterias poison the water, we gather at sunset in church to pray for rain'
  26. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Hey man, I'm a catholic! Well, not really, although I guess officially I am still registered at the catholic church. Oh my. But I believe what I want to believe without putting a label on it, and I definitely don't want to join some man made concept like a religion and follow traditions and rules that have nothing to do with ''god'' in the first place. But out of curiosity, do you think there is nothing at all out there, or are you like me, open to the idea that there might be ''something'' without having any answers and being fine with that?
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