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  2. Yeah, it's gonna be the same thread all over again for sure Might as well put them together?
  3. Unfortunately, there is nothing there that actually sheds light on what actually happened other than "it didn't work out" lol. I selfishly wish they would just do a big interview that goes into the nitty gritty of everything. Like his comments sound just vaugue enough to where I don't feel comfortable assuming any sort of thing regarding what actually happened. If the plan is to keep us in the dark, why throw carrots like this at us that only make us wonder even more what actually happened? I know this will end up being just like the other Izzy thread where Izzy fans say the Big 3 are wrong and the other side saying Izzy was in the wrong, regardless of the fact we don't know anything though so I suppose that is just inevitable and I wanted to beat that whole thing here
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Send them back or they should go back. What difference does it make? A bunch of people were chanting "send her back" at his rally. He did nothing to stop them.
  5. Today
  6. Terminator - Dark Fate

    The film's plot leaked a while ago. Looks like Terminator will remain with "Alien" as a 2-hit franchise with a lot of crap sequels
  7. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/duff-mckagan-on-izzy-stradlins-non-involvement-in-guns-n-roses-reunion-maybe-some-other-time/
  8. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Those guys were in Guns N‘ Roses. That name means something and no “scabs” were ever in GNR. The people Alder plays music with are closer to “scabs”.
  9. I read this often: "Gn'R could have been as big as The Stones" or some variation of that. I don't believe it. They were far more combustible, not on the same page when it came to musical direction or how big they wanted to become and there is no proof they had more than just one masterpiece in them. There's a reason The Stones became so huge. Not many bands can put out so many truly great albums. The Stones were also more original as a band. Gn'R had Appetite, Lies, and Illusions and by that time Izzy had already checked out mentally. They couldn't even keep it together long enough to follow the Illusions. Many UYI tunes were written close to when the Appetite material was composed. I think it's possible they could have done more, especially if Izzy stayed in Gn'R but again, there wasn't a shared musical vision anymore. Axl wanted to incorporate new influences while Slash didn't really want to do that, he never even had a piano player in one of his bands and Izzy's solo material is a good indication of what he likes to play which is straightforward rock n' roll.
  10. Best Sandwiches

    Everything at Subway tastes artificial Worst sub joint around. As far as chain sub places go, I like Firehouse (I get the Firehouse Hero).
  11. Patience cough bullshit

    The way I took it was that it was an older song and he didn't feel the same about the person it was written for/about so he throws in a "guess that was bullshit" as a joke when singing it live. On the Izzy thing.....didn't they write a lot of early songs together, sometimes about shared romantic experiences? It could be an inside joke about what Axl knows happened vs the lyrics.
  12. Patience cough bullshit

    He sings, "if I can't have you right now, I'll wait then.....cough.....bullshit". It is cleary a joke made by Axl that he really ain't gonna wait, but he's feeding her the line she needs to get in the sheets.
  13. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    It's not that people think they have a say, it's that they think they should have a say, I think. I don't know, people seem to think if they personally want someone in the band that any legitimate reasons why they're not shouldn't count. Like, Alder's an obnoxious liability that the people in the band know enough to believe is an obnoxious liability but they shouldn't care about that because STEVEN SHOULD BE IN THE BAND!
  14. Not a lot of bands have a roster where every member has a unique and identifiable musical voice and compelling persona. Really sets GNR apart! I really like The Cult, but it seems like Ceremony just killed any momentum they had coming off Sonic Temple. In the early 90's, if you didn't stick the landing during that huge musical shift, you were toast.
  15. 26 years ago today- the end

    It's sad to think that they really could've been the American version of the Stones - even when the Stones broke up in the mid-80's (already in their 40's and out of their prime), it only lasted a year or two. The fact that we'll be going on 28 years since we've gotten an original GnR song with Axl and Slash is a travesty. Then again the history of GnR is full of wasted opportunities, unfortunately.
  16. SCOM is nearing 1 billion views on YouTube

    And I would say better songwriting. Izzy/Axl blow the Cult guys out of the water in this area. Ian Astbury has an awesome voice for sure. But the rest of the band is not in the same stratosphere as GN'R.
  17. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    At the show tonight, a hoodie; poster;vinyl;CD;hat and some shirts a few are quite nice but none are outstanding. Don’t have a picture but there was 7 or so shirts 1 was women’s only
  18. The Cult were a really good band. I would have loved Ian Astbury to work more with slash/VR to be honest. One of my favourite singers. I think that Billy Duffy is great at writing riffs but I'm not a big fan of his guitar solos. They needed a better lead guitarist like slash to take them to the next level.
  19. This isn't like the days of old where you have to be sweatin' over a desktop wringing your hands about rasp. Pretty easy to keep a tab open on your phone .
  20. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Yes ! Completely agree my man.
  21. 26 years ago today- the end

    "He didn't know what he wanted with either the music or his own band mates" the above is the reason why axl should have done some sort of solo album away from gnr after the illusion tour then in 95/96 come back and reassess which direction to take guns.
  22. SCOM is nearing 1 billion views on YouTube

    The Cult were damn good. They definitely deserved more success than a bunch of the poser bands of that time period. But I would not say they had the same stuff to "deserve" similar success to GN'R. Guns was a special band. Very special talent. The crazier scenario would have been if GN'R stayed as an underground band, which damn near happened.
  23. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Where would we lessers be without your weight of judgement upon us and this thread. Thank you for your points, your points are very important to us, your points are the next points we will respond to, please return when this thread hits 100 pages, thank you. (It’s a thread about the possibility of new music and what the band could and do sound like, I don’t think anyone here would have the ego to think what they say makes a difference to the band, we’re talking crap about a band, like we do on other bands forums most likely while sitting on the bus)
  24. 26 years ago today- the end

    If Navarro didnt work out for the chilli peppers, i have no idea why axl thought navarro would work in gnr of all bands.
  25. I was gonna say : Never ever go back to your ex! 😁 Cute analogy though.
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