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  2. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    La Pen is down 2 percent of the vote and in seat total compared to last time. As for Macron, it's pretty clear his base were people who voted for other parties prior to his rise. His party wasn't there last time. With this being pr and not a head to head 2v2 people didn't have to vote for Macron, just because they didn't like La Pen. Semsic shift is a huge stretch.
  3. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    Everytime you say in toto i start to sing ‘we’re off to see the wizaaardd’
  4. PC gaming chatter

    @Iron MikeyJ (and anyone else) get an Xbox controller and get 'Binary Domain', 'SpecOps The Line' and 'Enslaved Odyssey to the West'. I may have recommended these before. I recommend them to everyone because they're criminally underrated. Each of them have a lot of heart and are now cheap.
  5. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    The main winner in Germany's is the Greens who have shot up into second place from 11 seats (10%) to 20 (20%) largely at the expense of the SPD and to a lesser extent Merkel. The Germans have become smelly hippies and Vegans. If you are inclined to green politics this is a huge success for you, Europe in toto.
  6. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    He is more famous for being a right-wing nutjob who hates muslims.
  7. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    Pro-EU parties have won more seats than Eurosceptic parties here and I wasn't expecting that, so I'm somewhat optimistic. Wilders is most famous because he hates Islam and has been under protection 24/7 since van Gogh died.
  8. Gardening

    Haha, My hands are already stained for the season. Those flowers are gorgeous! The entire plant is really striking.
  9. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    Yes Wilders has been trounced but FvD have 10.9%. Wilders is one of Europe's most famous Eurosceptics based probably on the fact that he resembles a Bond villain. D66 which is ALDE have took a pounding. CDA, your EPP, have dropped a bit but haven't suffered as badly as other EPPs elsewhere. Your Labour are the overwhelming winners at 18%, S&D (I was looking at the wrong thing earlier). The Dutch seem to have dumped their EPP votes onto their S&D which is broadly what has happened elsewhere, except ALDE and the Eurosceptics have done generally better.
  10. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    Thanks, so like I said... the three biggest parties here are pro-EU with a total of 14 seats. The Eurosceptic parties PVV and the SP lost in total 6 and have no seats anymore. P.S. What the hell is ''JEZUS LEEFT''? I didn't even know about that one!
  11. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    France puts forth 74 MEPs, the Netherlands 26. This is simply not true and the area I live in (60% Leave) is good evidence to that fact. Not everything is defined by ''Brexit'' believe it or not and the tribalism of Labour and Conservatives runs very deep. I for instance live in a Labour heartland, and if they stuck a Labour shirt on a donkey the people would vote for it. The idea of voting for a party other than Labour is completely alien here. Our MP (not MEP but for sake of argument) is a full on hard-left/mining background/trade unionism Euro-hating Bennite, so for the people here there is no contradiction in being Brexiteers and voting Labour. In British politics it is easy enough to square your disagreement with the party leader with the fact you are voting for your MP (or MEP in this instance). It is often better to view the Tories and Labour as coalitions of antagonistic groups. The Tories, in civil war mode over Europe, are currently an even better example of that than Labour.
  12. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    You forgot to mention "horrible populist bunch of complete morons pretending to be intellectuals"
  13. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    This shows how the Dutch parties did (right) and in what EU party they are (left).
  14. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    PVV have lost all their seats. Just like the SP, another Eurosceptic party. FvD, newcomer and also Eurosceptic, got three seats, which is impressive for a new party, but not as good as everyone was expecting seeing as they were the big winners at the provincial elections a couple of months earlier.
  15. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    In a local election maybe makes more sense to vote Labour or Tories. It doesn't make sense to vote Labour for EU Parliament if you are a die hard brexiter. And you have a Brexit Party with Farage as it leader. Those who voted Labour are remainers, if not all 99% of them are.
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  17. 50 Day Song Challenge #7

    Day 20
  18. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    The Netherlands is a very important player in the EU, believe it or not. Le Pen barely beat Macron. In a lot of countries pro-EU parties did a lot better than expected, especially considering the current political climate and all the Eurosceptism that has been (rightly so to a certain degree) growing. Now it's time to reform. Time to make it better. Time for ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.
  19. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    The PVV seem to have produced status quo. 13% ish. 4 seats. They haven't dropped at least but haven't gained either. S&D (Dutch Labour Party) have been utterly trounced in the Netherlands. Basically the whole thing is status quo 2014, ALDE and EPP doing well. Wales voted Leave. What about London which overwhelmingly voted Remain?
  20. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    I'd move to Scotland if I were you.
  21. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    I’m in England.
  22. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    Compromise: England leaves, Europe keeps Scotland and Northern Ireland. (I'm not sure what Wales wants) Everybody wins.
  23. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    That is fair enough but elsewhere Le Pen beat Macron and France are a more important player in the European Union than Holland. Macron is a poster boy for Europhile-centrism whereas Le Pen is Europe's most famous right-wing nationalist. This is truly an important event.
  24. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    Exactly. And here the three parties that won are all very pro-EU and two out of three parties that are very Eurosceptic went from several seats to no seats at all!
  25. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    Fair enough but it is hard to see it as a victory for pro-EU parties when Eurosceptics have increased their MEPs by circa 30 and have won in France and Italy. Broadly, it is a defeat for centrism with that vote being reallocated to Eurosceptics on one hand, and ALDE/Greens on the other.
  26. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    I don't think you understand Britain's political culture. I suspect those who voted Labour voted Labour because they're in Labour heartlands and are ''Labour people''.
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