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  2. Wasn't replying to you, mate I was responding to the original post.
  3. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    How is it pettiness? They threw him out of the band 30 years ago. Maybe they just don't like him or care about him enough to bend over backwards to include him in this? They let him play some shows and afterward he's on the radio complaining they didn't let him play enough. They don't think they can rely on him and I don't think they particularly want to be around him every day either. Izzy's different. I think they all like and respect Izzy but if he will only do it for an amount of money he's not entitled to, why is it on them to accommodate that? Why can't he be the one that's reasonable for the sake of getting back together?
  4. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    He's not lead singer material. Certainly not for what they wanted.
  5. General Hospital and Other Soap Talk

    Do you know this actor? He must be pretty good cause everyone is excited that he is coming to the B&B.
  6. Gardening

    My sunflowers are making a come back. The deer came along and ate the top off of everyone of them. But I walked by today and they are sending off side shoots.
  7. Pets!

    It has a filter that I change out every few months. Forget what they recommended buy I do the smell test on it.
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  9. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I agree too. He just showboats instead of staying in his lane like Gilby did and Frank Sidoris does in SMKC. Both of them complement Slash's playing and aren't trying to steal the show. Even 4tus running around the stage is kind of irritating. Yeah because the solo was overdubbed in after the rhythm tracks, just like almost every rock album before or since. There's not three people playing guitar at the same time then.
  10. I like your whole post! I think the mending of fences is genuine and really great. I think that’s why the Adler treatment and the lack of Izzy stings all the more. Get Adler for a couple songs every show if it’s really a health or reliability issue. I think it’s shitty to characterize him as a whiner... his whole life is AFD, man. He’s had a rough fucking ride. The smile on that dudes face behind the kit... Slash wouldn’t be playing guitar if it wasn’t for him. They’re childhood besties! Clearly whatever they’re paying him is fine with him. And if Slash and Duff aren’t into that along with Axl that’s wack of them! But somehow I doubt that’s the case. Just seems like pettiness. Especially if they’re going to not release any new music. If it’s a nostalgia act than don’t try and pretend otherwise. Embrace the history as you say! Sorum and ‘ole Scarves, too (Gilby). It’d make the 3 hour shows way more compelling.
  11. Slash admitted it stung a little knowing Duff played with Axl in 2010. I think it wasn't just about the money. Slash wanted to return to Guns, to be in the same band with Axl again. He invested a lot in Gn'R, worked really hard to make it a huge success and I don't think he really believed Axl would move on without him. I think when he left the band in 1996 he couldn't imagine a Slashless Gn'R. Also: Slash's real passion is playing live and late starting times are a thing of the past. Axl doesn't do that anymore. Seeing how Axl and Slash interact, you can tell they're friends and it's not just work for them. Making a killing doesn't hurt, but I believe Slash when he says he liked the unreleased material Axl played him and Duff. When it comes to Mellisa, Dizzy, and Frank I think Slash accepted it cause he had no choice. Sometimes you have to look at the big picture and compromise especially when Slash still got Myles and The Conspirators to release his solo material. It was a smart decision. The only move really. I also understand why Slash and Duff probably didn't fight very hard for Izzy and Steven. That doesn't mean I have to like it but if they got in Axl's way it would have put their position at risk and they didn't want that. Both sides showed flexibility, consideration, and a genuine appreciation for one another: Axl said he thought Slash would like it if they played Coma so that's why he did it, he played Slither, and even though he seemed to still harbor negative feelings toward Slash in connection to his book, he still found a way to live with it. I also think Axl really appreciated that Slash and Duff decided to learn the Chinese material and play it. Axl was never interested in reuniting with Izzy and Steven. I think the current line up is exactly what he wants it to be. I just wish that Axl respected the history of the band more and the people that made it so great to begin with not to mention the hardcore fans by giving Izzy and Steven a chance to be a real part of it.
  12. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Because he didn't refuse to come back without Izzy or Adler? Maybe Slash doesn't feel Izzy is entitled to the money he wanted or doesn't care about or trust Adler enough to insist he be there?
  13. Skid Row / Sebastian Bach forums

    Unless you are talking about an A tier musician or a big cult band, facebook groups are unfortunately your best bet.
  14. #WokeAxl

    I can tell you from having a physical disability, I'm open about it. Having a short left arm it's obvious so I have to talk about it. As you stated in that last sentence, I don't want people to define me based on a body part, but it is a part of who I am as a person. Just like being a fan of GNR or the NY Giants is a part of who I am. I hate it when people try to force their help on to me, especially when I'm right in the middle of doing something. No matter what the disability is, it's important to talk about it and raise awareness. Maybe then we can end discrimination and stereotypes that I and others face.
  15. Haha... I love it. It seems like such a genuine consideration, yet it says everything about NITL. Anyway... I feel like a hater so I’m gonna ease off the gas. Axl you're fucking great!
  16. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    You might do the same in his divorce situation. He failed with the #1 rule of being a rich celebrity. Never get married!
  17. #WokeAxl

    Agreed. He may have genuinely had issues - but there's a bit of posturing in his interviews from the early 90's that make what he's saying lack a bit of authenticity (to me atleast). I also think he used his mental health as a crutch to explain away his douche-tastic behavior. There are many maladjusted people in the entertainment industry - plenty of them are able to keep their shit together and be professional when it counts. Personal responsibility and accountability are two things Axl clearly has never heard of.
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  19. Belle Delphine is just throwing the baby out with the bathwater


  20. #WokeAxl

    I love how you come crawling out of your cave every time you hear the words "mental health"
  21. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Slash sold his soul... It seems as though he traded in a bit of integrity for a butt load of cash..
  22. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    And he still has to pay perla money!.
  23. I’ll second that. It’s not anywhere near my favourite Guns tune, but it is a masterpiece and the band at their best. ‘86 and ‘87 live shows I thought for the most part Axl sounded great. After that though it failed to match the record.
  24. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Highly doubt it. Maybe an appearance?? If it didn't happen between 2016-2018 I don't see what has changed since. If anything guns have doubled down on their position on regard to Izzy, and Kay the blame (if you want to call it that) for his lack of involvement at his door. Would be nice, but it's far from crucial, to me at least! I'd much rather they put the fucking tour to bed and make this record. Thing about touring is it's almost certainly disappointing! Axl weak out of the gate, and likely the same stage show, setlist and everything in between. Anyway... Maybe we get a record for the end of next year🤣
  25. SCOM is nearing 1 billion views on YouTube

    I think that SCOM is the only GnR song that when played live never came close to the studio version. They never matched the energy of the second half live
  26. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Exactly. This woman Omar comes to this country as a refugee and is given a better life yet feels like she needs to fix our country. Get out and fix your own country if you have all the answers. It's a disgrace that someone can come here and spew hate and complain about how poor Muslims were characterized after 9/11. Guess what? Muslims took down the World Trade Center. Tough shit it we don't forget that fact. So now she calls to impeach the president for sending out a tweet? First it was Russian collusion then obstruction of justice and now tweeting? What a joke.
  27. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I think more Slash and Axl. If Gene Simmons put on a blond wig and played bass for GNR, I doubt 75% of the audience would notice the difference.
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