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  2. The T.V. Show Thread

    Prodigal Son Halloween Baking championship The Good Doctor America Says Supermarket Sweep
  3. Best non-Guns Slash song

    There's too many to name one
  4. My Chicago 2 poster got wrecked with creases by a drunk guy who walked into me so I had to dry mount it. I know it takes the value away, but it was the only way I could've displayed it properly
  5. Why Slash hate CHER ? Weird, maybe Slash meet she through his parents, Hollywood world is an little world and all meet in an moment of they lifes.
  6. Anyone in for an acoustic Lies version of State of Grace? I feel AIC unplugged vibes coming. 😁
  7. Gardening

    I'm reading The Hidden Life of Trees. Not sure I'm buying into it because it's just to sad what we do to trees. All they can do is stand there and take it. He makes them out to be a community, helping each other and having family and friends. Maybe it's just the way he puts it in human terms but I just want to go out and hug my trees.
  8. Live Era '16 - '20

    I love that voice he does when he says “you gotta hunger for what you see” in Jungle sometimes. It’s super angry sounding... I wonder if that’s painful to do.
  9. Imagine they are just using the backing tracks and recording their take over them.
  10. Today
  11. British Politics

    Loves a bit of blacking up, does Trudeau.
  12. I thought it was sort of taken for granted that he was a pedo. Just one from the sort of income bracket and position in public affections to buy room for doubt.
  13. It also doesn't really alter our view much. Our view went from, ''Michael Jackson, might have been a paedo'' to ''Michael Jackson, probably a paedo (but still not entirely sure)''.
  14. Because when the virtue signalling is over people don’t care half as much about kids as they like to make out. If they did its not hard to find kids in fucked up or disadvantaged or dangerous situations, ask anyone thats ever worked for social services. We love a good fall from grace though, gets us proper stiff does all that.
  15. Gardening

    Depends on the seed. Hostas are normally tropical so I'm thinking they can be started right away but I'll look it up. Pole beans are good to go. Of course people showed up, fortunately I was engaged in my stuff and they were off doing their stuff. Looked up in time to see a coyote trucking across the back. Straighten out the rest of the chicken wire and got that stored for the winter. Cleaned up the storage area for the tomato cages. Really worked putting the open sides on the ground on the first level and the open side facing up on the second level. No more trying to unhook the baskets from each other. No clue how to keep the chicken wire from being a mess. This year I've asked them to pitch any rusted wire and to roll up what they have around the beds and leave it on a support pole. No more piles of chicken wire. She wants to work on the side project a 3. But now instead of cleaning out the beds she wants to go get the mulch. That's pushing daylight. I'm bring my headlamp, lol. I want this project done.
  16. British Politics

    ''Boris is a fascist who is stopping Parliament from debating'',
  17. Watchmojo has these lists of top 10 douches of rock, top 10 artists that are hard to work with etc and Axl is no 1 in all of them 😂 Axl/Slash is in the thumbnail of top 3 coolest guitar/vocal duo though 😍
  18. British Politics

    They aren't though! If you said tea drinking, Palladian architecture or many of the customs associated with the armed forces I'd have agreed with you.
  19. Taylor's website says Duff is on 2 songs, one with Nancy Wilson and one with Chrissie Hynde and Joe Walsh.
  20. Ha! I know, I know If it came down to it, of course it's not their song! it's Dylans. In the context of a GNR set, it's one of the songs people pay to hear when they see GNR, that's why it remains.
  21. British Politics

    The point I was making is that some parliamentary customs that seem hilariously dated to us non-Brits, like shown in the video posted, are leftovers from a time that some Brits might consider to have been better. All this pomp and traditions and rituals, as seen in your Parliament, your Monarchy, all originate at different times and some predate what anyone would consider "better times", yet are inextricably connected to customs of the British Empire or when you were at your height. It is like you know it is all gone but at least the archaic customs can't be taken away from you! It's just a case of pretending and appearances.
  22. Is it just me or has the paedo documentary Jackson thingy all died down a bit? Seems everyone forget it all rather quickly - granted I don't go on Jackson message boards or especially keep up with his (posthumous) career.
  23. Looks awesome. Cant wait. I just hope Luke has a meaningful scene
  24. If we are discussing rock and popular music which we seem to be doing, James Brown is the greatest of them all: he is the greatest singer, frontman and an exceptional songwriter also. The guy could sing like Little Richard combined with Otis Redding but could out-dance Michael Jackson. He could sing soul, rhythm and blues, rock n' roll, pop. He invented a new form of music (funk) - how many people invent a new musical style?
  25. British Politics

    Trudeau first coalition meeting with the NDP
  26. I'm the same, I enjoyed TFA for what it was but really enjoyed TLJ. Abrams being back at the helm is making me feel lkle this one is gonna play it really safe which would be disappointing for the final film. I agree the the Emperor being back is cool, I just hope they actually explain it.
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