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  2. It was a bit lighter that AIC, but it does have a Scott Weiland Era STP (AIC light) feel.
  3. I can see Slash joining Alter Bridge on stage and playing a SMKC song but I just don’t see Myles joining Guns on stage and singing a Guns song with Axl.
  4. British Politics

    Linguistic games? I am just trying to make you explain yourself. You claimed there were "numerous Churchill fallacies" in the article. I have asked you what they were and all you can come up with is the claim that Churchill was a racist. That is one claim. Not two. Not three. Not many. Certainly not numerous. One claim. So where are the other Churchill fallacies that upset you so much you couldn't read the rest of the article? At best this isn't a linguistic game but a numeral game. But in reality this is just another example of you sprouting rubbish and when called out on it making an even bigger fool of yourself by trying to present your failure to answer for yourself as me playing a "linguistic game". I expect much more of you, both as a alleged historian and writer. Well, not really, this is very much default you.
  5. I was listening to a 91 gig (Noblesville) recently and they opened with it - superb stuff. Really raw and energetic - would be a great alternative to ISE to open a gig.
  6. British Politics

    Is there any historical precedence in the Westminster Parliamentarian system where we just get Layla Moran, Nandy and that one other chick to just fight it all out with Pritti and Hartley-Brewer? Winner takes all. Maybe Cathouse style
  7. British Politics

    These linguistic games you play. They are utterly dreary! Why don't you discuss the errors in the article?
  8. I would think he's just saying he's gonna be there, but is actually staying at home. Then he posts a picture of one of his previous concert and say he was there for real, just to sound like he's defying the band.
  9. British Politics

    So it wasn't "numerous" fallacies in the article? It was just the one claim that Churchill was racist that you objected to? And that isn't really a "fallacy", is it? It is at best a disputed opinion among historians. Right.
  10. Who Do You Want in the Rock Hall of Fame Next Year?

    Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Alice In Chains, and Ronnie Jame Dio Although I suspect Crue will get in all 5 of the above are far more worthy, the only 1 of the above which I would exclude would be AIC. The first 3 honestly should have been in a long time ago. Dio should've gone in with Sabbath and should be nominated as part of Rainbow.
  11. British Politics

    Everything was racist, so therefore he wasnt racist. Its about context. Which means that in the context of our times, now that we have 11 years to seriously curb emissions, Churchill would be an "environmental nutter." ^^ This may or may not make sense as Ive just woken from a feverish dream. You were all in it having posted in this thread and then fallen directly to sleep - and Dies does have a jheri curl!
  12. British Politics

  13. British Politics

    You claimed there were "numerous Churchill fallacies" in the article. Which of these words shouldn't I focus on? Still not interested in the scholarly disagreement on whether Churchill was a racist or not.
  14. Sebastian Bach Axl late story

    That's in the beginning of the live My Michelle Baz guests on at one of those festivals in '06
  15. Absolutely. I also don't like Sebastian Bach's voice, but seeing him singing My Michelle and being destroyed by Axl was awsum
  16. British Politics

    Ah, right. I’ve seen that but it didn’t come to mind. I thought it meant victory though. Giving the middle finger here is called “flipping the bird” so that’s maybe sent me down that other avenue.
  17. It's only a matter of time before TB creates a Terminator of their own called T-Flebeis to hunt down Rick at every GN'R show. Maybe Fernando has that one fat wrestler guy and "the other guy" on a leash like dogs to track down Rick...
  18. Agreed in that respect - I remember Jason said he let his skill get away from him in the 90’s and Lars himself has said he practices to keep fit as opposed to anything else. But - when he goes for it he can still deliver as was shown at S&M2 as he really delivered.
  19. Walking Dead Season 10

    Loved the trailer for season 10. Haven't watched any yet, though. Stilk trying to get through season 5 of FTWD
  20. The Joker

    I'm going to see it tonight, finally. Went out Friday night, but all the screenings were sold out for the day.
  21. General Chat / Random Musings

    So I was just doing a load of laundry tonight when I noticed that there's a setting on the machine for "fast coloureds" and couldn't help but think of that fella that broke the 2 hour marathon record yesterday. *hides
  22. British Politics

    Don't really like this idea but Dazey likes this type of spreading the arse cheeks for state's rubber glove stuff. Actually agree with the Guardian in certain aspects, https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/13/conservatives-accused-of-election-rigging-leaked-id-plans-voter-fraud
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