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    • The Curious Case of Adler: Facts hidden in plain view
      Adler brings the party feel—that slightly behind-the-time bounce and groove—to the sleazy guitars, iconic solos and snarling lyrics.  Four Adler replacements later, the drumming fails to replicate his feel.  But Adler’s uniquely stylistic groove is not the topic of this thread.  His return to the band is. How did this notorious but beloved fiend, 26 years after being fired, retake the Gn’R stage and increase the volume to 11 in already rockin’ American stadiums?  Adler has sued (and settled with) the band and has openly and routinely criticized S/D/A, including as late as November 2015.  Axl has been adamant that he would never work with Adler again, and even claimed that his drumming was the weak link on AFD.  So, what the hell is Adler doing taking over the kit in 2016…and acting like he owns the stage?  And why on earth would Axl leap up the riser to Adler in Cincy as if he were shot out of a cannon? Background.  Adler forfeited his equity share in the Gn’R p’ship in ‘90, and was subsequently fired when he failed to adhere to the terms of a probationary contract.  Izzy, who sold his equity share in ‘91, later acknowledged that replacing Adler with Sorum altered the band’s sound from no frills rock to metal.  Said change was, "a big musical difference.  Our songs were written with Steve playing the drums and his sense of swing was the push and pull that give the songs their feel.  When that was gone, it was just unbelievable, weird.  Nothing worked.”  Slash listed just three reasons in his autobio for not continuing on with Duff and Axl, one of which was “losing Izzy and Steven, who were such an integral part of the band’s sound and personality [and] without them, the band no longer had its original chemistry.” Cincy, 2016.  The already rockin’ stadium erupts when Adler appears.  Again in Nashville.  And again in L.A.  While I couldn’t identify Adler’s second or third replacements in a police line-up and would enjoy it if his fourth replacement went the way of the seven replacement guitarists, what accounts for Adler’s appearances?  Let’s list publicly known, biz-related recent facts—almost all of which understandably seem to have been lost in this summer’s excitement.  1.  On July 7, 2016, a writer who interviewed Duff the day prior, wrote that the “business kept the band together even when they were apart,” and that “they stayed in touch thanks to their shared interest in merchandise and music royalties.”  Duff, moreover, “called the Gn’R reunion a mutual decision.”  2.  On July 26, 2016, Opie Skjerseth stated that in regards to S/D/A, “all three of them” decided on touring matters.  Staging is enormous overhead.  This critical biz decision would not have been made collectively if it weren’t a biz entity with dispersed authority on decision-making. 3.  At the Troubadour show, Axl commented that Duff chose the opening songs ordering.  That order has not changed throughout the summer. 4.  Axl has been punctual in taking the stage this spring/summer with both Gn’R and AC/DC, and has even taken the stage early.  Slash’s first of three reasons in his autobio for not continuing on in Gn’R was Axl’s “constant disrespect for all involved by going on late for no good reason night after night after night.” 5.  On the LiveNation tour and the AC/DC tour, all start times are standard show times not Axl 10 p.m.-1 a.m. start times.  Hell, it’s still been daylight at the start of some shows. 6.  Gn’R has been near perfect respecting noise curfew ordinances this summer and has even pushed up start times to avoid fines and overages as well as cutting songs from the set when Kravitz exceeded his time allotment.  Why would, at 54, Axl suddenly be concerned with fines and overages unless Slash and Duff’s (and LiveNation) lawyers demanded specific division of loss terms whereby Axl is solely liable for damages, fines, crew overages, etc.? 7.  Axl has been rehearsing with both Gn’R and AC/DC.  At 54, did Axl suddenly have an epiphany about the importance of rehearsing in not one but two bands or is he being required by two separate biz entities to be a professional and rehearse? 8.  In an Eddie Trunk interview less than five months prior to the Troubadour show, Adler openly criticized S/D/A.  Axl apologists routinely ripped Adler while declaring that he would n-e-v-e-r take part in the reunion because he had the supposed audacity to speak on the matter.  These same types also conflated (and falsely granted Axl) the judicial and agency powers of a gag order with private, contractual NDAs. 9.  At the 2016 China Exchange, Axl admitted that Izzy referred to him as the “Ayatollah” and prefaced an answer to a question with “speaking as a dictator.”  Slash repeated at least twice in his autobio that Izzy did not tolerate being “dictated to.” 10.  At the China Exchange, Axl admitted that he didn’t tell Slash how to play ChiDem songs and, “had no idea how they were going to sound.”  Axl has released 15 original songs in 25 years and has been the target of endless public ridicule because of the Howard Hughes circus that produced those 15 songs.  What would cause Axl, a notorious control enthusiast, to not even discuss with Slash how he would play his solo band’s only songs and admit that he “had no idea how they were going to sound?” 11.  Anyone with functioning ears can hear that Slash and Duff rewrote the intro to “Better” and that Slash gutted the “TIL” solo as recorded.  These are two of the three ChiDem staples on the 2016 tour.  Imagine if one of Slash’s revolving-door replacements gutted the “SCOM” solo.  What accounts for Slash trashing what he doesn’t like on the ChiDem stuff and playing the solos how he pleases?  Has he even played the “TIL” solo the same way twice? 12.  At the China Exchange, Axl stated that, “and I just, I do want to put out more music with Guns n’ Roses.  And I don’t know if that has to do with Slash or not but underneath the Guns n’ Roses thing [brand], and, um, if he and I write something or he wants to play on something that we have, it’s like that would be great.”  Slash holds the keys while Axl calls shotgun—Slash determines if and when he’ll create new tunes and whether he wants to work up any prior ideas.  Gn’R plus Sorum, interestingly, recorded a song called “Shotgun Blues.” 13.  At the China Exchange, Axl stated that, “part of me feels like I’m happy that I didn’t write the things [lyrics] a year ago to something because I feel like what I’m gonna go at now will be stronger.”  If the decade-old mythical ‘vault’ of ‘CD2’ songs were going to be released (to a second commercial suicide), why would Axl be “happy” that he didn’t write lyrics because whatever created now will “be stronger?” 14.  At the China Exchange, Axl stated that, “This isn’t, the Guns n’ Roses reunion isn’t just kind of like by happenchance or whatever...chance…or whatever.”  It is a reunion of the three Gn’R partners, not that we needed Axl to confirm this.  This list of known facts retrospectively outlines how the partners reunited after negotiating terms that previously caused Slash and Duff’s (and even Izzy’s) departure from the band. Conclusions.  Slash is doing whatever the hell he wants with the solos in the few ChiDem songs they are playing because he is a living guitar legend.  Taking the stage with a living guitar legend also apparently works miracles on a singer’s vocal chords.  How biz decision-making between S/D/A is assigned, and whether it is weighted and to what percentage it is weighted on biz and creative matters, will likely never be disclosed.  But the ample recent evidence, taken as a whole, answers repeated references in other threads:  it is Slash, Duff and Axl’s band.  As it should be, and as fans demanded.  With this leg concluded, will S/D/A revisit the Izzy negotiation and make him an acceptable offer or negotiate a resolution to a presumed counteroffer?  Signing a NDA to sit at the table can be circumvented to an extent—like posting pointed lyrical Twitter snippets and rapidly releasing F.P. Money—recorded with the drummer that he says irreparably damaged the sound of Gn’R, so much so that “nothing worked” and the change was “unbelievable, weird.”  Money.  S/D/A are bathing in it now.  Adler has stormed the Gn’R stage three times this summer—and banging hell out of the drums over Axl’s shoulder—because Gn’R is again a biz entity with collective decision-making, weighted or otherwise.  Stevie was publicly criticizing S/D/A just months prior to the April shows and now he’s owning the stage?  Axl either consented to Slash’s (and/or Duff’s) decision to include Adler or was overruled, but given Axl’s childlike joy bounding up the riser in Cincy, I’d hope the former.  And Slash, the epitome of rocker cool, openly grinning while playing with Adler on stage and then hugging him like a brother?   It seems that we sometimes can correct life’s mistakes. My goal was to create, in one place, a factual, numbered list on the subject as it stands present-day.  It prevents cherry-picking facts, reliance upon now irrelevant facts, and regurgitating false narratives—myths.  It’s your turn.  Are there other publicly known recent facts that point directly to the structure of the current biz relationship between S/D/A?  A biz entity like a GP, LP, or LLP, need only disclose and register general, template-like information but the terms of a PA are often on public display.  It is, after all, a biz operating in, and dependent upon, the public realm.
    • Official Japan Tour Announced
      Taxis are insanely expensive.  Total rip off.  Something like $9 for the first 2 kilometers and then it starts going up every 100 meters or so.   I've seen people wastes hundreds of dollars on cab fare. Just stick to the trains, they can get you anywhere you need to go.   Only problem with the trains is that they don't run all night, so wherever you are at midnight, you're gonna be there til 5 or 6 AM!
    • Official Japan Tour Announced
      Since yesterday I haven't got anything from him......
    • Official Japan Tour Announced
      Just got an update from Alan saying I have been entered into the lottery. He says he will let me know the results after September 1st.   Guess there's not much we can do now, just cross our fingers and hope for the best.
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