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    •   To a certainty, the future does not hold any conceivable iteration of the patently absurd Axl apologist myth advanced—or naively reproduced—in the above quote.  Forget the sourcing of this myth, which is traceable to an Axl apologist forum for the few (whose proprietor has gone silent in the months since the S/D/A p’ship reunion, or so I’m informed)—it’s demonstrably and legally false. The core of this myth is that the Remaining Partners of Original Gn’R, Slash and Duff, who have controlled the back catalogue—merchandising, branding, synch, licensing, etc. since NYD ’96 when the singer quit Original Gn’R to form his solo band, Axl’s Gn’R (a “new band,” by registering “a new p’ship which was only an effort to salvage Guns n’ Roses not steal it,” as quoted from the singer’s legal notice to S/D and his ‘open letter’), have signed a ‘two-year work-for-hire’ contract.  Yes, you read that right:  this legal myth is that the two Remaining Partners of Original Gn’R who control the back catalogue signed a two-year work-for-hire contract with Axl’s solo band.  Only in the land of Axl urinal-sniffers could anyone utter such a declaration with a straight face. Backing up.  There are myriad of contracts with any biz org, including this entity.  This biz org has counsel, management, recording, distribution, publishing, order-of-rights, promoter, and on and on (and on) contracts.  Slash has his own counsel and management.  Duff has his own and separate counsel and management.  The singer has his live-ins.  Said live-ins manage Adler’s fourth replacement, the Izzy look-a-like and the two what-have-yous on “keys.”  (See “Crew and Credits” from NITL for citation).  The conglomerate promoter, LiveNation (and its insurers), run the show, and professionally so.  Specific division of loss (from S/D) and assuredly LN’s insurers have the singer’s ass out on stage in broad daylight and treating customers/buyers with respect, if you need a concrete example. Reinforcing the legality and this biz org’s structure, there’s a mountain of indisputable and publicly known fact to further refute this myth.  Opie Skjerseth, July 26, 2016:  in regards to S/D/A, “all three of them” decided on the enormous overhead of staging—this critical biz decision was made collectively.  On July 7, 2016, a writer who interviewed Duff, wrote that the “business kept the band together even when they were apart,” and that “they stayed in touch thanks to their shared interest in merchandise and music royalties.”  Duff, moreover, “called the Gn’R reunion a mutual decision.”  From Globo regarding decision-making on songs from his prior solo band’s only album, thes singer stated:  “I really didn't have anything to do with that” and that “they [Slash and Duff] stepped to that on their own.”  At China Exchange, Axl stated that he didn’t tell Slash how to play said songs and, “had no idea how they were going to sound.”  At the CE, Axl stated that, “I do want to put out more music []…[a]nd I don’t know if that has to do with Slash or not but underneath the Guns n’ Roses thing [brand], and, um, if he and I write something or he wants to play on something that we have, it’s like that would be great.”  Slash determines if he’ll create new tunes and whether he wants to work up any prior ideas.  According to Axl, “that would be great” if Slash chooses to do so.  Employees of an entity, conversely, work as directed by their employer.  The singer crawled back to Remaining Original Gn’R Partners in 2014 to license his solo band’s DVD.  The singer propositioned Slash in 2015 and sought Slash’s number.  The singer is touring 30 year-old songs to the tune of a quarter of a billion (gross) ticketing biz as a consequence. -------- There are eyes on this forum.  Hi, Izzy!  You were badass in ’88 when I saw you, but not so much in ’91 in Hershey.  Can’t blame ya, though.  That disaster set sail the following month in St. Louis.  I’da done the same as you in November ’91—selling your equity share and relieving yourself from liability and draws from your capital account for the singer’s voluminous litigation and criminal charges due to his assholery and fan disrespect!  You were proven right for 25 years, until this quarter of a billion grossing monstrosity touring your songs reconvened last year.  Gotta say, though, you need to be a bit more direct than “Stuck in the Middle,” “F.P. Money,” and your “bullshit” tweet.  Despite Adler prevailing over you (and the other 3) in ’91, he’s been more successful being direct, no?  Get to the table, with effective represent’n, if you haven’t already.  I hear it’s AFD 30 next month, for chrissakes!  I'll cut ya a deal, if you can't find anyone effective.  After all, I was in a fistfight with a Crue fan back in the day in they gym for calling you 'greezy." Hey, to the gal on the Axl revisionist forum that plagiarizes me and to the web ‘journalist’ who peddles her plagiarism of me!  The pleadings and legal fact are of public record.  Do your own research and craft it into a readable/understandable post for all education levels to consume rather than plagiarizing me as to what is “legally significant.” Hi, to the muzzled live-ins managing the singer!  LiveNation sure has put the kibosh to you.  A shame, huh?  But keep an eye on the target—the singer’s back pocket.  It’s growing by the day.  Even Elvis’ posse would be jealous! To the rest of you regular fuckers who just want to rock TFO to AFD 30, just like me, keep up the good fight beating back the myth-pushers and clamping down on the unabashed greed of S/D/A.  Gn’R fans are badass!  They always were!
    • I understand all kind of points of views, this one included. Personally I liked the so called Nugnr and I like this lineup too. But in the end, the lineup that releases the best music is the best lineup, so the old lineup is the best of course. Nugnr is the next best, cause this lineup hasn't released anything yet. But this version of GNR has only just started and has incredible amount of potential, so I'm not gonna complain.
    • my only real concern in this reunion is that Axl may have heaps of new gnr material he wants to put out while duff and slash want to start fresh.... it's anyone's guess what will happen but I'd guarantee that slash and duff want an album that will live up to the legacy
    • It's possible to buy merchandise outside the stadium.
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