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    • I own most of the collectibles I saw in the video, including the pinball machine. I wonder if I could be considered one of CA's biggest GN'R fans? Where's my backstage pass?
    • It's good for sure.  Member when Axl busted into that club in NYC and was playing 2 cds with 10 tracks on each...someone with a significantly lower post count than me probably heard The General. There's no justice for the working man these days.  But 20 songs, two versions of Better, 19 songs. Minus 14 for CD, minus OMG and Silkworms. Potentially someone unwittingly heard 3 unreleased CD II songs. 
    • There are gnr songs that make control harder to have bc the phrasing and amount of words to navigate are a tremendous challenge for a singer, but then there's songs like November Rain that have no reason to have high falsetto/ Mickey vocals...the song isn't fast, the words aren't falling right on top of each other.  It gets harder to make excuses when you listen to Back in Black...nearly impossible for anyone to sing that song at that range and with each line falling right over the next does Axl get the "Don't push your luck just get out of my way" line's amazing and really kills any theory that You Could Be Mine or Paradise City are any more of a challenge than anything on back in black.  Someone mentioned the vocal coach...I think that's huge to Axl's ACDC success, if he went in and worked with the same coach on GNR material on phrasing and control, tone, and vocal excercises then I have no doubt Axl could at the very least make the entire GNR set sound amazing...maybe not 2010 and maybe not 88-93 but he could eliminate the Mickey vocals and create a more natural and louder projected vocal for the songs we hear him struggle with.  When I say projection I'm talking about something that's very noticeable when you are watching a show live.  the audio wasn't great at this show. Axl's voice was a bit hidden in the mix but everyone in that stadium heard the clarity and depth of Axl's vocals on the outro to patience. It was beautiful, his voice soared over the mix and he sounded amazing. These are things I wish he'd do more of especially on songs like November Rain where it sounded like he was mumbling into the microphone.  Correct me if I'm wrong but for those that went to an ACDC show with Axl, he had to come out really well in the mix. Did his voice project better to you there than at a GNR show? 
    • I think covers are the same song, so TWAT would just be Slash's version.  Like Duff said they see something different in the CD material than Axl. Maybe it's just the melody or the riffs or dynamics. They can break down any music and play it their way. 
    • I know we've all talked this to death, but again why should Izzy get again his own words, "they didn't want to split the loot equally" equal money? He sold his share in the partnership out. He was paid an agreed upon amount for that. Perhaps someone here will remember the amounts as I don't know what the amount was or if we ever knew. The point remains the same here. We can all say the 'band' should do the right thing but again we don't know all the details.  What we do know is Axl's comments and to an extent Duff's in the interview and Izzy's response about equal loot.  Again we can argue this partnership and what its meant back and forth but we've already dug up the paperwork here on another post. Now someone can dig that up if they like but I'm not were all aware of it here. Now Steven again he was not apart of the partnership and in fact sued the band and got a couple million dollars. Again the terms of that can be dug up by anyone who wishes. I'm on my cell phone, just got off work and don't feel like copy pasting it. Were all aware that the court case was over him being kicked out because of his drug issues and inability to play. Sure that was many Years ago but it doesn't change the fact that the business side of GnR was handled by Axl and or the partnership which also consisted of Slash and Duff at one time. Noone is here to argue over who did the most work or whatever.  Now back in September 2015 Steven was on the Eddie Trunk show saying he wasn't sure what was going on and doubted he may be asked back. He claimed Slash wouldnt even meet him for lunch and didn't believe in his sobriety. He also said Duff didn't think he was cool and didn't think he was a good drummer. Those are Stevens own words. On that same show he said he had been sober for 21 months and some odd days. In 2013 Stevens band released a statement saying they would be rescheduling his tour due to Steven needing rehab and his health being the priority then. Fast forward to this interview Steven now claims sobriety since 2008. Again many people can sit and say Izzy or Steven deserve to be there and Frank and Fortus don't. Those of us who understand the business side of it aren't saying they're not important however we are saying these guys have been there with Axl and have been accepted by Slash and Duff and they never once promised us a 5 AFD reunion. Why should Axl kick aside loyal guys when we seen how quickly Stevens calling up people for interviews and how his stories can change to suit how he sees it. If I sold my share in a business I wouldnt expect equal shares based off me helping found it or even nostalgia. I'd understand that I gave up my right to negotiate equal anything when I signed on that dotted line and received my money. Also my business mind tells me I'd never fire loyal employees to replace them with someone who wasn't there for decades and sued me in court and received his money. This has nothing to do with royalties any still receive. I'd also certainly not replace a guy for someone who wanted to backstab in the media when things didn't go their way or whom I wasn't sure was even clean or could maintain sobriety. Again noone here including myself are sure any of that is the case. All we have is what Izzy and Steven have said. Izzy said they didn't want to share equally and Steven once claimed Duff didn't think he could play good and Slash thought he wasn't sober. Their words. Instead people want to say Slash and Duff are yes men now and Axl is a dictator. Instead of people actually understanding where hr and or the band may be coming from.  Why would they come and speak to us the fans? Last time Axl tried that people still thought what they wanted. Much of what he said was turned against him or misconstrued by fans. I just don't see it being top priority when no matter what they say it won't appease many anyway. A good example here is Axl came here and to other forums and told everyone here there was no sneaky takeover they had to initial even that they read it. We also seen that contract with the initialed lines on the forums yet people still say Axl tricked everyone. Sometimes it doesn't matter what they say. Can you seriously blame them for not talking to media or why they don't come on forums knowingly anymore? Ugh this post is long lol. Sorry had some catching up on posts to do and didn't want to quote a bunch of other posts. Also want to add perhaps they've moved on from things the fans and or media feel they have a right to know, personal issues. Why bring up old things that aren't an issue with them anymore? We all know what questions would be the most asked if they did do interviews or come speak to us. I don't claim to know anything but what we've been told which still may not be the whole truth from Izzy and Steven.    
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